The Mashable blog is king of all things social media, every post they make gets thousands of tweets, facebook likes, google +s and linkedin shares – they have it down to a fine art. In addition to the sharing buttons (like we have on WPLift to the left) they have a box in their right bar which lists all their social media accounts so people can easily follow them, like them etc, this grows their audience outside the blog and encourages even more shares of their content.

If you’d like to add a box like this to your blog, a new free plugin called Easy Mashable Social Bar makes this possible, here is how it looks :

In this post I’ll take a look at how to install and configure it.

Install The Plugin

Download the plugin and then in your WordPress admin, visit “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload” and upload the file.

Activate the plugin and then visit “Appearance” > “Widgets” to begin configuring it.

Configure The Plugin

In your widgets section you will see the plugin has added a new one called “Easy Mashable Social Bar” – drag the to a position in your theme where you want it to appear. You will see lots of config options for you to put your twitter username, facebook page, Google + profile, linkedin profile :

Enter in all the relevent details and then you can start configuring the look of the box. You have options for width and height and you can also change the colors of the widget to match your site more.

Here is how the widget looks with my info setup with it :


I like this plugin with this customisation options you should be able to match it in with your blog and I think it will definately drive people to your social media accounts. A small pet peeve of mine is the enforced link “Get this plugin” – there should be an option to remove this.


Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for this, did not even know it existed good find, was trying to recreate one and now I dont have to!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Good shout though, I have another blog in the works (when I get the time) and this is ideal for it, not WordPress related though!

  3. That’s what i like about WordPress, even though if you have no knowledge of programming language, still you can do amazing things – thanks a ton to wpp-plugin developers for making everything possible with WordPress……

    • Anonymous

      Too true, the WordPress community is massive and it’s only through contributors making plugins and themes, does it evolve. Good find by oli though I never saw it!

  4. Enrique Fibonacci

    Ohh is amazing, thank so much for sharing

  5. Whoops!
    We couldn’t find that plugin. Maybe you were looking for one of these?
    Its seems WordPress remove this plugin from there Plugin Directory :*( also file not available on author’s website 

  6. Ferb WL

    Could find any provided

  7. Anonymous

    Could we know how to make a widget like yours ? “Connect With Us ” is exactly what i am lokking for :)

  8. Nouman Younas

    Link not working now or plugin removed?

  9. Rahul Tilloo

    Plugin Link not working. Please pdate the post

  10. Olawale Daniel

    Thanks for sharing this plugin with us…it is really helpful for my blog

  11. I have re-coded the plugin with each option that should be present in it !

    I also have allowed to remove the Hidden links in it !
    Also working on improved interface with new options !
    The updated link for download is

  12. Cliff Smith

    Hello Oliver! I found your page while searching for social plugins! Thanks for the great information about this mashable plugin!! Wondering if you’d be able to help me … the floating social panel to the left of your content is something else I really like! The one you have here is positioned well and I especially like how it “degrades” to above the post when the screen is too small to accommodate the side panel! Would you tell me which plugin is used? Or did you hard code it? 

    Thanks in advance if you can help!

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