Groupon Clones, Daily Deal & Group Buying WordPress Themes

Daily deals sites and group buying sites like Groupon have become hugely popular recently as a form of ecommerce. Promising good time-limited deals to consumers and allowing companies the opportunity to sell a lot of inventory / gain a large influx of new customers. Many different niches are covered by these types of sites, the daily ( or limited ) deals sites are really popular with digital goods – sites like bundle hunt, mighty deals and with a different twist, the recently labuched deallotto.

Web Hosting

If you would like to run your own version of one of these type of sites, a number of WordPress themes with the required functionality are available.

Group Buying Site

Group Buying Site (GBS) offers premium WordPress themes and plugins to run your very own online daily deals website like Groupon or LivingSocial.

WP Group Buy

A powerful WordPress Deal Theme comes with many features. Use & management is easy. With powerful plugin & tons of features of WPGroupbuy theme, you can create your own awesome, unique Daily Deal site in next hour. Thanks to helpful shortcodes for easily build eye-catching pages.


Dealers Theme

Dealers theme transforms your WordPress site into a fully functional daily deals web site with a very powerful features.

  • Full Details | Price: $45

Daily Deal

Daily Deal is by far the easiest and cheapest way to create a deals site. It includes everything that a user would need while creating such a site.

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  • Full Details | Price: $89.95

Every Deals Theme

Give the most gorgeous themes to your every deals by Every Deals, WordPress Deals themes special for every deals you have. Get all your deals promoted by amazing features such as grid and list view of your deals and easy to find newsletter subscriber box and search box.

  • Full Details | Price: $99

Best Deals Theme

Find all best things you can do and explore at Best Deals, WordPress Deals themes special for best deals-sites and best deals-seekers everywhere.

  • Full Details | Price: $99


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  1. Thank you for this. Was a big help towards me making my decision. Consequently I’ll be staying away.

    Honestly though, when are these companies going to learn that if you want to launch a product and keep it successful then you need to build serious brand ambassadors for your business or product, and building brand ambassadors means that your business model needs to work and it needs to make sure that your clients are happy.

    When I spend money especially in online software or similar I always check reviews. 1 bad review can outweigh 100 good reviews easily. I’m not saying that we expect perfection but we do expect excellence and excellence means turning every clients circumstance into one of brilliance, even if there was problems good customer service can easily turn an unhappy customer into. A happy one that promotes your brand.

    Finally to the author, it’s all good to post a bunch of themes where you make affiliate commission but seriously if you want to make money from people who come through your site at least give them a little more to go on other than just a screenshot and seriously minimal information. At least try and work on your posts so that people can actually make an informed decision.

    Matthew Fritz

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