KeyCDN is a new Content Delivery Network which will speed up your WordPress website and integrates with popular plugins such W3 Total Cache, we reviewed the service the other week so you can check that out here. They have kindly offered our readers the chance to win two free accounts with 1 TB of traffic included. You can scroll to the bottom of this post to enter using the widget.


About KeyCDN

Content delivery network services allow you to store the media and other types of content from your website on their servers. These servers are distributed around the globe, with the data mirrored across all datacentres. This then allows the CDN to serve your website files from a location that is closest to the person viewing your website.

KeyCDN Dashboard

Create as many zones as you need. Each zone can be configured individually. Changes are globally applied within minutes. You can upload your content to a push zone via FTP. A pull zone will cache your content instantly from you web server after the first request.

Monetize your videos with the ads enabled video player. Simply use our video player (JW player) without watermark to publish your videos. Combine a Push Zone with our HTML5 or flash based video player to supercharge your videos.

Accelerate your streams around the globe. KeyCDN offers Video on Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming based on RTMP, RTMPT and RTSP. The integration with Flowplayer is fully documented. Live Streaming tools like Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) and WireCast could be quickly configured to stream a live event through the KeyCDN infrastructure.

The KeyCDN dashboard gives you the flexibility to configure your zones. It also provides you with an excellent overview of all ongoing activities. The information is displayed in real-time. Changes in the dashboard take only a few minutes to be active. The dashboard is also optimized for tablets and mobiles.

Enter Here

Use this widget to earn entries for the competition, winners will be picked at random on Monday 19th January.

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  1. David

    I have started using key cdn already over the last few days and taken a few seconds off load times for sites. plus pricing is awesome. rolling this out as my preferred cdn over cloudflare and maxcdn now.

  2. Very timely. Need to add a CDN to my setup.

  3. Tate

    I’m waiting the wonders it can bring to my site~

  4. Seems like a great service!

  5. Octav

    They have good prices, can’t wait to start their services.

  6. Robert

    New cdn to test out.

  7. An interesting new CDN option. Looking forward to using it and seeing how it performs.

  8. Hakan Göçmez

    im join also :)

  9. Great CDN service. Love integration with WP

  10. I’ve been looking to integrate CDN into my workflow/setups as well. This would be a great way to dive in! Cheers :)

  11. Mihai

    I love this competition.

  12. Rico Weigand

    I think Keycdn is one of the best content delivery networks on the market. It would be great if I would win this giveaway.

  13. Boomboom

    Awesome content. Rightly timed. Looking around for a CDN right now. Fingers crossed.

  14. Zeine77

    Thanks; great deal.

  15. Thanks Oliver, I’ve been looking to integrate CDN into W3 Total Cache on my blog. This would be a great opportunity to do it.

  16. I agree with the first commenter that it is very timely. I can see so many good uses here. Tha k you keycdn for helping sponsor this giveaway.

  17. I would like to win a keyCDN account, I need a CDN account, my little startup budget doesn’t include money for a CDN, maybe I’m lucky this time.

  18. I would really like to have a CDN setup for my blog. KeyCDN looks like it is a great service and easy to setup. I hope to win.

  19. Abhishek Kumbhani

    Wow.. Great Giveaway of 2015..
    Finger Cross.. :)

  20. steflp


    it will be very interesting to win some CDN system
    Perhaps Christmas …
    Best regards

  21. Christian Zumbrunnen

    let’s see how great that works…

  22. Michael Musgrove

    I’ve never won anything online, ever. But there MUST be a first time. Here’s hoping!

  23. Yesus Algusti

    nice giveaway!

  24. steflp

    Thanks you very much …
    For a time I win something ….

    Thank you very much !

    in french MErci beaucoup !


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