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Job Board WordPress themes are an area thats well covered by theme companies, most notably by the JobRoller theme from AppThemes which is one of my favourites. Earlier this month I was contacted by a new startup WordPress theme company called Engine Themes who let me know about their first theme; named Job Engine, it was another entry into this niche market. When I got around to checking out their website and theme I was very impressed – you can tell straight away that this is a professional company – their website is really well designed and theme looked really clean and professional.

I decided to check out the theme and do a review here on WPLift, it costs $129 but we have a 30% Discount code if you purchase by December 31st:

Use Coupon Code: WPLift90738763

Purchase Job Engine for $90.3 » Get Hosting »


Once you have purchased and downloaded your zip file, upload it to the your hosting and visit the “Appearance” > “Themes” menu link and activate the theme :

Once you have activated the theme, you will see it adds a message at the top of your dashboard saying “You have just installed Job Engine, we recommend you follow through our setup wizard to set up the basic configuration for your website!”


Configuring the Theme

If you follow the “setup wizard” link you are presented with a 3 stage process which walks you through adding a logo and favicon, then adding job types and categories and then choosing payment options and setting up a plan if these are needed.


Finally you have the option to insert some sample data which will populate your site so you can see how it will look with real listings.

Theme Options Panel

The theme has added a new menu item called “Engine Settings” which houses the theme options panel, if you visit this, you will see the first tab is “Overview” which lists all your pending jobs, new companies etc


The “Settings” tab contains most of the information you set up in the wizard so you can go back and change this – this area basically controls the look and operation of your site.


“Transactions” is where you can find all y0ur received payments and pending payments along with settings for the payment gateways.


Finally you have “Companies” which lists any companies which are registered on your site, A “Setup Wizard” link incase you wish to go through it again and the last tab is “Update” where you can enter a license key and receive automatic updates.


Front End Website

Once you have entered your settings on the back-end, visit your website and you will see it all setup and populated with sample jobs:


If you hit the “Post a Job” link you will see a nice and neat, 3 stage submission form:


If you click through to a job description page, you will see the full job text along with a company logo, location, and apply now link :



I liked this theme immensely – it feels really nice and clean and very polished. The theme option panel is a breeze to use and the setup wizard makes it really easy to get your site up and running with ease without having to dig though loads of settings first. The population of sample data is a nice touch with allows you to visualise a finished site so you can make design changes etc. The front-end is right up my street – nice subtle stylings and a modern layout will make this pretty easy to match to your branding without too much trouble.

All in all, a great debut theme from Engine Themes – I look forward to seeing what else they produce.

We have a 30% Discount code if you purchase by December 31st:
Use Coupon Code: WPLift90738763

Purchase Job Engine for $90.3 » Get Hosting »



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Job Engine: A New WordPress Job Board Theme”

  1. I saw many wordpress themes for job board, but I really love this one, it’s very very beautiful.

    Anyway, nice review Oliver!

  2. I am using this Job board theme for my website and really like it.
    Although its price is higher than others, it is designed both beauty and functional. Thank for your review,Oli.

    I am looking forward new theme from EngineThemes.

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