How To: Publish Video on your WordPress site with these Plugins

Published on March 28th, 2012

Last Updated on April 14th, 2021


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Adding videos to WordPress is very simple and easy. You can easily embed videos from popular video sharing sites into WordPress by just pasting the link. Sharing videos is simple, but what if you want to do other things with your videos? We have previously published a list of some awesome video themes for WordPress. In this post we will look at some video plugins for WordPress and the cool things you can do with them. These WordPress video plugins will help you publish video content in more creative ways.

Video Gallery WordPress Plugin with YouTube and Vimeo

Video Gallery is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create video galleries on your website. It allows you to beautifully display your video gallery on any post or page. You can upload your own videos or embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo. The plugin supports HD and HTML5 which makes video gallery more accessible to visitors with different bandwidths and devices. Video Gallery plugin comes with two ready to use skins to take over the default YouTube and Vimeo controls. It also has a Skin Generator where you can create your own skins for the gallery and the player.

  • Easy to install and use, the plugin itself works out of the box. You will have to choose the videos for the galleries and configure it.
  • Create multiple video galleries.
  • Include anywhere in your themes, posts, and page with simple shortcodes.
  • Works with Self Hostczdr;red videos, videos hosted on Amazon s3, YouTube, Vimeo.
  • Supports images and audio files as well.
  • HTML5, ipad, iphone, and cross browser support for different devices.
  • Supports YouTube playlists and feeds by picking up title, description and other information for each video before generating the gallery.
  • Different gallery views such as video wall, wide screen, playlist on right, minimal and a widget which you can add to sidebar.
  • The plugin can also be used as standalone player to play single videos in a lightbox.

Video Gallery WordPress Plugin with YouTube and Vimeo »

VideoPress by WordPress

VideoPress plugin by Automattic is free plugin for the’s premium video hosting solution. It allows you to embed your videos hosted on to be embedded into your or self-hosted websites. Videos uploaded using VideoPress are stored on your account and you can embed the videos using the shortcodes.

The flat rate for this plugin (At the time of writing this review) is $59.97 per year, which is not bad if you want to make a website with regular video uploads or primarily a video content site. The question is why would you want VideoPress instead of using YouTube? Here is the list of features that VideoPress offers:

  • There are no advertisements on your video. Your video starts and ends on the video doesn’t show related videos, does not take away your visitor to any other website.
  • You can upload HD videos of upto 1GB filesize and no time limit.
  • Supports HTML5 playback.
  • Optionally you can make your video available for download into different formats and sizes.
  • Your videos are stored on this makes backups of your self-hosted site smaller and easier.

VideoPress »

Video Player WordPress Plugin

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This plugin allows you to embed a video player anywhere on your website with playlist and various other options. The plugin supports YouTube, FLV, RTMP video formats, and it also supports audio MP3 files. You can have multiple players on a page with different looks and options. It is highly configurable and there is built-in support for Google Analytics. The plugin has an easy to use admin interface with extensive options most of them quite easy to understand. On the front end it generates a professional looking player with nice playlist sidebar (or bottom), which is easy to navigate through.

  • Fully customizable skins, you can add your own banner to the player for branding purposes.
  • RTMP live streaming support.
  • Can play YouTube, FLV and FMS, RED5.
  • Categorize your videos into playlists.
  • Replace YouTube controls with your own buttons.
  • You can also add a watermark overlay on the video. This water mark will not replace the YouTube water mark from YouTube videos but will make your videos look more brand oriented.
  • Your site visitors can show/hide playlists and categories.
  • You can choose the width, color, order of your playlists.
  • Easy shortcodes for quick integration of player into posts, pages and themes.
  • Using the shortcode you can specify which category to play or which video to play on load.

Video Player WordPress Plugin »

YouTube SEO Playlist for WordPress

YouTube Playlist Plugin for WordPress is a plugin that uses a simple concept of making playlist and makes it simpler for you to embed that playlist into your WordPress powered website. I particularly liked the simplicity of the plugin, it is easy to use and configure. You can use an existing YouTube playlist, create your own playlist on youtube and use that, or simply create a new playlist by adding the URLs of the videos. The plugin has a lot of configuration option which allow you to change several behavior of the script and the jquery. The real advantage of using this plugin is that it uses Google Data API to retrieve text descriptions of the videos and it is placed as text on your website so that search engines can read and index it.

  • Easily embed a Search Engine Optimized playlist of YouTube Videos on your WordPress posts and pages.
  • Create your own playlists, use favorites as playlist, or select a playlist from youtube and use it instead.
  • Gallery view can be configured with simple CSS.
  • Simple shortcodes to set different paramaters and quick implementation.
  • Plugin is well documented and support is available through plugin page on codecanyon.

YouTube SEO Playlist for WordPress »

TubePress for YouTube and Vimeo

TubePress is an open source PHP Library to create professional looking video galleries on your website. The library comes with a free WordPress plugin. What I like about this plugin is that using this plugin you can create a dedicated page for your videos. If you are a video content publisher and you like to upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo then this plugin allows you to embed all your videos on your own site.

  • Highly customizable galleries with thumbnails, descriptions, titles and pagination.
  • Featured Showcase view plays selected videos on top of the gallery.
  • Simple integration into any post, pages or theme with shortcodes.
  • Pagination and search features are beautified with Ajax.
  • Tinybox view allows your videos to play in a lightbox like view. This means vistors don’t leave the page to view the video.
  • Apart from creating video galleries, this plugin can also be used to play standalone youtube videos. It also fetches the single video’s meta information such as author, keywords, Category, View count, Date posted and description and displays them below the video.

TubePress for YouTube and Vimeo »

Other Tools

There are also some very nice lightbox plugins (Lightbox Pluson WordPress, Lightbox Evolution on Codecanyon). These plugins allow you to display not just the images but also videos, maps and forms. So if you don’t publish too much video content and don’t want to send your visitor to video sharing site to view your video, then I think using the lightbox video overlay is the best way to go. Please tell us which plugins or tools you are using to publish your video content in the comment box below.

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