How To: Completely Hide the Fact You Use WordPress for Your Website

WordPress users love this platform because it’s free, has a huge community, it’s powerful, flexible, and meets the needs of most people building websites today. But with those pro’s comes one big con: security. Now, I’m not suggesting that WordPress has inherently poor security or that you cannot secure a WordPress website, no, the type of security issue I’m talking about is a direct result of WordPress’s popularity. Put simply, WordPress sites are targeted more by hackers, bots and spammers – this was only very recently seen with a huge attack on WordPress sites.

So what can we do to keep our WordPress sites safe?

A lot actually. We can install a number of great security plugins. We can purchase security services like Sucuri and we can even attempt to hide the fact that we’re running on WordPress altogether.

That’s where a new plugin called Hide My WP comes in. In this post I’ll do a quick overview of the plugin and explain what it’s capable of.

Download Hide my WP for $20 »

Installing Hide My WP

First things first, head over to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload and install/activate the Hide My WP plugin.


Configuring Hide My WP

Next you’ll want to configure Hide My WP. For that go to Settings > Hide My WP. The first thing you’ll be asked to do is enter your purchase code. Click the “Get it” link and copy and paste your purchase code to get things started.

On this initial page, the start page, there’s not much else to do. Unless you’ve used this plugin on another WordPress install and you’d like to import or export settings.


Under the General Settings tab however, things start to get interesting. It’s here that you can assign trusted user roles, replace old URL’s, hide wp-login.php, hide wp-admin, and choose to have an email sent to the admin whenever a 404 page is hit. You can also choose to hide meta data that would give away that you’re running WordPress.


Under the Permalinks and URLs tab you will be able to change different link structures and pathways so as to fly under the radar of someone looking for typical WordPress vulnerabilities.


In Conclusion

For as easy as this plugin is to install and configure and as effective as it is at aiding in the protection of your WordPress website, I’d say it’s a great investment. For anyone using WordPress to make money or run a business online, $20 for better security is a bargain. So I’d definitely recommend picking this plugin up if you’re looking to be as secure as possible.

Download Hide my WP for $20 »

Nathan B Weller

Nathan B Weller

Hi! I'm Nathan B Weller: writer, book lover, and digital publisher. I use WordPress to launch blogs, products, businesses and portfolios for myself and my clients. If you'd like to see what I'm up to on a regular basis stop by my website at

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18 thoughts on “How To: Completely Hide the Fact You Use WordPress for Your Website”

  1. I came across this plugin few days ago. Looks great, but from the comments section, I can’t see few users can’t get this plugin works on their website.

  2. I use it and it’s amazing!

    I have no problem with it. Most people don’t read installation guide and just activate it and this make problem.

  3. Seems to be a good plugin.I like Import and Export of settings option, its really handy for configuring this plugin in multiple WordPress blogs.

  4. Is a WordPress Site and they do something like this as well? I’ve always wondered this.

  5. How does this plugin work with plugins like BWS or Bullet Proof Security for WordPress? How is the code? Are there any vulnerabilities?
    These are the questions to ask before installing a new plugin.

  6. What about SEO? Changing URLs/Permalinks always have an impact on the visibility/ranking of your site. So what’s recommended in that respect?

  7. Looks like a valuable plugin – noticed it’s not being used on your site?

    Went to the product page and saw a lot of people were experiencing difficulties with the plugin.

    The other question I was wondering about is if each site requires the purchase of the plugin or does it cover all personal sites?

    Great review and tutorial. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  8. There are thousands of ways to not only know that a site is powered by WordPress, but also find out which exact version it is running. No plugin will help you hide that. Period.

    Security wise, it’s just useless. All bruteforce attacks don’t waste time trying to find out whether you’re even using WordPress, they’ll just POST their password attempts to wp-login.php, even if you’re running a plain non-CMS HTML site.

    Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your money. Choose a secure password and keep your WordPress updated. Cheers!


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