Gridster Theme Launch: A Grid-Based Theme for Photographers

I just put out my 15th theme at ThemeFurnace – called “Gridster” it is a minimal grid-based theme suitable for photographers, artists or designers. The homepage is simply a responsive grid which displays your images, on clicking through it displays a large version of the image with accompanying text.

Gridster usually costs $49 or the developer club membership is $99 which includes all themes but I’m currently running a summer sale with 60% off all themes or membership!


About The Theme

I really went back to basics with this theme – it’s my simplest theme for a while, no custom post types are used in this theme: It’s just regular blog posts and the images are handled by the built-in “featured images” function. The layout is clean and minimal with a left-aligned sidebar to keep everything neatly in place.


As with every other ThemeFurnace theme, you get the TF Panel for theme options so you can control the Typography and other general options.



Building this theme was a refreshing change – I enjoyed going back to basics and building a new theme from the ground up, using the underscores theme to start me off (check that out if you need a solid starter theme). I plan to create a few more simpler themes for ThemeFurnace for the next couple of months.I have constructed a free version of Gridster which I have submitted to the repository so I’ll link that up once it has been approved.

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Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Gridster Theme Launch: A Grid-Based Theme for Photographers

  1. It’s themes like this which need attention, which could capture a massive niche market neglected right from the get-go. There are literally thousands of photographers who use patched up WordPress themes to get their work out in a halfway suitable showcase, and very, very few themes which cater for their specific needs. Good move!

  2. Just purchased this template. Looks great.
    The only thing you’ve missed is this:
    current_time(‘timestamp’)) . ‘ ago’; ?>
    Can’t be localized)

  3. I just went to buy Gridster and got an error message saying the SUMMERSPECIAL has expired. Is that true?


  4. I have searched everywhere and can’t find a single sentence of documentation to show me how to add an image to the theme. Once I get that down I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as the graphic design is supreme. I plan to splurge for the pro version, multi site, if this looks and works as good as I think it will. But first I need to get the first image into it, and I have no idea how.

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