If you offer any downloads on your site and you are not getting anything in return for them – why not build your twitter following by installing the free Tweet & Get it plugin. What it does is forces people to tweet about you before they get the download. Obviously this restricts who can download your file to people who have a twitter account so its not ideal if you are trying to maximise your downloads, but if your target audience are likely to have twitter accounts then it can be an effective tool.

Install The Plugin

Download the plugin and unzip the file, then in your WordPress admin, visit “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload” and upload the file.

Activate the plugin and you will see a new menu item called “Tweet & Get it”.

Create Your Button

On the new menu, click the “Make Your Button” link and you can begin setting up your first button. You will need to enter your twitter username, a message that people will tweet out ( make sure to include a link to the download page and your twitter account ), then you can upload your file or link to an existing one online :

Hit “Create Your Button” and you can then place it within your site.

Place Your Button

Once you have created your button, the plugin creates a special shortcode for you :

Save your post and view it and you will see the button which looks like this :

When a user clicks the link, a popup appears where they have to login to twitter if they aren’t allready, then this confirmation appears, when they click ok, the tweet is sent and they can then download the file.


I have just installed this plugin for my free WordPress themes so I cant comment on the effectiveness yet – I will update this post after a week or so of testing. I think sending a tweet is a small price to pay if you are offering something good for free download. I have seen this plugin work really well for other people. My only concern is people without a twitter account not being able to access the file, if they really want the file – twitter is quick and free to signup for so I suppose they could do that. I wouldnt recommend this plugin if your aim is to maximise your file downloads.


Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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  1. Heh, I think that’s so anti open source. People are wrong when they say a tweet is worth nothing, look at BuySellAds, some accounts offer over $300 per single tweet. What if they didn’t like the file? If they paid via PayPal or credit card, they can get a refund/chargeback, but once a tweet is out there — it’s out there, people have already seen it, even if you deleted it. I’d say don’t restrict access for a tweet, but rather encourage people to share/tweet if they liked what you were trying to sell them :)

    Just thinking out loud here, don’t mind me ;)

    ~ Konstantin

    •  Yeah, I see what your saying – maybe I dont value tweets as much as some :)
      It would be nice if people tweeted / linked to free resources they downloaded but in my experience that doesnt always happen.
      I suppose its like asking for donations vs charging up front for something?

      • Maybe, maybe not. It’s different from everyone, I, for instance, tend to never explicitly ask for shares, tweets or donations, I feel it’s like begging an “op” on IRC (I did that when I was 12 hehe) so I tend to take a more careful approach, like tell people that they *can* buy me a beer if they want to, but not *should* and never *must* :) More often they just ask me how they can donate, which is when I lead them to my beer page that works like a charm :)

        •  haha op on IRC – wow blast from the past :)
          Whatever works for you I guess – I’ll report my findings back in a week or so,
          Ive been offering my files for free download so It’ll have to be a significant increase in followers / tweets etc for me to keep this plugin in place.

  2. So, what was the conclusion of the experiment (sorry if you´ve already explained but I haven´t seen the follow up / updated version of the post) ?

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    Log on now for more details http://bit.ly/sXajv

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