How We Work: A Look Behind The Scenes at Tesla Themes

Published on November 14th, 2013

Last Updated on March 13th, 2021


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This is the start of a new series of posts I have thought about doing for a while now. I have always liked reading about ther WordPress people and companies and how they work, what their offices are like etc so I thought it would be fun to do a series where I ask them about their daily routines and what their working environments are like. Over the coming weeks I will be featuring a number of WordPress related companies. If you would like to participate and share some “behind the scenes” secrets with our readers, then please get in touch.

Tesla Themes

TeslaThemes are a fairly new WordPress themes company which I featured just the other week in a competition on here. I liked their style of design and their themes look really solid. I have also heard good feedback from our readers about them and they have always been very friendly in my dealings with them. They are a 13- person team, based in Moldova, a small country in eastern Europe. These questions were answered by Marcel Sobieski, Co-founder and CEO, Let’s find out how they work.

Could you tell us a little about your company background – how you got started in WordPress Themes?

We opened the Company In 2011 as a Moldavian branch of Red Sky, where we started to develop our own application, fully from scratch having behind our enthusiasm and the experience and support of our polish team. TeslaThemes was a logic result in the product expansion plan, coming right after our first big startup that was launched in February 2013. We launched TeslaThemes in May 2013.

Marcel Sobieski - CEO
Marcel Sobieski – CEO

Who were the founders and how many Staff do you employ now? is a part of Red Sky Group, which is a big Polish software development company, having globally popular applications like, or

At this very moment in our Moldavian office we are 13 passionate specialists in design, development, marketing and management, each of us bringing great added value for the Group business. Nice to mention that since we started these 2 startups no one has left the projects and we have added more new members of the team.

The Tesla Team at Work
The Tesla Team at Work
Vitalie Glodeanu, Andrei Batog, Andrei Stalbe, Igor Pisov, Marcel Sobieski, Valentin Scarevnea
Vitalie Glodeanu, Andrei Batog, Andrei Stalbe, Igor Pisov, Marcel Sobieski, Valentin Scarevnea

Could you tell us a little about your Work Environment?

Well, today everyone shouts out loud “quality, usability, mobile”, although many of them having nothing to do with these so important definitions.

Although we are first of all business entity, for a certain period of time after our site launch we did not work for a return of the investment, therefore having no pressure on our shoulders to earn money to earn more, as we had full support of our Polish head office. For this reason, we are lucky to work in a very relaxing and motivating environment where we have enough space to move and implement all the ideas we have in the office. That’s why all our products and themes are really up to the date with the latest technology, tendencies and trends. We work a lot on our reputation. You can ask any of our customers  they think about our support, design or technology and how satisfied they are. I am very sure it will be so hard to find one unhappy customer. That being said, as a matter of fact, we are already profitable, which gives us more pleasure to return to the office each day.

Valentin Scarevnea
Valentin Scarevnea
The Tesla Office
The TeslaThemes Office

What does a typical day look like for you?

I think it is pretty similar to any other healthy business – In the morning over a hot cup of tea or coffee, the first we do is check all the overnight tickets on our forum and assign them all to members of staff. This is habit rather than a rule. For more efficiency we have split the business hours in to 4 parts, where each of us has strict assigned tasks, where nothing remains for “tomorrow”. I do not encourage overtime, I would rather manage the tasks within the 8-9 working hours instead of sleeping in the office, it brings no value to me: soon you will burn out and productivity will suffer in the end.

In the same time we also have dedicated hours for R&D, where our guys find and update the most recent trends and technologies, always optimizing both our and customer’s work after purchase, so that they enjoy customizing their “TeslaTheme”.

Igor Pisov
Igor Pisov
Marcel Sobieski at his Desk
Marcel Sobieski at his Desk

What are you plans (if any) to expand?

Thanks for asking, Oliver, frankly I wanted to answer this question. Yes, we have a business development plan for the next 6 to 12 month, where we will launch at least 3 new products and projects, all related to

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I would like to keep our readers in suspense and to promise them really nice additional features in the near future. They have the possibility to be informed right away, due to our active newsletter where you can subscribe on our website. What is sure, is that we add monthly at least two new WP Premium Themes, as of today, November 12th we have 16 Premium WP Themes, which means within a year from now our customers will be able to enjoy at least 40 themes.

Where do you see the future of Commercial WordPress products?

WordPress is already a super power, a super tool for anyone. It developed so much from its main purpose, today 52% of top 100 blogs are powered by WordPress, and this will only increase. However, not to disclose too much, this week we started to play with a new technology, which our R&D highly recommended, I believe beside WP we will come up soon with something totally new. In any case, WordPress for the next years remains the option #1 for most of us.

Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!