30 Premium Genesis Child WordPress Themes

Before jumping straight into this post, it’s probably a good idea to answer these questions first: What is Genesis and what are child themes?

Studiopress – the creators of the Genesis Framework – answer this question perfectly (by way of a car analogy): if WordPress is the engine your site runs on, a framework is the frame and body, and a child theme is the paint job.


Or in other words: Genesis (or any framework) is like a super theme that houses all of your site security and functionality, while child themes determine the design. This makes updating your site design incredibly easy because you’re not losing any theme specific settings or functionality. You’re just getting a new paint job.

What’s so great about Genesis?

The Genesis Framework by Studiopress is widely considered to be one of – if not the – best WordPress framework you can buy. Developers and novice WordPress users alike sing its praises. But why?

Well on the developer side there’s the clean and structured code that complies with WordPress standards; the framework contains little, if any, bloat. It comes with industry leading security, built-in content optimization and tons of great developer resources (including an extremely active community forum).

For the novice user (or even just the non-developer) there’s a lot to like too, in addition to the things mentioned above. The two biggest things being the insanely helpful customer support and an ever-growing catalog of turnkey theme designs, known as child themes.

Oh, and an incredibly affordable (and only) price of $59.95 doesn’t hurt either. Most other theme frameworks cost much more, especially if you choose the “developer version.”

So if you’re into excellent security, easy updates, and great design you might like this roundup of premium Genesis child themes for 2013.


Represent your professional services with confidence and clarity by harnessing the stream-lined professionalism of the Agency theme.

First impressions are everything, and Agency’s smart look and ease-of use will take your client and customer connections to the next level. Let Agency be the face of your Agency.

Agency Genesis Child Theme


AgentPress helps industry savvy real estate agents like you build a better business with its intuitive design, powerful functionality, and smart listings.

Rise above the market and achieve results by showcasing your professional services and up-to-the-minute resources with the buyer-friendly layouts of AgentPress. Your clients will thank you for it.

AgentPress Genesis Child Theme


Stretch out with a refreshing design that focuses attention on your most memorable content.

The striking and spacious look of the Apparition theme will grab your audience, and its responsive features will effortlessly exhibit all of your work across all devices.

Apparition Genesis Child Theme


It’s not personal, it’s business. Your company’s image is on the line hundreds or thousands of times every day.

Give your prospects and customers the precise first impression you want them to have…

Associate Genesis Child Theme


The minimalist design of the Balance theme gives you the best of form, with a responsive frame that’s built for any kind of communication.

Balance automatically adjusts to fit any mobile device and provides intelligent layouts that emphasize email opt-ins to help grow your business or brand. Turns out your website can have it all.

Balance Genesis Child Theme

Bee Crafty

You’ve got that special little corner of the house devoted to creating your brand of the most amazing, one-of-a-kind, DIY, super-crafty awesomeness. Your corner of the web should reflect your creativity.

Bee Crafty will display your wonders to the world. Snap in your own handmade header, stitch together a beautiful photo showcase home page, or draw up a unique and wonderful blog.

Bee-Crafty Genesis Child Theme


Your institution has a great deal of information to convey in a short period of time. Text, audio, video, curricula, and more…

Help students, faculty and press find what they need fast, without the homework.

Education Genesis Child Theme


[Designed to wow your audience at first glance, the eleven40 theme gives you unprecedented spaciousness to show off your best content.

Our intelligent design will capture your reader’s attention and then keep it by instantly detecting mobile devices and adjusting size to suit. Wider is better with the eleven40 theme.

eleven40 Genesis Child Theme


Take the initiative for your business venture or services with the ingenuity and approachable design of the Enterprise theme.

Bold undertakings don’t have to be risky and Enterprise theme offers your company or brand the secure, rock-solid framework you need to ensure a bright future on the web.

Enterprise Genesis Child Theme


You’ve got enough to do with building and marketing your business. You shouldn’t have to worry about your website.

Freelance places a strong, professional face on your business, so you can get back to work.

Freelance Genesis Child Theme


n the end, it all comes down to your list. Your email list. If you need to generate more and better email leads, you need web design that specifically supports that goal.

The Generate theme aims all the power and flexibility of Genesis at your most important asset. It’s designed to elegantly lead your site traffic to one action – join the email list.

Generate Genesis Child Theme


The Prose theme for WordPress is the premier online publisher’s website solution. Its point-and-click design controls allow you to effortlessly change almost any aspect of your site without touching a single line of code.

Prose is also fully mobile responsive, which automatically allows your audience to see your content beautifully displayed — whether from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Prose Genesis Child Theme


Your website shouldn’t get in the way of your stories. Here’s your chance to tell it like it is.

Streamline throws light on your work, letting you get back to what’s important. Focus on the things that really matter.

Streamline Genesis Child Theme


The vintage look and modern design of the mobile responsive Quattro theme sets an instantly classic tone for all of your content online.

With an uncluttered, craftsman-like appeal, and antiqued texture, build your digital future on a rock-solid foundation with easy navigation, customizable social media widgets and built in SEO.

Quattro Genesis Child Theme

Pretty Young Thing

There’s a fresh, vibrant generation out there, and you’re a part of it. Pretty Young Thing can capture the essence of your experience and reflect it back to a world that badly needs a dose of youthful exuberance!

Pretty Genesis Child Theme


Life is speeding by. Capture and share all your passions instantly (and on a platform you own) with the brilliant, streamlined style of Mindstream theme.

With 9 unique post formats, from “asides” to “videos” and everything between, you can easily display your most inspired content with the mobile responsive, tumblelog layout of Mindstream.

Mindstream Genesis Child Theme


Thankfully, the days of the starched, buttoned-down corporate website are over. You’ve got a way to build exactly what you need.

Metric delivers a warm new media professionalism to your online customers.

Metric Genesis Child Theme


We’re living in the Age of Distraction, with unlimited options pulling your readers in countless directions. It’s time to focus…

The Focus Theme was built to bring your words, pictures and videos into sharp relief. It’s a clean and powerful theme with one critical objective: concentrating your priceless reader’s attention.

Focus Genesis Child Theme

Family Tree

Your full life never stops making priceless memories… where do you put all those stories? Family Tree is a safe and imaginative home for your family’s unforgettable moments.

Family-Tree Genesis Child Theme


A stunning execution of “less is more”, the Minimum child theme expresses everything you’re about, with very little effort.

Clean, elegant, powerful, unfettered, and uncluttered are a just few words that say… Minimum.

Minimum Genesis Child Theme


Frederik is a law WordPress theme designed for the Genesis Framework. This responsive theme is ideal for law firm websites with or without an integrated law blog. Frederik comes with six different color options, multiple sidebars, widgetized home page, flexible rotator, call to action boxes, feedburner integration, and author boxes for single or multiple bloggers. This responsive WordPress theme is mobile friendly and will automatically adapt to optimize the user experience on mobile devices. It is a light weight theme designed for power users who want an easy to use, secure website that is search engine friendly. Frederik utilizes Genesis’ built in functionality such as multiple page payouts, columns, featured images, latest tweets, user profiles, eNews and updates, and featured pages.

Frederik Genesis Child Theme


Robert is a political WordPress theme designed for the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. It is an ideal child theme for political bloggers or politicians who need an easy to use WordPress theme that is mobile friendly and responsive.

Robert features multiple color schemes in red, white, and blue. Templates include a home page, blog page, inner page template, and individual posts. While the campaign theme has been pre-configured for political websites, it can easily accommodate regular websites or blogs.

This political theme can easily be converted into a standard blog or website theme, as icons and flag background are easily removed or replaced.

Robert Genesis Child Theme


Mariah is a premium WordPress theme designed for the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. It is an ideal child theme for eCommerce based websites and blogs. Mariah features templates for a feminine home page, blog page, inner pages, and the WooCommerce shop and product page. While the theme has been pre-configured for eCommerce websites, it can easily accommodate regular websites or blogs.

This responsive WordPress theme offers multiple color options, a flexible slider, is ad ready, and 100% mobile friendly. The website design includes multiple sidebars, widgetized home page, call to action boxes, multiple page payouts, columns, featured images, latest tweets, user profiles, and featured pages.

Mariah Genesis Child Theme


Nancy is a dentist WordPress theme designed for solo dentists or group dental offices. This Genesis child theme has seven color options, an integrated blog, lots of features, and it is SEO friendly. This responsive WordPress theme is mobile friendly and will automatically adapt to optimize the user experience on devices like the iPad or iPhone.

While we’ve built the demo as a dentist website, the theme could easily accomodate other medical office websites such as physicians, chiropractors, acupuncture, veterinary, or virtually any other service related small business. That’s the beauty of WordPress.

Nancy Genesis Child Theme

Carla Anna

Carla Anna is a premium WordPress theme designed for the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. It is an ideal child theme for those women looking for a “girly” or feminine blog template, while also seeking a sophisticated and sleek style. Carla Anna was designed for bloggers, but is can easily transition into a website.

This responsive WordPress theme offers multiple color options, a flexible slider, and comes ad ready. The girly design includes multiple sidebars, widgetized home page, call to action boxes, Feedburner integration, multiple page payouts, columns, featured images, latest tweets, user profiles, eNews and updates, and featured pages.

Carla-Anna Genesis Child Theme


Eshop is an Ecommerce Genesis Child theme designed for online shops; selling clothing, accessories and other fashion related products, and also suited for business, portfolio or personal websites which require a smart minimal design. The theme comes with several options of color scheme, patterns and other features.

Eshop Genesis Child Theme


Recreate is a simple, elegant and fully responsive Genesis child theme. Built with 10 color schemes, 6 layout options and built-in flexslider. Cool!

Recreate Genesis Child Theme


Single is a one-page responsive portfolio Genesis Child Theme, perfect for showcasing artwork, portfolio and even for business. Other than its simplicity and minimalistic style, it also has a blog page. Awesome!

Single Genesis Child Theme


Showcase your products or services.

Showroom Genesis Child Theme


Showcase anything like a breeze.

Vanilla Genesis Child Theme

Nathan B Weller

Nathan B Weller

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