How To: Use WordPress for an Issue Tracking / Ticketing System

Published on July 10th, 2013

Last Updated on November 16th, 2018

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Issue tracking systems are used when people are collaborating on a project to record problems and keep records of fixes / milestones etc. They are commonly used in software development and that is where the latest theme ( Quality Control )  from AppThemes comes in …

Instantly turn WordPress into a simple and straight-forward ticketing system. Quality Control will help you keep track of your project development with ease. Our feature-rich theme was built for ease-of-use and tight integration with WordPress so you’ll be online and logging tickets within minutes. Quality Control allows users to create tickets, assign statuses, set priorities, milestones, categories, and tags. Other users can then interact with the tickets, updating their state, milestone, adding comments, and more. Setup one or multiple projects – each with custom user groups to limit access on different projects.

AppThemes make very high quality themes which serve a single purpose, in the past I have reviewed their Classifieds Theme, Job Board Theme, and Coupon Code Theme. In this review I will show you how to install and configure Quality Control.

Install The Theme

Once you have purchased the theme you will receive a zip file called,  in your WordPress admin, visit “Appearance” > “Themes” > “Install Themes” > “Upload” and upload the file. Click activate under the theme :

Once the theme is activated, you are taken to a general settings screen where you can choose some basic options such as what the default and resolved states should be ( ticket should be open and closed ) and you can choose which respository you want to use, BeanStalk or GitHub.

Configuring Tickets

You will see the theme added a new menu group called “Tickets”, this is where submitted tickets will show up listed like normal blog posts. You can also add them from this menu and edit / delete them as required. There are is a categories and tags menu items which you can set up, depending on what you need for your specific project.

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The “States” menu item is simply where you can add extra states for the tickets to be in, the defaults are “Closed” and “New”

“Priorities” allows you to add priority levels for the tickets, the defaults are “High” “Low” and “Medium”

And finally “Milestones” allows you to set different milestones for your project so people can submit tickets about different versions.

Adding a Ticket

If you visit your site, you will see a list of any open tickets and their status :

You can add a new ticket by clicking the “Create Ticket” link at the top right and fill out the form which contains any custom options you configured before :


This is another quality theme from AppThemes – I can see it being really usefull if you work on websites / software development in a team. I wish we had used something like this when I worked for a web design agency, would have saved quite a few problems! I had a quick look at other issue tracking software and web apps and most were quite expensive or charged a monthly fee from $50 up to $1000 PM so I see this as being good value for money also.

Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!