Jupiter WordPress Drag & Drop Multi-Purpose Theme Review: A Theme for Every Project?

Jupiter is a multipurpose theme that aims to enable you to build any type of website with WordPress.

To be as flexible as possible, the Jupiter WordPress theme includes 50 prebuilt templates or demo versions, as well as a number of tools, options, and settings. These features all combine together to allow you to customize and configure your WordPress website in almost any way imaginable.

Jupiter was first released in 2013 and is now on version 5. This gives a good indication that this theme will be around for a long time to come, receiving regular updates to help keep your site secure and up to date. It’s currently sitting at number six on the WordPress most popular category on ThemeForest with an amazing 27k+ sales and a 4.74 rating out of 5.

In this Jupiter WordPress theme review, we’ll be looking in more detail at what this theme has to offer and how easy it is to use to build a website.

Jupiter Theme Review

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Jupiter WordPress Theme Features

As mentioned, Jupiter includes a large number of prebuilt templates. These templates cover a wide range of website types including corporate sites; agency homepages; online portfolios; product, service, or app promotion sites; blogs; charity; church; photography; health; e-commerce; and many more.

Jupiter Theme Review Templates

Each of the different templates can be applied to your WordPress website in just a few clicks. After that, you are free to customize them as much or as little as you need.

Visual Composer Page Builder Tool

To help you customize your website, whether you are starting from scratch or using one of the many prebuilt templates, you’ll find the commercial Visual Composer page builder plugin included in the theme package.

This plugin is installed during the theme activation process and as well as saving you $34, the inclusion of Visual Composer adds some very useful functionality to your website. By using this drag and drop page builder tool, you can either work through its back or front-end interface to create custom page layouts, then populate them with a wide range of content modules.

This allows you to build some highly custom page layouts in WordPress, all without ever touching a line of code. As the page templates included with the Jupiter theme are compatible with this tool, you are free to open them with Visual Composer and start making changes to them instantly.

Theme Options Control Panel

Jupiter Theme Review Settings

As well as having access to a visual editor to create and customize your pages through, Jupiter also includes a wealth of settings and options. These can be configured through the theme options control panel.

These settings are divided into multiple sections, each with their own detailed options. Through the general settings, you can control things like the website width, scrolling effects, and how responsive your site is.

Jupiter Theme Review Styling

By switching to the styling tab, you can define the colors used in your site in detail. The typography tab lets you set custom fonts for each formatting style on your website while the advanced section gives you control over how your site is optimized for speed and performance.

12 Header Styles

Jupiter Theme Review Headers

Another way that you can customize the appearance of your site is by choosing from the 12 header styles on offer. These header styles cover the arrangement and organization of your header menus and logos.

Jupiter Theme Review Header Toolbar

Each header option includes a range of different features and settings, helping you to get the most important part of your website just right. Switching header styles is easy and no matter which template you are using, the header styles have been built to integrate seamlessly with each of them.

Blog Post Layouts

Jupiter Theme Review Blog Layouts

Whether you are building a blog or just want a way to drive more traffic to your business website, or connect better with your audience, how your blog posts are presented is very important.

Thankfully, Jupiter gives you multiple blog layout options to choose from to help your content marketing efforts be more successful. These layouts and options include different column layouts, full-width layouts, multiple sidebar options, a range of grid types, and much more.

No matter what type of content you are publishing on your blog – from text and images, through to audio and video – there is a template and design on offer that will give your articles the right look.

Speed and Performance

Jupiter Theme Review Speed

One criticism that is often leveled at multipurpose themes like Jupiter is that they can be slow to load. This is an understandable reaction to have, when you consider the large number of features and settings on offer. Each feature and tool adds more code to the theme files, increasing the amount of data that needs to load, each time a new page is visited.

As poor speed performance is capable of negatively affecting user experience ratings, search engine rankings, and goal conversion rates, a slow loading website is something that should be avoided at all costs.

However, the artbees themes team has been fully aware of this and with Jupiter now on its fifth version, a lot has been done to avoid slow loading times. With this new release, every line of code has reportedly been reviewed and rewritten where necessary.

During testing, some impressive page speed scores were recorded by the developers. It’s important to remember to optimize your content, as well as choosing a reliable web host; however, it looks like a lot has been done to make Jupiter load as quickly as possible.

Full E-Commerce Support

Jupiter Theme Review E-Commerce

Thanks to support for the popular and free WooCommerce plugin, creating an e-commerce store with Jupiter is very straightforward. You can use all of the great features of this theme to build a professional store, with the functionality of WooCommerce taking care of the product management, inventory, shipping, payment collection, and much more.

Other Jupiter Theme Features

As well as the above highlights, there are countless other features of Jupiter to consider.

Jupiter Theme Review Features

This includes a new type of parallax scrolling. This upgraded effect helps add depth and movement to your website, as your visitors scroll down the page. The new version of Jupiter includes a more realistic parallax effect, while also avoiding negatively affecting system performance.

Jupiter Theme Review Archives

As well as creating unique designs for your posts and pages, you can also take control of your category archive pages. This makes it easy for your visitors to find more of your content, thanks to the use of thumbnails and more user-friendly designs for your blog post, product, and portfolio archive pages.

Jupiter Theme Review Photos

Creating attractive photo galleries and albums with the Jupiter WordPress theme is also very easy. Each album can have its own cover image, as well as custom thumbnail styles, and animation and hover effects.

There are plenty of photo album and gallery settings to play around with. Therefore, you should have no trouble finding a look that is right for your website and its content.

Jupiter Theme Review Pricing Tables

If you are selling services or products from your website, or even just reviewing and comparing offerings from other providers, then the pricing table builder will come in handy. Being able to quickly put together professional looking comparison tables, not only saves you from installing another plugin, but it can be a great way to increase your conversion rates.

Other useful features you’ll find in Jupiter include:

  • Full-screen slideshows
  • Video backgrounds
  • Loading animations
  • A fully responsive design
  • Retina display support
  • and countless others…

Using the Jupiter WordPress Theme

When it comes to building your website with Jupiter, the easiest way to get started is to install one of the prebuilt templates. With 50 to choose from, there should be something that is suitable for your project.

After making a selection, you can then customize your site according to your needs. Depending on how creative you want to get, you can either use the Visual Composer page builder plugin or makes changes through the theme options control panel.

Jupiter Theme Review Custom Post Type

Jupiter includes multiple custom post types. These types help you publish and organize different types of content. The options include clients, employees, FAQs, news, portfolio, and testimonials. Each post type has its own style and appearance that is suited to the type of content it will be used to store and publish.

Jupiter Theme Review FAQ

When it comes to configuring your widgets and menus, this can take place through the WordPress Customizer and its front-end interface with live preview.

Jupiter Theme Review Customizer

There wasn’t as much support for the Customizer as there is with some other themes, but with the detailed control panel and page builder tool, you can still personalize almost any aspect of your website with Jupiter.

Jupiter Review Final Thoughts

Jupiter is packed with features and this theme includes some great looking templates. No matter what type of website you are planning to build, I’m sure you can find a prebuilt template that is either ready to go or can be easily customized to meet your needs.

The only possible drawback of themes like of Jupiter is that there might be too many options, tools, and features to choose from for beginners and so might have a steeper learning curve than the more simple one-purpose themes. Make sure you have a clear vision for your website and you should be able to build a restrained website with Jupiter that will do a great job of promoting your business, products, services, or whatever other type of WordPress website you want to build.

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17 thoughts on “Jupiter WordPress Drag & Drop Multi-Purpose Theme Review: A Theme for Every Project?

  1. Looks like Jupiter 5 has a lot more something to offer in terms of improvements and functionality this time than the previous versions. Gonna put this theme on my radar.

  2. This is truly a fine a multi-purpose theme or let’s say a framework. There a ton of scenarios this theme caters to and is super versatile. Users need to see this as a framework that they can build off and not a theme really. Version 5 is a giant leap in terms of improvements of code and thus speed. Gtmetrix will confirm that for you. This theme will not disappoint – mark my words.

  3. Heard about Jupiter in a post last week that reported high Google Speed figures. Have been loyal to Studiopress for a long time but they are now looking weak on design and features, so time to widen my scope. Hoping Jupiter ticks boxes for solid support, ease-of-use and compatibility with the “usual suspect” WP plugins.

  4. I’ve been busy designing friend’s websites using the Jupiter theme. I’ve loved how easy it has been to create gorgeous looking websites.

    Now I’d like to get the word out there that I’m a web designer… So, if I won I’d use the Jupiter theme to create my own website that shows off my portfolio and try and get more clients (ones that actually pay not my mates!!).

    … and I will of course be using this theme a lot more in the future!

    Thanks for the best theme ever!


  5. This theme have amazing score on Google PageSpeed Insights, it’s very suiitable for my next project.

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