7 of the Best Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress

If you run a WordPress website, surely you have heard the term lead generation at one point or another. And, if you are serious about becoming a successful website owner, it is time you become serious about this word.

Lead generation is crucial for any business. This marketing strategy allows you to attract the attention of new customers, interact with them, and encourage them to take action. Whether this means subscribing to your email list or making a purchase, lead generation is at the root of discovering new business opportunities amongst a wider audience.

There is an overwhelming number of lead generation plugins on the market today. In fact, there are so many it is virtually impossible to determine which ones are the very best. This is especially true because every plugin targets different aspects of lead generation.

That said, today we are going to look at some of the top lead generation plugins available in hopes that you will find the perfect plugin for your marketing needs.

Lead Generation Plugins for Your Varied Needs

Optin Spin

optinspin lead generation plugin for wordpress

Optin Spin is a lead generation plugin built specifically for WooCommerce. Unlike the other plugins that just show a box and ask for an email address, Optin Spin gamifies things by letting your visitors “spin a wheel” for a chance to win certain incentives, like a coupon at your store. The plugin even integrates with WooCommerce coupons to help you easily generate these codes.

The only catch? They have to submit their email address for a chance at winning.

Other features include:

  • Customizable layout
  • Full control over prizes and probabilities
  • MailChimp integration
  • Custom colors
  • Time delay/exit intent

This one is definitely a niche plugin. But if you’re trying to gamify your list building on WordPress, it’s the one for you.

PRICE: $49

Get OptinSpin Here

Optin Forms


Brought to you by FancyThemes, Optin Forms offers you a simple way to attract new subscribers and convert more sales. This fully customizable optin form plugin boasts a super easy setup. In addition, it has elegant design options when it comes to creating your website’s optin forms. in the end, with five unique layouts to choose from and the ability to brand your forms to match your company’s style, Optin Forms will grow your email list and boost sales in no time.

Additional features of Optin Forms include:

  • 100% mobile ready
  • Widget friendly
  • Fully translatable
  • Integration with leading email service providers
  • Targeted form placement


Get Optin Forms Here



Unlike OptinMonster and Popup Domination, MailOptin works inside your WordPress dashboard and doesn’t require a monthly fee.

It comes in both a limited free version at WordPress.org, as well as a premium version with more functionality.

MailOptin gives you a few different ways to generate leads.

You can use the standard modal popup approach. Or, you can also take advantage of:

  • Before/after post content
  • Sidebar opt-ins with widgets
  • Top/bottom notification bars (premium only)
  • Slide-ins (premium only)

While MailOptin doesn’t have a drag-and-drop form builder, it does ship with a number of pre-built templates that you can easily edit using the real-time WordPress Customizer, which is quite convenient.

Through this same editor, you can also set up detailed display rules. These rules include triggers like:

  • Click
  • Exit intent
  • Time on site
  • Scroll depth

And they also help you add targeting rules like:

  • Referrer
  • Device
  • Adblock usage
  • New vs returning visitors

Additional features of MailOptin include:

  • In-dashboard analytics
  • A/B testing to optimize your forms
  • In-dashboard lead bank to view all of the leads that you collect
  • Integrations with most popular email marketing services
  • Email automation functionality, including the ability to automatically send a newsletter of your latest content

PRICE: Limited free version. Paid plans start at $69

Get MailOptin Here

Popup Domination


Falling in line with the popular pop-up trend, Popup Domination is one of the leading WordPress plugins to help you achieve this effective marketing strategy. And, it is done without completely annoying your site visitors. For instance, it works with every major email service provider, easily adjusts on all screen sizes, and offers a huge template library to get you started. Altogether, this plugin is necessary if you are looking to seize more customers this year.

Additional features of Popup Domination include:

  • Exit-intent technology
  • A/B testing capability
  • Configurable popup triggers
  • Geographical targeting
  • Page specific popups

PRICE: From $9/month

Get Popup Domination Here

WordPress Call to Action


This free WordPress lead generation plugin creates awesome looking call to action buttons for your website. In addition, it gives you the chance to monitor and track conversion rates and run split A/B tests. And of course, it helps direct new business opportunities into your sales funnel. Altogether, with inbound marketing at the forefront, this lead generation plugin will turn all site visitors in active leads or email subscribers with a simple click of a button.

Additional features of WordPress Calls to Action include:

  • View changes in real time using the Visual Editor
  • Create popup CTAs
  • Customize using pre-made templates or create from scratch
  • Button cloning capability
  • Compatible with WordPress Landing Pages and WordPress Leads plugins


Get WordPress Call to Action Here



If you are looking to elevate your lead generation strategies, OptimizePress is the plugin for you. For example, create highly converting landing pages and sales pages. In addition, design product sales funnels to direct interested site visitors to your products. Better yet, offer free training and course pages. Plus, engage every reader with mobile friendly web design. In the end, this premium plugin offers all of the powerful features any high-quality lead generation plugin should.

Additional features of OptimizePress include:

  • LiveEditor System for page building in real time
  • Over 30 templates for inspiration
  • 40 custom elements for added functionality
  • Comes in theme and plugin formats
  • API level integration with major email services

PRICE: From $97

Get OptimizePress Here



This is one of the most popular lead generation plugins on the market today. Offering you everything you need to grow your email list at an exponential rate, OptinMonster is packed with features. For example, easily build highly converting optin forms in minutes with no need to understand code. In addition, segment site visitors to view specific forms based on user behavior and implement exit intent strategies. Lastly, test your forms to determine the best performing one. Altogether, this advanced lead generation plugin firmly stands as one of the leading options and rightfully so.

Additional features of OptinMonster include:

  • Design beautiful popups to capture visitor information
  • Access detailed metrics
  • Implement 2-step optin technology
  • Create mobile specific popups
  • Plenty of subscriber box placement options

PRICE: From $9/month

Get OptinMonster Here



Another wildly popular lead generation plugin designed for WordPress is SumoMe. However, what sets this plugin apart from its competition is that is highly functional. In fact, many consider this plugin to be the ultimate lead generation toolkit rather than just a simple plugin. For example, it provides website owners with tools to build an email list, share content across multiple platforms, and create attention-grabbing CTA buttons. More so, it features a welcome mat, scroll box technology, and even a floating social bar to encourage signups.  In all, this plugin has an overwhelming number of features to help up your marketing game and get ahead.

Additional features of SumoMe include:

  • Heat Map tracking
  • Integration with all major email service providers
  • Easy Twitter sharing using the highlighter feature
  • Subscription and image sharing statistics
  • Customizable email box for branding


Get SumoMe Here



Though not specifically designed for WordPress, LeadPages has a plugin for integrating with your WordPress site and its claim to fame for being the best squeeze page plugin is nothing short of correct. Helping you to generate leads and sales for your business, LeadPages inserts lead generation elements into your website, emails, text messages, and even appears on social media for the ultimate in exposure. With its easy drag & drop customization, building a squeeze page to direct users into your sales funnel is simple. Lastly, LeadPages provides hundreds of templates, all of which are mobile friendly, to help you get the perfect look for your site.

Additional features of LeadPages include:

  • A/B testing and relates metrics
  • Lead capturing popup boxes
  • SMS opt-in codes and 1-click signups
  • Lead notifications
  • Pre-populated form fields with LeadBoxes

PRICE: From $25/month

Get LeadPages Here

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of lead generation plugin options to choose from. In fact, here are some notable mentions that may interest you as well:

In the end, any of these WordPress plugins will work great for your lead generation efforts. And, all that really matters is what you end goal is and what features you wish to have in your lead generation plugin. The key takeaway today is that having a quality lead generation plugin on hand is going to help you collect emails, find potential customers, and grow your company from where it stands now into something far more successful than you ever managed.

Have you ever used a lead generation plugin? Which one did you use and why? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Lindsay Liedke

Lindsay Liedke

Lindsay, a freelance writer for hire who loves WordPress. When she is not writing she can be found spending time with her son and two silly nephews!

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8 thoughts on “7 of the Best Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress”

  1. My two favorites are

    – WordPress Popups Premium – https://timersys.com/plugins/popups-premium/

    WordPress Popups doesn’t have all the templates that some of the one you mention do, but I create my own anyway – the display options and variety of triggers are amazing.

    – Inbound Now Pro

    A full automated automated email marketing system for at little as $10/month. Inbound Now integrates with all the third party software you would need and much more.

  2. Hi Travis Pflanz,

    Thank you so much for sharing your favorite lead generation plugins with us! I love when people can add some more options because you never know what an individual website owner is looking for. I bet someone out there will find some value in the two you have shared.

    ~ Lindsay :)

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by. I gave SendX a quick glance and it definitely looks promising. I really like that they have a free version for those who are just starting out or don’t need a bunch of services. Thanks for the recommendation, I bet it will be appealing to many of our readers!

      ~ Lindsay :)

  3. This a great list of plugins that you have shared. I have tried few and they have really helped me to increase my leads. AeroLeads , Datanyze etc are few good ones.

    • Hi Arpita Gaur,

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed the list of plugins I provided. I think they all have the potential to help website owners in one way or another. As for the ones you recommended, I have never heard of them but I will have to check them out soon. Thanks for sharing!

      ~ Lindsay :)

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