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How Does Flippa Work? Beginner’s Guide to Buying & Selling on Flippa.com

Last Updated on November 18th, 2021

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If you ever wondered how does Flippa works, read on.

Are you ready to get involved in digital business? 

We have just the thing for you—it is a popular platform for buying and selling digital assets called “Flippa.”

The field of website buying and selling is becoming increasingly competitive which is why it is rather frightening. 

After all, transferring a website isn’t the same as exchanging an actual thing, therefore trust and security are far more important than if you’re simply selling a commodity.

In this review, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Flippa, how Flippa works, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your online business.

What Is Flippa?

how does Flippa work - What is Flippa

Flippa was founded in 2009 as a spin-off website from a much older website called SitePoint. It began as an online marketplace for digital property, mostly websites and domain names.

It is a platform where you can buy and sell websites, domains, and even mobile apps. The portal is aimed to assist website owners in selling their websites as well as assisting others in purchasing established websites, domains, and mobile apps. 

What can you sell in Flippa?

Flippa is an example of a website that serves as a marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Buying and selling on Flippa is a rather simple process. You’ll see different categories of businesses that individuals list on Flippa at the top of the home page.

It offers a variety of domains, websites, and mobile apps for purchase, with either a fixed price listing or an auction-like approach.

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Flippa Website 

When you look at the numerous types of websites that are for sale, you’ll see that they fall into a few main categories.

how does Flippa work

As you can see, the Flippa website types are: 

  • Service
  • SaaS 
  • eCommerce
  • MarketPlace
  •  Content

Flippa Apps

Flippa Apps

Flippa Apps are divided into two categories: iOS apps and Android apps.

Apps are advertised in the same way that websites are, and they can sell for a lot of money. Due to the varied technical platforms that are employed, managing and buying an app differs from purchasing and selling a website. 

As a result, it’s critical that you have a foundational understanding of the app market before making a purchase decision. 

Flippa Domains 

Purchasing or selling a domain name on Flippa is significantly easier than purchasing or selling a website or app. There is fewer data and information to communicate, making payment and transfer easier.

How Does Flippa Work?

Understanding how does Flippa work is crucial in getting the most out of the platform. You’re not selling or purchasing directly from Flippa. This website, on the other hand, is a peer-to-peer marketplace where vendors and buyers can connect. Companies and individuals list their digital assets for sale, either at a predetermined price or in an auction, and anybody can bid.

There are three ways to go about getting into the Flippa:

  • Build and Sell – Creating a resource from the ground up. Following the development stage, you work to popularize a website and make it appealing to potential purchasers. When you reach a particular level of traffic, you can sell your platform.
  • Buy and Hold – This entails purchasing a website and keeping it for the next 2–5 years. The site will continue to earn you money for as long as you own it, and if you know how, you can grow it to earn more.
  • Flipping – This refers to purchasing a website, holding it for a short amount of time, and then selling it for a higher price than you paid for it.

The Pros of Buying on Flippa

  • There are a variety of filtering options available to buyers. The home page, in our opinion, is user-friendly and assists you in getting where you want to go. Flippa receives high marks for use, filtering, and navigation.
  • Buyers benefit from low multiples. With a little perseverance and a good grasp of how does Flippa work, you may locate some fantastic sites for less money on Flippa.

The Cons of Buying on Flippa

  • There is no website that is immune to online scams. Due to the company’s poor inspection of listed sites, there is a risk of scams on Flippa.

The Pros of Selling on Flippa

  • Another feature I enjoy about Flippa is how simple it is to navigate. It takes no more than 5-10 minutes for a seller to list a site for sale.
  • You’re placing your firm in front of the greatest leads by listing it on Flippa. This will provide you with a wider range of buyers of greater quality. Only serious queries are received after ID verification.
  • It has a broker that could be a fantastic help if you want to assure proper merchandising for your company. They are well-versed in the finest information to present and who to target. They’ll be able to tell you who your adverts should be directed at the most.

The Cons of Selling on Flippa

  • Consider listing yourself if you are hesitant to relinquish control of the sale. You may have a clear idea of who you want to target and lead your firm. It could be unsafe to delegate the job to someone else.
  • When compared to selling through a traditional business broker, using Flippa can expose you to higher risks. Scams can get through no matter how thoroughly a buyer has been vetted on the internet. One of the disadvantages of any internet transaction will be this. Face-to-face sales may be your best alternative if you are unwilling to take that chance.
  • Flippa is more of a business-for-sale platform with auction-style postings, and you will typically not earn as much for your business on these marketplaces.

Buying and Selling on Flippa

Before you decide to buy or sell a domain name on Flippa, there are a few things you should think about and be aware of.

Flippa Buying Tips

Here are our Buying tips on Flippa:

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Choose the type of company you want to work for. 

First and foremost, consider the type of business you want to start. It is entirely up to you to decide what type of business to start.

Search for Businesses at least 2 years old

how does flippa work

Limit your search to businesses that are at least two years old to swiftly weed out the rubbish and scams. 

Does this imply that you might overlook a promising startup company? Certainly. However, it eliminates the need to sift through a large amount of silt in order to detect a particle of gold. The majority of fraudsters and rapid flippers lack the patience to build up and maintain a fake website for longer than a year. In advanced search, you can specify Web Site Age.

Study the Valuation Multiples 

You’re buying a company, thus you should know the fundamentals of how companies are priced, which are Annual Earnings Multiples. 

When buying a firm on an internet marketplace, the chance of being ripped off is extremely great, hence the valuation should be significantly lower than 20x earnings. When calculating a company’s yearly earnings, make sure you use the most recent 12 months of data.

Determine Your Budget and Earnings 

Set Range of your budget and earnings range. You can figure out what Monthly Profit range to use on search by dividing your overall business purchase budget by 24 and 12.

Look for a business that you can run. 

Look for anything you’re familiar with or could learn about. It’s rather simple to grasp what you’re getting when you buy a blog or an eCommerce site. 

You can also buy an existing business. Buying an existing business rather than establishing one is that you get many years of hard labor for a small investment.

Recognize the Threats of Technology 

If you’re buying a more complex tech company, you should be aware of the technical risk. 

If you’re a developer and come across a company in a field you’re familiar with, you’ll have a significant edge in evaluating it. If you’re not technically inclined, I recommend teaming with someone who is or staying away from companies that rely significantly on technological innovation.

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Patience and diligence are required. 

There are thousands of listings, but the vast majority of them are scams. Only a few are truly exceptional, necessitating extensive investigation and perseverance. Expect to remain on the lookout for new listings for at least two weeks. I recommend signing up for an account and saving your search. You’ll receive a daily email feed of new postings that fit your search criteria in this way.

Prepare to Move Quickly 

Check the seller’s past sales history to see if the site has been sold before. If everything appears to be in order, schedule a meeting session with the seller. Inquire about their reason for selling, and have them screen share and log in to their payment method so you can see their actual earnings during the conversation. Do the same with the admin panel and email inbox on the website. 

Expect to do this type of research 3–10 times before you find and acquire a business. 

If you start asking questions quickly, you’ll be ready if a company adds a Buy It Now pricing later on.

Buy with Escrow 

Simply use Flippa’s Escrow services if you’re buying on the platform. Allow for at least a seven-day escrow period. This implies that the business, email, and social media accounts will be handed to you on the first day, and you’ll have seven days to verify that everything is legitimate before the funds are issued to the buyer. Use the time to ensure that traffic is as it should be.

Flippa Selling Tips

Now that you know more about how Flippa works, here are tips on how you can successfully use it. Want to advertise your business quickly, connect with buyers, and sell it to someone who shares your passion? 

You’ve arrived at the right location. 

Flippa is a secure and trustworthy platform for selling your company. Every hour, a company sells on Flippa.

But first, let’s break down some of the things you need in selling on Flippa:

Evaluate your website

You’ll need to figure out what your website’s fair selling price is. Instead of settling for a cheap price based on monthly revenue, advertise your website’s development potential and important characteristics, such as social media popularity and search engine ranking, when preparing it for sale. You can charge more this manner because of the long-term benefit it will provide to its future owner.

Recreate the original design 

You should update the style of your website before selling it. 

As soon as consumers land on the first page, make sure the message and brand identity is clear and appealing. 

Then, because the majority of users will log in from their mobile devices, create a clutter-free website that is optimized for mobile visitors. You should also make sure that the controls are simple to use, because if the design is intuitive, visitors will have a better time utilizing your site, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Use the Appropriate Sales Language 

When selling a website on Flippa, you’ll want to write some information about the site, similar to how you’d write sales copy. Open-ended questions are extremely effective at provoking contemplation. 

Another important consideration is to minimize clutter and potential drawbacks. The simplest way to convey this is to use two marketing phrases as an example.

Make an informative video 

Some individuals prefer not to read a word sales pitch and would rather watch a video. While videos are simple to make, choosing the appropriate words can be a challenge in and of itself. 

However, It’s a no-nonsense approach to an online sale, providing the facts that purchasers seek in a straightforward manner.

Make Use of Your Email List 

If you’ve built up a strong email list over time, or if you have a large following on Twitter or another social media platform, always include them in the conversation. Your personality and skill set will always leave a stamp on this site, especially if you are in the internet marketing game or a recognized expert in SEO. 

It’s important to remember that when you sell on Flippa, only individuals who visit the site will be able to see it for sale. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know who could be interested in your list.

Give out some freebies 

Offering something for free is always the best way to go in any sort of internet marketing.

Keep your asking price in line with buyer expectations.

 Avoid broad claims in the hopes of eventually negotiating them down. The key to a successful sale is always a reasonable seller valuation! You’re better off being more moderate, garnering many potential purchasers’ interest, and then negotiating up based on demand.

Provide a photo

To represent your company, please post a clear, high-quality photograph. Make a wise decision. This image should immediately convey the nature of your firm to potential customers. A screenshot of a webpage or a storefront is recommended. Please don’t use borders, text, or watermarks because Flippa will utilize them for marketing purposes as well.

Be Receptive 

Answer all of the buyer’s inquiries, regardless of their nature, while also giving additional customer service that can help you close the deal. 

You will considerably boost your chances of making a deal if you remain responsive throughout.

Wait patiently

You should be patient, knowing that finding the right buyer can take time. If you’re selling on Flippa, you can specify how long the auction will last.

Why Choose Flippa?

In summary, the following are the three primary factors why to choose Flippa above other similar platforms:

  • Flippa is a well-known website, with tens of thousands of buyers and sellers putting their trust in it. 
  • Flippa has a much larger readership than any other website of its kind, with more than 500,000 registered members. The user base of all other online markets is a minuscule fraction of that. 
  • It is simple, inexpensive, and quick to enter the market and sell a website.

Can you make money with Flippa?

Yes, Flippa is a fantastic website that allows you to generate money online. There are numerous ways to profit from Flippa, or simply buying and selling websites in general.

Does Flippa really work?

Flippa really works. You just always need to do your homework before buying a website here. Examine the screenshots to see if they support their assertions. Sites with legitimate claims, like high rank, stated, will sell for a few thousand dollars.

How much does it cost to sell on Flippa?

Flippa has a monthly fee of $15. A success fee is payable with a successful sale. This charge is based on the final sale price.

How do you buy on Flippa?

By following the buying tips we mentioned above, we can rest assured that you are safe on purchasing in Flippa. Just go over to Flippa’s website and choose what you want to purchase there. 

It’s a Wrap!

We hope that after reading our tutorial, you have a better understanding of how does Flippa works, the process of buying or selling a website, as well as some of the topics you should think about before using Flippa. It can be a fantastic resource for selling your website or finding a fantastic online asset that can provide income for you for years to come.

Let us know how you get on!

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