InTrigger Review – A Completely Free Conversion & Lead Generation WordPress Plugin

Published on May 9th, 2016

Last Updated on April 1st, 2021

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InTrigger is a free plugin designed to help you capture more subscribers for your mailing list without using popup forms to do so.


InTrigger works with 3 main scenarios to help you generate signups:

Scenario 1 is a “continue reading” feature where the plugin will hide part of the post content and display a “Continue Reading” button which when clicked will provide a signup form for the user to enter their email address.

Scenario 2 is an inline form, where the plugin will display a form or message in the middle of your post content.

Scenario 3 is a floating bar which can be displayed at the top or bottom of your site, you can set it to show after a certain amount of scrolling by the user. You can configure the display rules for each scenario so you can tailor it for your site by displaying after x page views, on certain pages only, you can also target different devices like mobile or tablet etc.


The plugin is completely free to download and use – grab it from the WordPress directory here.

Download The Plugin » View The Website »


  • Scenario 1 – Continue reading: Hide post content after x% and invite the user to subscribe or click to display full post
  • Scenario 2 – Inline post: Insert a form or message in the middle of a selection of posts
  • Scenario 3 – Floating bar: Display a floating bar at the top / bottom of screen after some scroll
  • 6 default indgets (forms & messages) with easy customization: background color, font-size, etc.
  • Powerful targeting rules: pages selection, number of pages visited, device, etc.
  • Shortcodes to apply a scenario or display an indget on a specific template / page
  • Performance statistics (impressions, conversion rate,..) at scenario and indget level
  • Export your contacts (CSV) & synchronize them with SendinBlue (and soon other email marketing providers)
  • Advanced settings: contacts dedupe, Search Engine bots exclusion (continue scenario), etc.

Plugin Setup

Once you upload and activate the plugin, you can click through to the settings page which is a welcome screen which tells you a little about the 3 scenarios you can create with the plugin and the process involved:

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At the bottom of this page is where you can choose which one you would like to create, click the one you would like, followed by the “Continue” button to get started.


On the next screen you can give your scenario a name and change the type if required. I have chosen to test the “Continue Reading” type. In the next box down you have the choice to display a email signup form or a drive traffic message ( the drive traffic lets you direct users to another page on your site). You can choose to display the “Continue Reading” option after a certain percentage of the post or by number of characters.


The next step is to configure your “Scenario Rules” where you can define where it is displayed – on posts, pages, specific URLs. You can define when it should be shown – always, after a certain amount of page views, by time spend on site. You can also target logged in / logged out users and desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Once you are done, hit publish and it will be added to your site. Before you start collecting emails you will need to connect to your mailing list account – under the plugin menu “Settings” you can choose some options at the top:


Then under that you have the option to connect to your SendinBlue or Mailchimp account by entering the API key in the box provided.

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If you wish to customize the look of the “Indgets” ( InTriggers name for the different types of forms ) you can visit the Indgets menu where you will see all the different types available:


Clicking “Edit” under the chosen one and you are taken to the customization screen, where you can alter the text, font sizes and colors to match your site.


How it Looks

Once you are happy with how it looks, visit the front-end of your site where you will see it in action. Here is how the Continue Reading Indget looks:


The inline box displays like so :


The floating bar :

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If you visit the plugin “Home” link you will see your scenario listed where you can edit it, this page also now acts as the stats page where you will see how many impressions, conversions and your conversion rate.



I liked this plugin a lot – super easy to get setup and it works well – being a free plugin, you are saving money if you are considering using a plugin like the Hello Bar or something like OptinMonster. It only launched very recently so doesn’t have as many features as those plugins, but if you just need a simple plugin to help convert more site visitors to your mailing list then it will do the job well. I’m not sure what the monetization plans are for this plugin – maybe selling a pro version down the line or offering paid addons but at the moment it’s nice and clean with no annoying upsells or advertisements added to your dashboard, a refreshing change!

I am definitely going to be testing this plugin out on some live sites soon, I especially like the in-content signup box – its the least intrusive and I can see how this could add a little extra boost to signups for my lists.

If you are looking for a nice free plugin to handle optins on your WordPress site, I highly recommend you check out InTrigger and see if it can help you grow your list faster.

Download The Plugin » View The Website »

Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift in 2010.