Genesis vs PageLines: Which One Really Meets Your Needs?

Published on July 24th, 2017

Last Updated on December 12th, 2018


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As a WordPress framework, it’s hard to debate the effectiveness and sleek child themes of Genesis from StudioPress. Genesis offers a starting point for developers, bloggers and regular business people who would like to construct more than the average website. Not only can developers make themes and completely unique websites from the framework, but the average webmaster gains access to wonderful featured content widgets, an interface with customizable everything and a bunch of child themes to choose from.

However, Pagelines has been gaining traction recently, with its extremely fast drag and drop website builder, framework offering and unique plugins you can’t find anywhere else. Not only that, but the Pagelines pricing has some flexible options for all users.

Therefore, it’s time to pit the two against each other. Keep reading to see which platform wins the battle of Genesis vs Pagelines.

Genesis vs PageLines: Features

For Genesis, all of the primary features are already packed into the framework and child themes. You’ll find virtually unlimited customization options, but it’s important to remember that the average user won’t be utilizing all of this unless you’re an intermediate developer. Also, keep in mind that features vary from child theme to child theme.

Some of the main framework and child theme features include:

  • Email marketing tools
  • Custom page templates
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Customizable headers, backgrounds and menus
  • Multiple columns and layouts
  • Widget areas
  • eCommerce support
  • Landing pages
  • Translation tools

The StudioPress Sites Plans (for a complete website building solution ie. no worrying about hosting.) have additional features for a monthly fee:

  • 20 themes from StudioPress
  • Access to third-party themes
  • The Genesis framework
  • An SSL certificate
  • Support for eCommerce
  • Advanced SEO
  • No hassle hosting
  • Great security
  • Automatic updates

PageLines Features

The free PageLines plugin has the following features:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • A drag and drop builder
  • Super fast design tools
  • Support for a wide range of extensions
  • Integrations with child themes, plugins and templates

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The Pro version of PageLines offers support, updates, Pro effects and some of the following extensions:

  • Facebook login
  • Instagram gallery
  • Landing page template
  • A responsive carousel
  • Advanced menu
  • User subscribe form
  • Shortcodes
  • Contact form
  • An actual framework like Genesis
  • A few themes

The Winner? PageLines

Although you have to pay for a plan, the extensions from PageLines add so much flexibility to your site. Not only that, but the drag and drop builder in the free version beats out the design area for Genesis.

Genesis vs PageLines: Ease of Use

Genesis Ease of Use

If you plan on selecting the framework and a child theme, you’re then tasked with installing everything and finding hosting. That’s not terribly difficult, but some beginners might find it daunting. Once installed, the Genesis interface is incredible for intermediate to advanced users. However, beginners will have trouble taking advantage of all of the customization tools.

However, the Content and Commerce plans from StudioPress deliver hosting, 20 themes and everything you need to run a website without much work on your end. In short, it’s the easiest option for a beginner or a developer trying to pump out numerous sites.

PageLines Ease of Use

The free PageLines website builder certainly has the speed and flexibility that can’t be matched. If you’re planning on finding your own hosting and installing the themes and extensions yourself, the PageLines drag and drop builder is easier to use than what Genesis has. However, you have no option for a complete website service with hosting, SEO, security and installation support.

The Winner? Genesis

PageLines has the drag and drop builder, but Genesis offers two plans with complete website offerings. With ease of use I like to think about beginners. If a beginner were to ask me which one to go with, I’d have to say one of the StudioPress (Genesis) plans where you get hosting, a website builder, the framework and 20 themes.

PageLines doesn’t have anything like this, so you’ll have to resort to finding your own hosting and configuring your own WordPress site from scratch.

Genesis vs PageLines: Pricing and Support

Genesis pricing is fairly straightforward with benefits for returning customers. Basically, StudioPress sells the individual framework if that’s what you’re looking for. You can also opt for one child theme where the Genesis framework is included in the package.

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For example, if you were to buy just the Genesis framework, it would cost you $59.95.

Child themes (with Genesis packed in) generally start at $99.95 and can go up to $129.95. 

For Returning StudioPress Customers

Since returning customers probably have the Genesis framework already, StudioPress assumes you’re only coming back to grab another child theme. Therefore, you aren’t forced into buying the framework a second time, and the child themes have a small discount.

For instance, you can typically grab a Genesis child theme for around $33 to $56, depending on the initial price. If you’re a returning customer who would like to get the Genesis framework for a second time (or maybe you only bought a child theme in the first place,) the framework sells for $44.96.

StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package

As with most theme developers, buying all themes in the library delivers a big discount. The Pro Plus All-theme package is no different.

If you’re a new StudioPress customer, the package sells for $499.95.

Returning customers only have to pay $374.96.

Pricing When Building a Complete Site with StudioPress

To make things a little more complicated, StudioPress also sells a complete website builder, with hosting, SSL, security, SEO and the Genesis framework and 20 themes all wrapped into one. They offer two plans:

  • Content – $24 per month to make a regular website with hosting, themes and everything else you need.
  • Commerce – $33 per month for an eCommerce site.

PageLines Pricing

The regular PageLines plugin is available as a free download. This provides the full drag and drop platform builder without any of the extensions or advanced features. Needless to say, it’s a pretty great deal considering the builder integrates with any WordPress theme.

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PageLines has three PageLines Pro plans, all of which include the following features:

  • All of the extensions in the library.
  • Whatever new extensions come out.
  • Ticket support and forum access.
  • Advanced effects and settings.
  • A business listing in the PageLines Pro community.

The plans are:

  • Personal – $99 per year for one site.
  • Business – $199 per year for three sites.
  • Web Pro – $499 per year for unlimited sites.

The Winner? It Depends

If you’re trying to access dozens of amazing extensions, PageLines is the best deal with its yearly plans. I also like that the primary website builder is given out for free and can be used with any WordPress theme.

However, PageLines Pro isn’t a complete website solution. So, if you’d rather not worry about hosting and the other technical parts of owning a website, the StudioPress Content and Commerce plans look mighty nice.

Genesis vs PageLines: Which One is Right for You?

Go with Genesis if you have no interest in messing with hosting or advanced website installation.

Go with PageLines if you’d like a drag and drop builder.

Go with Genesis if you’d like a better theme selection.

Go with PageLines if you want a large selection of awesome extensions.

If you have any questions about this battle of Genesis vs PageLines, let us know in the comments. Also, share your thoughts if you’ve used either in the past.