A Big Collection Of Gutenberg Editor Resources For Developers And Casual Users Alike

Every time the clock ticks past midnight, the Gutenberg editor gets one day closer to becoming part of the core. WordPress 5.0 is the next major release. And with WordPress 5.0, we’re going to get the brand new Gutenberg editor (I guess it will just be the “WordPress editor” when that happens).

To help get you ready for the impending Gutenberg editor release, we’ve collected some of the best Gutenberg editor resources out there.

To be helpful for all types of users, I’m going to divide this post into two sections:

So whether you’re looking to use Gutenberg on your own site or build Gutenberg blocks, you should find something helpful on this list.

Let’s dive in!

gutenberg editor resources

Gutenberg Editor Resources For Everyone

Whether you’re a casual user, a freelancer, or a developer, you might enjoy the resources in this section.

Gutenberg News

Array Themes put up this nifty site that collects various Gutenberg news and tutorials into one spot. It’s kind of like this post, but chronological instead of static :)

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The Gutenberg WordPress Editor: 10 Things You Need to Know

A nice simple introduction from the iThemes team. If you’re already pretty familiar, it might feel a little basic. But if you’re reading this post and saying, “what the heck is the Gutenberg editor?” then it’s a good place to get your feet wet. However, if you are in need of a more advanced page builder check comparison of Visual Composer and Elementor.

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This neat site from Tom Nowell allows you to play around with the Gutenberg editor without needing to create an account or install Gutenberg on your own site. Just head there and start editing!

If you’ve never used the Gutenberg editor, this is a great chance to get yourself exposed to it.

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Human Made Gutenberg Whitepaper

This one is specifically targeted towards WordPress businesses, so it might not fit totally casual users. But if you’re involved in WordPress and business in some way, it’s worth a look. It comes from Human Made, one of the biggest WordPress agencies out there.

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An Introduction to Gutenberg

This $39 course from Joe Casabona is targeted towards:

  • WordPress users
  • Freelancers and agencies
  • WordPress educators

If you want a non-technical look at how to use the Gutenberg editor, this is a good option. In the developer section, I’ll feature the partner course from Zac Gordon that’s more focused on the development side of Gutenberg.

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Gutenberg myth-busting: 10 answers on the future of content creation in WordPress

This one is a little old now – but I think it’s still worth a read. It’s by Andrew Roberts of the TinyMCE team (the editor that Gutenberg is replacing).

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The New WordPress Editor: What You Need to Know about Gutenberg

This is an introductory resource from the WordPress.com VIP team about the Gutenberg editor. Like the iThemes post, you can probably skip it if you’re already familiar with Gutenberg. But if you’re not, it’s a detailed post to get you up to speed.

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What Gutenberg Means for The Future Of Commercial WordPress Products – Learn from Leading Page Builders’ CEOs

This is another one that tilts more towards WordPress business owners than casual users. But it’s a nice look at how Gutenberg might affect WordPress businesses with lots of interviews with real WordPress product owners (mostly page builders).

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Page Builders in a Gutenberg World

Speaking of page builders, this one is specifically from Robby McCullough of Beaver Builder about some of the ways that page builders might integrate with Gutenberg. People willing to build their own pages can use pre-made themes here.

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Gutenberg Resources For Developers

This section is all about stuff for developers. Unless you want to actually build Gutenberg blocks yourself, you probably won’t dig this section.

The Official Gutenberg Handbook

This is the official Gutenberg documentation available at WordPress.org. The official docs are always a good first stop!

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Ahmad Awais’ Gutenberg Boilerplate

The GitHub for the Gutenberg boilerplate that Ahmad Awais created.

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Getting Ready for Gutenberg

Getting Ready For Gutenberg is a targeted Gutenberg resource that’s specifically aiming to help people who meet these criteria:

  • Your theme/plugin is listed on official WordPress directory
  • The theme/plugin is more than 6 months old
  • You have at least 500 active installs

If that’s you, give it a look!

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How to build a Gutenberg block plugin

A very detailed tutorial from Gareth at Wisdom on how to build a Gutenberg block. He’ll take you through everything with tons of code examples and screenshots. This is definitely one of the more in-depth Gutenberg block tutorials that I’ve come across.

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Zac Gordon Gutenberg Development Course

This one isn’t free – but for $79 you can get access to the Gutenberg Development course. Zac has a pretty good reputation, so I imagine this one should be good.

He advertises the course as for:

  • Plugin developers
  • Theme developers
  • Agencies

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How We Created A Custom Block For The Gutenberg Editor

In this article from Organic Themes, they detail how they created a Profile Block for Gutenberg.

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One thousand and one ways to extend Gutenberg today

As the name suggests, this one gives you a bunch of different ways to extend Gutenberg, complete with code examples.

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Creating a Gutenberg Block

Another example of creating a Gutenberg block from Marcus Kazmierczak, a software engineer at Automattic.

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Gutenberg Examples At GitHub

This GitHub page collects a bunch of different Gutenberg examples in one place so that you can quickly find samples for various actions.

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Introducing #PlayingwithBlocks: Give’s Gutenberg Story

While they haven’t posted a follow-up at the time that I’m sitting down to write this post, GiveWP introduced a #PlayingwithBlocks series where they’re going to share their experience creating a Gutenberg block for their product on their blog.

You can check out the original post by clicking on the link below and then look at their blog for the followups.

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Wrapping Things Up

I hope you enjoyed these Gutenberg resources! The Internet is a big place, though, so I’m sure that you know of some awesome resources that I didn’t get into the post.

If that’s the case, please leave a comment so that we can make this the biggest collection of Gutenberg editor resources out there!

Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer and long-time Internet marketer. He specializes in digital marketing, WordPress and B2B writing. He lives a life of danger, riding a scooter through the chaos of Hanoi. You can also follow his travel blog.

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  1. Nice round-up, Colin. Thanks for putting it all in one place.

    On the “for everyone” side, I’ve seen a lot of intros, overviews and demos, but wasn’t finding good documentation on what each block does, how to use them, and how to navigate the interface in general. So I created one:


    I just launched it yesterday as an MVP of sorts, but will be adding many more “how to”s as we get closer to 5.0. As well as video instruction for how to find your way around the new interface. If you think it’d add value for your readers, feel free to include it in your round-up. Thanks!

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