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Inmotion Hosting Review: Managed Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers with SSD Drives

Last Updated on July 21st, 2020

Published on May 28th, 2015

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Inmotion Hosting are a managed hosting company operating out of Los Angeles, USA with their own data centers on both coasts. They offer a range of different hosting plans from shared hosting, VPS, Reseller to Dedicated servers.


They got in touch with me to carry out a review of their hosting service, I was provided with a VPS account for which I hosted real live websites so I could carry out proper assessment of their offering. For the purposes of the review, I moved several sites over using the WHM site move facility and I also used their customer support on a number of occasions when I needed to.


Read on to see what they have to offer and what I thought about Inmotion Hosting.

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Hosting Features

So I thought I’d talk a little about some of the features that stand out to me when looking at Inmotion Hosting, the first thing I noticed was that all plans include SSDs ( Solid State Hard Drives ), these type of drives perform much faster than regular hard drive with spinning disks, 20 times faster, according to their website. I just recently moved over to an SSD in my home PC and you can really notice the difference – boot up time, launching programs etc is all really fast so that is a huge positive in my book. These types of drives cost a lot more than regular drives so for them to be included with all plans for free is a great positive.


When signing up for Inmotion Hosting, you are given a free domain name or you can transfer over a domain registered elsewhere, a nice touch and something that not all hosts include.

They include one-click installations for over 310 applications for popular open source apps such as WordPress, b2evolution, Open Blog,  PrestaShop, Open Cart, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, & Moodle etc and they also include Google Apps integration which you can set up via cPanel to use Gmail etc with your domain name.

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You can check out more features included with their Business Plans here.

Shared Plans

There are a number of different types of hosting available – Business Hosting is basically shared hosting and comes in 3 different plans: Launch is $5.99 per month, Power is $7.99 per month and Pro is $13.99 per month.


Each plan includes unlimited bandwidth and disk space, although this should be taken with a pinch of salt as nothing is truly unlimited in the hosting space. The main differences between each plan are the number of domains you can host ( 2 for Launch, 50 for Power and Unlimited for Power) and the number of databases ( again 2 for Launch, 50 for Power and Unlimited for Power). The power plan also includes “Pro Level” support defined as follows :

Since our Pro plan offers almost UNLIMITED everything (websites, domains, databases, emails, and more), we created an SLA that ensures we deliver to you 99.9% uptime. Our goal is to keep your sites online and functioning. If we don’t accomplish our goal, we’ll credit you with free hosting. Read our Pro Plan SLA for details.

VPS Plans

For the next level of website, they offer VPS hosting plans which are catered towards people who need a little more control over their hosting. VPS plans include support for Prestashop so you can run an eCommerce site, Root Access, Access to WHM to create as many accounts as you like, Raid6 drives, dedicated IP addresses and more features.


VPS plans cost $29.99 per month for the starter level with 4GM RAM and 2TB transfer, $49.99 for the mid range plan with 6GB RAM and 3TB Transfer and the top one is $74.99 per month for 8GB RAM, 4TB Transfer and 200GB disk space.

Dedicated Servers

If you need even more control over your hosting then it might be worth taking a look at the range of dedicated servers on offer, these start at $119 per month for an entry level server and go up to $589 per month for the top “Commercial Class” server, each server is able to be configured when oredering so you can choose different processors, amount of RAM, Hard Drives and so on.


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Also included with each server is 2 or 4 hours of “Launch Assist”:

Included with each dedicated server package is 2 hours of Launch Assist. Launch Assist is here to get your server setup how you want it. Just tell them what custom needs you have, and we’ll take care of it. Examples include: specific software version installation, clustered server setups, file migration, and much more.

Inmotion Hosting Control Panel

For the purposes of this review I was given access to a VPS account which Im actively using to host a few different websites. Once you signup and are given your login details for the site you can access the AMP ( Account Management Panel ) which is where you have access to the various parts of your account.


From here you have access to manage your account functions, things like changing your password, registering domains, paying your bill and ordering extra products. Underneath that you have access to your purchased hosting plan with links to cPanel, installing a SSL certificate, changing your hosting plan, root password change ( if on a VPS plan or above ). There is a link for “Account Technical Details” which I found very handy – this contains all your info you will need pertaining to your account.


I’m surprised more hosts don’t have a page like this – it has everything you need in one place so you don’t have to go back searching for welcome emails for the information.

From here you can access WHM or cPanel for your sites, these are pretty standard installations using the default cPanel themes so anyone who has used cPanel before should be right at home.


Customer Support

Support is provided by a ticketing system which you access via the AMP to make sure you are a verified customer, there is another system that you can use for pre-sales inquiries.There is also a live chat system in place if you prefer to use that.

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After my initial setup of the account I submitted a total of 3 real tickets which I needed help with. The first ticket was to ask where the location of my PHP.ini file was as I needed to make some tweaks to it, this ticket was submitted by me at 4.20am local time to Inmotion Hosting ( Im based in the UK), I received the info I needed at 4.27am – Impressive.

The next ticket I submitted was to ask them to set up Wild Card DNS for a domain on my hosting account, submitted at 2.40am their time, I received notification that the work had been done at 4.35am so just under 2 hours for the work to be done – again, I was very happy with the time taken and the work was completed correctly.

The third ticket I submitted was a problem with account ownership – I had moved a site using root access and wasn’t able to access it under my main account, I asked them to fix the permissions for it. Ticket submitted at 5.30 am, problem fixed at 5.39am!

In my dealings with customer support I was very happy – the tickets were resolved quickly and the work was done correctly. I’m very happy to commend their support team – it gives you a lot of confidence when any issues are resolved like this, even more impressive considering they were in the middle of the night / very early morning their time.


I am very happy with Inmotion Hosting and would be happy to recommend them to someone looking for a solid web host. Their signup process was simple and their AMP is easy to use, all though nothing outstandingly different from other hosts – just a default cPanel account, but Im very familiar with that and it does everything I could need it to. Where they really shone for me was their customer support – very fast replies to my tickets and the work carried out with no fuss, additional questions or any kind of problem at all, that is what gives me the confidence to recommend them, this was real support from their team that solved my queries quickly.

Regarding the hosting service itself, I have had websites hosting with them for nearly a month now, I have had no downtime or any other problems so I can’t fault them there either.

Pricing is competitive without being ridiculously cheap so you know they are building a sold and sustainable business. Their entry level VPS plan particularly looks like good value for money – $29 per month to host unlimited sites with access to WHM and root should suit most people with a few websites that need hosting.

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