Gumbo Theme Review: A Podcasting Theme That Exceeds Expectations

Podcasting has been rising in popularity each year. In fact, you may not realize it, but the podcast audience is bigger than you think.

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With 42 million Americans listening to podcasts weekly, statistics show that podcast listening is growing steadily at a rate of 10%-20% a year.

With that said, it’s no wonder that more websites owners are looking into providing multimedia content to their site visitors.

Podcasting is easy to do, allows site visitors to get a sneak peek into your personality, and can help you establish yourself as an authority if you choose to do interviews with top names in the industry.

But how you share those podcasts makes a difference.

If you are looking for a solid WordPress theme to support your growing podcast collection, look no further than the WordPress theme Gumbo.

Today we are going to look firsthand at what Gumbo has to offer so that if you ever find yourself in need of a WordPress theme that will accommodate podcasts, you will know exactly where to go.

What is Gumbo?

Gumbo, brought to you by the talented team SecondLineThemes, is a powerful podcasting theme designed to give WordPress website owners a way to create a beautiful looking website that fully supports audio and video podcasts.

It allows site visitors to listen to your podcast audio series from any device, thanks to its responsive design, as well as supports video podcasts for all screen sizes and devices for those who prefer to watch from your website.

In addition, like all WordPress themes, Gumbo has a dedicated blog section for sharing written content with site visitors. Adding to that, it comes with plenty of customization possibilities for making your website fully functional, yet still unique, so you can stand out from all the competition.

Gumbo’s Main Features

1. Dedicated to Podcasting

Gumbo was made for podcasters, plain and simple. While technically any WordPress theme can turn into a “podcast theme” with the installation of some easy to use plugins, the fact that Gumbo was created specifically for those wanting to share podcasts sets it apart from other themes.

Gumbo - Designed for Podcasters

Its clean and modern design, paired with its impressive podcast foundation, lends to a simple viewing experience.

And to top it off, Gumbo doesn’t require you purchase an additional framework in order to use, like many competitor podcasting themes do, such as Appendipity (which relies on the powerful, effective, yet costly Genesis Framework).

2. Multiple Audio Player Locations

No matter where you want to add audio podcast episodes on your website, you can using Gumbo. This is great for those that have large websites offering site visitors more than just podcasts.

For instance, even if you have a blog section, an eCommerce shop, and custom designed pages to guide visitors through your site, you can still add entire podcast series, or specific episodes, anywhere you want.

Gumbo - Multiple Audio Placements

Showcase your newest podcast episodes front and center on your site’s homepage, embed them with blog content, or even implement entire series into your website’s sidebar section or landing pages. The possibilities are endless because Gumbo was meant to cater to the various needs podcast website owners have.

3. Playlist Support

Much like the image galleries you might add to a website focusing on imagery, Gumbo allows you to create extensive playlists for your site visitors to easily scroll through and play. This makes navigating the many podcasts you share easy on-site visitors, allows visitors to access older content, and gives your site a professional look.

Gumbo - Playlist Creation

Making things even better, and more visually stimulating, is the fact that Gumbo lets you add an image to each podcast, complete with a short description, release date, and instant play buttons for those that know immediately what they want to listen to or watch.

This makes seeing what you have to offer easier on those new to your content. Plus, it adds a nice design touch that basic WordPress themes don’t necessarily offer, despite their ability to allow for the creation of playlists.

4. Video Support

As if sharing audio podcasts wasn’t enough, Gumbo also supports a variety of video types. For instance, easily embed Vimeo, YouTube, or locally hosted videos on your website.

Gumbo - Video Support

The fact that people love to watch video content, and are consuming more video content than ever before, being able to add this element to your website is a smart marketing move.

You will be able to reach an audience that prefers visual content, paired with audio information and written content, and expand your brand in the process.

5. Compatibility with Podcasting Plugins

Gumbo plays well with all WordPress podcasting plugins. This makes setting up your podcasts a cinch, especially with Gumbo’s strong podcast foundation.

Take a look at the popular ones Gumbo recommends working with:

  • Seriously Simple Podcasting. Using the native WordPress interface, this podcasting plugin is easy to set up and has all the features needed to add podcasts to your website. For instance, host your podcast media files using Seriously Simple Hosting, run multiple podcasts from the same site, and display podcast episode lists, single episodes, and playlists anywhere using shortcodes.

Gumbo - Audio Playlist

  • PowerPress Podcasting by Blubrry. With this plugin, get features such as iTunes and Google Play support, podcasting SEO, migration and subscriber tools, and even free media statistics so you can see exactly what site visitors want to see more of, and which content could use improvement.

Gumbo - Subscribe Tools

6. Elementor Page Builder Support

Intended to make building your website a simple and efficient task, Gumbo comes compatible with the popular Elementor page builder. As one of the best open-source page builders on the market today, Elementor makes site creation a fun and exciting process.

Keep in mind that Gumbo comes with custom add-ons for the Elementor page builder so that your podcasts display seamlessly for site visitors.

To start, utilize the Post Grid add-on and display your posts in a list or grid fashion. You can showcase unlimited posts in various styles and make your podcasts enticing to anyone visiting your site.

Gumbo - Post Grid Add-on

In addition, you can use the Single Post add-on and highlight one main podcast episode. Perhaps it’s a fan favorite, or maybe it’s your newest release. Whatever the case may be, you can choose one single post to display for viewers and eliminate any distractions using this add-on.

Lastly, you can create a podcast episode slider using the Slider add-on. Display two or more podcasts in a rotating slider, complete with cool animations to entice viewers to check them out. In addition, add an audio/media player if you wish.

7. Other Notable Features

Gumbo - Footer Section

Since Gumbo is a WordPress theme designed to help website owners share their ideas, it is not surprising that it comes packed with plenty of additional features to make your website stand out from all other podcasting sites.

  • Live theme customizer for changing fonts, colors, layouts, and more
  • Multiple header types, including a floating header, complete with customization options
  • Social media integration to boost follows, likes, and shares
  • Widgetized footer area, footer icons (including social media), and a copyright information section
  • Primary, mobile, and footer menu options
  • Mobile/tablet sidebar specific widget sections
  • Image gallery support
  • Translation ready and compatible with popular translation plugins
  • Full and boxed width layouts

As you can see, there is more to Gumbo than uploading audio and video podcasts for your site visitor’s pleasure.

Final Thoughts

Gumbo is an excellent WordPress podcasting theme that comes with all the features you would expect from a premium theme. It provides support for multiple podcasting plugins and allows you to share both audio and video podcasts. Plus, has plenty of customization options for personalizing your website.

If you are looking to start your own podcast website, I highly recommend you give the Gumbo theme a look. It is sure to have everything you need to get started. And, it will impress site visitors immediately once they see the kind of podcast content you share with them.

Have you ever used Gumbo for your podcast website? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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