Increase WooCommerce Sales by Finding Your Best Customers & Improving Churn Rate

I have been partner in a traditional eCommerce website for a while now which runs on WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. Acquiring customers is one of the hardest and most expensive parts of running such a business, we have been looking at ways to increase our revenue for each customer once they had made a purchase – this includes things like, automatically subscribing them to our newsletter, sending them out special offers and coupons and so on.

Metorik Woocommerce Reports

WooCommerce does provide some reporting options out of the box but is tailored towards which sales, products, sales by category and so on – It doesn’t let you look at reports by customer.


I was looking for something which would let me identify our top customers which led me to the Woo Reports plugins, this plugin is exactly what I was looking for in that it allows you to run reports against your customers and Analyse the list of new, active, returning, churning and inactive customers by comparing the number of orders and sales spent in current and previous yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily time intervals.


Edit: The Author of this plugin, Lucian Capdefier, has contacted me with a coupon for WPLift readers to get 20$ off the $19 sale price. Enter coupon: BUY20 at checkout.

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Using The Plugin

To use the plugin you should have the WooCommerce plugin already installed and active on your website. Upload and active the Woo Reports plugin, you can then visit the settings page for the plugin, this is located under “WooCommerce” > “Settings” > “Integrations”.  Here you can tailor your reports to suit your type of website by changing the interval type – Year, Quarter, Month, Week or Day. What you sell will determine your interval type, if you are selling a monthly subscription then the monthly interval is what you would use, if you sell a product that people will typically purchase every few months then the quarterly option would be best.


For your reporting, you can choose the number of intervals to consider, how many to display, the number of orders threshold, amount spent and you can choose which of these two metrics to consider – you can choose both also if you wish.


You can customise the output of the data by choosing colors for current intervals and previous intervals.


Finally, on the settings page you have some options for exporting the data to .CSV files so you can import it into other software such as a spreadsheet program.


Once you have chosen your initial settings, you can “save changes” and then go on to view your reports.

Create Reports

Before we take a look at the reports you can generate with this plugin, it’s best to get a sense of the types of customer it can identify for you.

  • New – the customer has met or exceeded the threshold values in the current intervals but has not done so before (since his/her registration date)
  • Active – the customer has met or exceeded the threshold values in both current and previous considered intervals
  • Returning – the customer has met or exceeded the threshold values in the current intervals but has not done so in the previous considered intervals
  • Churning – the customer has not met or exceeded the threshold values in the current intervals but has done so in any of the intervals, previous considered or previous displayed
  • Inactive – the customer has not met or exceeded the threshold values in all of the three intervals, current, previous considered and previous displayed

So the customers you would want more of are the “Active” ones which mean they have purchased from you in a previous interval ( time period ) and they have also purchased from you in the current interval. The churning customers are the ones you would seek to entice back to your shop as they have purchased from you in the past but not so in your current interval – these ones would be perfect to send some sort of email reminder or coupon code to.

To view a list based report of your customers, visit the “WooCommerce” > “Reports” and click the new link, named ” New, Active, Returning, Churning, Inactive Customers List”. This page will then list all your customers along with the intervals you chose in settings, I have blurred out the names as I use this plugin on a live site. You can order the customer list by “ARC Indicator” which will show them as Active, Churning, New and so on.


To view the data in graph form, click the “New, Active, Returning, Churning, Inactive Customers Analytical ” link and you can see an overview of the customer types.


How to Use The Data

As mentioned before, you can export the data to a CSV file so you can grab this and open in Excel with a list of your churning customers and then Import them into a separate mailing list somewhere like MailChimp.


I see this as being an extremely good way to market to your existing customers, you could set up different mailing lists for each type of customer and target different offers to them. It would be good to see a feature added to this plugin for integration directly with mailchimp so it could automatically maintain the list of customers to each list and swap them about if needed.

In running an eCommerce website I have found that email marketing to your existing customer base is really effective way of generating more sales – these are the people who know about your product and website and have already trusted you to make a purchase so by providing them an extra incentive to purchase again you should see good conversion rates.


This is a helpful plugin for WooCommerce which helps extend the reporting options over what is included with the base install, it costs just $19 currently so represents good value for money. I have already used it to good effect on my site resulting in an increase in sales so it has been money well spent. Take a look at it, if you have a WooCommerce site with a good history of sales you should see the benefit in it right away.

You can find out more about Woo Reports on their website and also try out a live demo to get a feel for the plugin.

Visit Woo Reports »



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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