Transparency in WordPress: Public Income Reports Roundup July 2015

This is our regular look at the WordPress related companies and bloggers who publicly share their income reports each month. I have found that summer is usually a slower period for online businesses with people going on holidays and generally spending more time outside rather than sat in front of their computer. This is reflected in some of the reports stagnating or being a bit lower this month, of course there are exceptions as well proving you don’t have to be part of the “Summer Slowdown”.

I added a new site this month I found, called “Just a Girl and Her Blog” which was quite impressive, posting revenue of $26k up from just $2k the previous year.

I would like to add more sites to this roundup so please let me know if I have missed any companies or bloggers and I will include them in the next post.

WordPress Companies


CodeinWP, the company behind ThemeIsle increased their revenue for May 1st to June up to $80k with a 13% increase in total customers. They continue to derive the majority of their income from the Zerif pro theme, the free version has now climbed to 5th place on the directory.

Ionut says in the post “Looking at our bottom line growing feels great, but it also creates a lot of stress and pressure on me to be able to pay everyone’s salaries each month (and those have to be growing as well if we want the company to grow), prioritizing and picking the right project to take care of next, and just keeping things safe and manageable overall.”


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WPCurve recorded a slight decrease in revenue with a still very healthy $65,522 total for June. They said that “Our team shrank from 40 to 37 members in June. We had to cut a few developers that were underperforming.” and “Website traffic dropped by about 5% to 59,887 in June. Our new content for June did not get much traction compared to May. We’re looking to push this number with better lead magnets to increase our subscriber base. ”


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Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is a plugin which launched recently using the business model of providing the base plugin for free and charging for add-ons. They have an open revenue metrics page where you can see their stats in real-time. They also post monthly stats posts where last month they posted revenues of $24,449 up 37% on the previous month of $17,882.

Ultimate Member are really smashing it, they seem to have identified an area that needed something better – a Members plugin which focuses on the community aspects, they are looking like they could be a good alternative to BuddyPress.


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WP Rocket

For the last 3 months, WP Rocket’s income has been stable around the $45k per month mark. They have a small team and make a great product, I reviewed it here on WPLift the other week.


They stated in their roundup post that getting blog reviews was one of their growth strategies, as was content marketing via their own blog. Their numbers for May 2015 were as follows :

  • $45 858 in revenue (+0,26%)
  • 785 orders (+1,9%)
  • 68 renewals (+9,7%)
  • 651 new customers  (+7%)
  • 3127 websites added (-4,6%)

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Buffer continue to smash it, with $550k monthly revenue and and $2.5million in the bank! Their stats for June were as follows :

  • 2,511,292 total registered users (+3.2%)
  • 206,464 monthly active users (+1.5%)
  • 52,229 average daily active users (+6.2%)
  • $550,529 monthly recurring revenue (+3.4%)
  • $6.61m annual recurring revenue (+3.4%)
  • $2,578,881 cash in bank
  • 34 team members across the world
  • 25 cities, 10 countries, 4 continents

You can see their income stats in real time on their public dashboard here.


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Smart Passive Income

Pat had a great month in June, bringing in $143k in revenue from his various websites and podcast sponsorships making him a net total of $133k which he says was his best month ever – It’s quite remarkable that one person can generate that much, very inspiring!


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Entrepreneur on Fire

EOF posted a staggering $388k in revenue with net profit of $290k which was quite a bit down on the month previously but still a huge amount. The majority of income is generated from products and services related to podcasting + some affiliate income.


  • Gross Income for June: $388,643.22
  • Total Expenses for June: $98,468.52
  • Total Net Profit for June: $290,174.70
  • Difference b/t June & May: –$136,908.30

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Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodware recorded $14k in revenue, down from $17k the month before. He moved house in June and was without internet connection for a month, having to reply on mobile data to run your online business must be a complete pain!

  • Consultation Income – $00.00
  • Other Income – $6,518.36
  • Expenses – $499.99
  • Grand Total: $14,985.93 / £9,597.81 ($17,643.67 / £11,621.06 last month)

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Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum had a great month, generating over $39k in income with a net profit of $32k. They made over $13k from sponsorships and speaking, and more from affiliate sales and product sales.


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True Valhalla

True Valhalla is the documentation of a game developers online income from making games, selling sponsorships and books sales. During June 2015 he earned $4,437 solely online ($222,784 total), down $1,105 from last month. His average income over the past 12 months is $7,353 so this was a below average month.


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Just a Girl and Her Blog

A new one this month, Just a Girl and Her blog is a very tidy and interesting looking blog covering topics such as crafts, home interiors and blogging. She had an eBook launch in June about blogging which netted her $17k bringing her total for the month to $26k with a net profit of $21k for the month. There is some good content on the site, such as this one about launching an eBook.


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Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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