Weekly WordPress News: Hacked Routers Attacking WordPress Sites?

This week, Wordfence put out an interesting report detailing how hackers are using compromised routers to attack WordPress sites.

The plugin directory also made some minor tweaks to the new layout, most notably bringing back plugin stats.

And if you’re currently using Clef, you should definitely check out our list of Clef alternatives. Because in case you haven’t heard, Clef is shutting down in June.

Let’s get to all of this week’s news…




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2 thoughts on “Weekly WordPress News: Hacked Routers Attacking WordPress Sites?

  1. Hello. Most routers are made by CISCO and are hard to hack. The routers have many security options and even a firewall or an antivirus. Back in the old days routers can be hacked.

    • Hi Christian,

      be that as it may – the article of WordFence showed that it is still happening. They have an example of Algeria where many routers of the state-owned ISP where hacked on a large scale. Wordfence saw that a management port of certain routers were exploited. That’s the cause.

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