InstaShow WordPress Instagram Plugin: Create Galleries of Your Instagram Shots

Published on October 14th, 2015

Last Updated on October 4th, 2019


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If you are looking for a way to display your Instgram photos using a WordPress Instagram Widget then the InstaShow plugin created by Elfsight could be just what you are looking for. The plugin allows you to create galleries of images from Instagram usernames or hashtags and then output it to a post or page on your WordPress website.

The plugin allows you to customize the look and feel of the gallery with hover styles and a popup overlay when clicked – it includes 10 color schemes and the ability to tweak it exactly to your liking.


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Plugin Features

Let’s take a look at the main plugin features:

  • Choose Source – You can pick any username or hashtag to display images on your site
  • Filters – Filter out content from the feed by using “except” and “only”
  • Responsive – InstaShow will adapt to any screen size so your gallery looks good on all devices
  • Browsing Direction – Configure the movement direction of photo browsing
  • Navigation Elements – Choose a set of controls for navigating your photos
  • Style – Choose from 24 adjustable styles and 10 color schemes
  • Popup – Allow your audience to view photos in a closer view
  • Code Generator – Adjust the widget and the grab the code for your updated widget
  • Retina Ready – High resolution display support is included
  • Languages – Translated into 16 languages

Using The Plugin

To begin using the plugin, you must first register on the Instagram website for a client ID, you can do that here. You will need to supply information about your website and the URL where it is being used, the process is quite simple and once you’re done you will be presented with a page which lists your Client ID and Client Secret keys. Copy the Client ID to use in the plugin.


Now install and activate the plugin which will add a new menu item named “InstaShow”, visit that and at the top you can paste in your client ID and if correct it will say “You’ve successfully connected your instagram account”


You can begin to configure your Instagram gallery by entering either a username or hashtag to search for, make sure to include the @username and #hashtag symbols before your search – you can also combine these if you wish. The images will then load on the right hand side.

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Here is where you can also setup your filters by excluding or including usernames and hashtags or by using “only” and “except”.


Moving on to the next tab you can setup your sizes – you can set a height and width or leave these for auto sizes and enable the responsive option. You can set the number of columns and rows in the grid and also set the gutter width between images.


The UI section is where you can set the controls for navigating your images – arrows, scrolling or dragging. You can choose the direction, animation effect and speeds along with the popup speed and easing and finally the language.


The “Info” tab is where you can configure the “Gallery Info” which is shown when you hover over an image and the “Popup Info” which will be displayed when the popup is triggered by a user.


The “Style” tab is where you can setup the color scheme to be used, you can choose the dropdown which contains 10 different color schemes or you can customize each element individually to match it to your branding.


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The final 2 sections are for enabling Analytics – this sends information back to the developer about usage of their plugin, you can disable this if you wish. The final section is “Get Shortcode” which is what you need to copy and paste into a post or page for the widget to appear.


Here is how the widget displays on the default WordPress theme using my Instgram feed:


Clicking on one of the images loads up the popup which looks like this :



The plugin is available to purchase on CodeCanyon for just $19 which I think is a very fair price for this plugin. That includes 6 months support, which can be upgraded to 12 months for $5.70.



I really liked this plugin – its very easy to configure and the UI is immaculate, it has obviously been crafted by very good developers as the level of polish is high. There is no need to save options when setting it up, each step saves automatically. The controls were really easy to use and it provides a good level of customization option and the built-in color schemes are great, you can simply load one up closest to your website colors and then tweak it as necessary.

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