Transparency in WordPress: Public Income Reports Roundup May 2015

I have previously looked at WordPress companies and Bloggers who publicly share their stats and income reports and those posts did really well – people love to read posts with this information as it is rare for people to share this publicly usually. I also find these posts fascinating and inspiring so decided to make this a regular feature where I roundup these income stats posts and share with our readers.

I would like to add more sites to this roundup so please let me know if I have missed any companies or bloggers and I will include them in the next post.

WordPress Companies


CodeinWP are the company behind Themeisle, in their first income report they posted revenue of $32k in February. They released their second report where they have smashed that are recorded incomes of over $60k between march 1st and april 1st – an impressive increase of 85% over the previous month. In their report they detail that the majority of income is from one theme which is doing really well on the WordPress directory and they talk about some A/B testing they carried out which improved conversions for them.


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WPRocket are a WordPress cache plugin, in their latest report post they say that they shipped 10 new versions and made $43,737 in revenue – a slight decrease on the month before but orders were 1.02% up to 770 purchases with 62 renewals and 586 new customers. They put the revenue descrepency down to offering 30% off renewals the previous month. They also managed to increase their customer support happiness score from 85 to 89 so looks like a good month overall for them.


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WPCurve’s latest report for March shows revenue slightly down to $64,151 from $64,220 the month before. They say this is a bit disapointing and put it down to some pricing changes that weren’t made clear “I think part of the issue is we introduced new pricing and we made the mistake of not making it super clear when people were signing up for an annual plan. We had quite a few people sign up and then ask for refunds. Unfortunately we didn’t realise how big a problem it was until the end of the month. We have since made some changes and we think we have resolved that issue.”


They had 859 total customers with an increase of 19 customers for the month.

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Buffer continues to impress with amazing revenues and growth rates, their stats for April were as follows :

  • 2,351,405 total registered users (+3.6%)
  • 200,125 monthly active users (-3.3%)
  • 49,728 average daily active users (-1.6%)
  • $509,161 monthly recurring revenue (+4.0%)
  • $6.11M annual recurring revenue (+4.0%)
  • $2,165,528 cash in bank
  • 32 team members across the world
  • 23 cities, 9 countries, 4 continents

You can see their income stats in real time on their public dashboard here.


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Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn just posted his monthly income report for April where he records earnings of $128,853 which was $29k down on his previous month. It’s quite a remarkable amount of income that is generated from his blog, some niche sites, product sales, podcast sponsorships and iPhone apps. Pat seems like a very nice and hardworking guy who does things properly and doesn’t cut corners and shares a lot of information on his blog which should be handy to anyone wanting to generate a living online.


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Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire, the podcast and blog network posted net profits of $226,734 for April this year – up over $79k on the previous month. They have so many different things going on its worth checking out their roundup posts to see what they have been doing, from bringing in over $130k for the podcaster’s webinars, $94k in sponsorships and $26k in affiliate income.


  • Gross Income for April: $298,195
  • Total Expenses for April: $71,460.50
  • Total Net Profit for April: $226,734.50

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Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward made $26,283 in April, up from $12,215 the previous month – a mix of affiliate income and revenue from a new secret project yet to be announced.


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Pinch of Yum

The food blog, Pinch of Yum, posted income of $32,036.37 with $6,540.18 expenses making a total net profit of $25,496.19 for April. A slight increase over their previous month’s earnings of $25,364. Revenue is made up of affiliate income and product sales of eBooks and sponsorships.


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True Valhalla

True Valhalla is the documentation of a game developers online income from making games, selling sponsorships and books sales. During April 2015 he earned a total of $10,463 solely online, up $5,643 from last month.


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Making Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents is a blog focusing on personal finance and making money online, she made $32,474 in April – up from $15k the month before by selling 2 websites she had created and affiliate income of $12k for the month.


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Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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  1. Oliver, very impressive data.

    I am considering sharing my projects revenue in the coming weeks, I just have to think of a way to make it happen on the fly!

    I love how BufferApp share their revenue publicly, baremetrics looks super.

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