GavickPro: Professional WordPress Theme Studio Review

GavickPro is a creative theme development studio that creates WordPress themes and Joomla! templates. They are based in Poland but their team includes members from all over the world. The team started out in 2007 creating Joomla templates before expanding their reach to include themes for WordPress. They currently run a theme club where members can sign up and get access to all their themes for a particular platform.

Today we are going to take a look at some of their best WordPress themes and find out how easy they are to setup and use.

Gavick Themes

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GavickPro WordPress Themes

At the time of writing GavickPro have 21 WordPress themes available. They span many categories so if you are looking for a theme club to buy into that gives you plenty of variation on the themes you get access to, this would be a good choice in that respect. As more themes are released, and while your membership is still active, you can download the new additions.

While variation is great, the most import aspect of choosing a theme or club to join is the strength of the individual themes on offer. So let’s take a look at some of the highlights from their collection:


Gavick CloudHost

Although the demo of this theme has been setup to showcase a web hosting company, this theme would suit any business or service provider looking for a cutting edge design to promote their offerings. The homepage is packed with features including price comparison tables, large icon menus, inviting calls to action, and a good way to display links to posts using featured images.

The menus and hover actions are pretty slick and will ensure your site has an air of professionalism that isn’t always available on lesser WordPress themes. The blog settings for the theme include a left-hand sidebar which is a break from tradition and as the theme is fully responsive, the post content area and their images can be as wide as you like.

Gavick CloudHost 02

The theme also makes use of a sticky or floating horizontal menu that is always visible as your readers scroll down the page. This means your potential clients can quickly jump to the most important pages on your site at any time.

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(M) Social

Gavick Social 01

This theme would be ideal for someone creating a personal blog and who also wants to showcase lots of their visual content. Due to the way the homepage can present photos and featured images, the (M) Social theme would also be great for a creative’s portfolio, whether that be an individual such as a photographer or an agency.

Gavick Social 02

Your blog content will look great as well with this theme, thanks to the clean and responsive design and layout. (M) Social has also been built to integrate with BuddyPress so you can use it to handle the design and appearance of your own personal social network.

The metro-inspired grid layout and design will appeal to anyone looking for an up to date way to display their visual imagery and draw readers into their site from the homepage.

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Gavick inStyle 01

This is one of a few eCommerce themes from GavickPro and it’s a great choice for anyone building an online store with WordPress. The theme features interesting hover effects on all product images which should be great for catching the attention of anyone browsing the store. The homepage will create an excellent gateway into any eCommerce store, with attractive links into the different product categories as well as a creative way to feature bestselling products.

Again this theme uses a responsive full width layout so you can really take advantage of big screen monitors to showcase your products in the best possible way, while still catering to users on small screen portable devices.

Gavick inStyle 02

Individual product pages make use of a very appealing design and a great choice in typography ensures your online store will have a professional appearance that some eCommerce WordPress themes can lack.

Gavick inStyle 03

If you want your eCommerce store to feature a strong blog, in order to help connect with your customers, then the inStyle theme won’t disappoint. The blog post layouts haven’t been added on as an afterthought, and are ideal for going into more depth about products and announcing new arrivals. This is mainly thanks to the full width featured images that ensure your products really leap out from the page, something that is essential on an online store.

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AppsPro Tech

Gavick AppsPro Tech 01

This is another GavickPro WordPress theme that will appeal to agencies and individuals looking for an impressive homepage and theme to showcase their services. The design is quite minimal and muted, but this makes it a great choice for those looking to let their message and content do the talking.

Gavick AppsPro Tech 02

The responsive icon menu on the homepage is an innovative interpretation of a popular design feature and the use of the tabbed icon interface is a great way to selectively display more information on your homepage at the user’s request.

Gavick AppsPro Tech 03

The typography used in the AppsPro Tech theme is really impressive and helps create a recognisable style that runs right through your site.

While the homepage slider might be a little on the large size, it is possible to remove it and opt for a static image. Overall though, this is a great theme that is probably my favourite offering from GavickPro themes.

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Downloading the Themes

When downloading your chosen theme, you will have two main options to choose from. One is just the theme files, while the other is the quick start package which contains the installation files for WordPress, the demo content for the theme, and the theme itself.

Gavick Download

Including the WordPress installation files is a nice touch as it gives users yet to install WordPress a quick and easy way to get their site up and running with the theme files and the demo content. However, this does mean that if you require access to the demo content and want to setup your site up based on the demo version, you can only do so if you are able to carry out a fresh install of WordPress. This isn’t usually an option for those with an existing site that has content already uploaded to.

Other premium themes manage to provide the setup, configuration and demo content, so it would be nice to see an easy way to do that with the GavickPro themes

GavickPro Theme Control Panel

A great looking theme is only half the story. If the theme isn’t easy to setup and configure to meet your needs then it will be a frustrating experience that can leave you regretting making the purchase. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the GavickPro control panel for their themes.

Once you’ve installed and activated a theme from GavickPro, a new menu item is created using the name of the theme. From there you can access the theme control panel. Themes from this studio run on the GavernWP framework which is their in-house framework for delivering the theme options panel and additional features. With GavickPro themes there is no need to install the framework first, and then the individual themes as children as you would with something like the Genesis framework; simply upload the theme zip file and activate it.

Gavick Control Panel

The options panel doesn’t use the native WordPress interface but it does look good and is easy to use. The design and layout is responsive so you can setup and customise your theme on a range of screen sizes without any problems.

A few of the options weren’t very user friendly, such as the theme colour selection menu which listed the colour choices as: Color I, Colour II and Color II. It would’ve been more helpful to give them a more descriptive name. Some of the options were a little unclear as to what they were referring to such as the ‘Post sidebar informations’ option which could either be enabled or disabled. Although the options panel did make use of hover tooltips for providing more information.

Overall, the theme options panel is well designed and sensibly divided into useful sub-panels. There were a lot of options to engage with, but this is just the way it is with feature rich themes. The control panel options also made it very easy to brand the back-end of your site, which would be perfect for anyone building a site for a client using a theme from this studio, or who wants more control over how the admin login page is displayed.

Gavick Control Panel 02

The theme also provides the option to import and export the template settings. This is invaluable if you are working on a test site and want to easily transfer your settings over to a live site. It also makes it easy to create a master template and then quickly deploy it to a new installation in order to save you time and prevent you working through all the settings.

Theme Documentation

From the WordPress menu that the activated theme creates, you can quickly follow a link to the documentation area of the GavickPro website. This links simply takes you to the search box on the website rather than to the relevant documentation for the theme you are using, so it’s up to you to locate what you are looking for.

The documentation for the AppsPro theme that I was testing covered the configuration information, but didn’t provide any information on setting up the theme and building a homepage similar to the one used by the demo site. Other premium themes I’ve used before have been accompanied by text and video documentation that covers all the configuration settings for different layout options for the theme, as well as showcases what you can do with the theme.


There are four pricing plans for getting access to the premium WordPress themes available from the GavickPro studio:

  • Personal: €40 for four months access to the download section
  • Business: €65 for 12 months access to the download section
  • Lifetime: €99 for unlimited access to the download section
  • Developer: €199 for 12 months access to the download section including graphic source files

Support for all pricing plans is delivered via the forum only apart from the developer plan which includes VIP support via a ticketing system. While your access to the download section is active you can download any of the new themes that are added to the inventory at a later date.


GavickPro certainly has some great looking WordPress themes on offer and with lifetime access to current and future themes for only €99, they represent great value.

While the theme options control panel is well designed and pretty easy to understand, it does feel a bit like once you’ve downloaded the theme, you are on your own in terms of setting up the theme and making use of all the great features and design elements that were featured in the demo version, which persuaded you to choose the theme in the first place.

If you are the type of user who doesn’t require lots of documentation in order to get the most out of a product and are prepared to get stuck in and experiment with the settings and options, then these themes will be fine for you. However, if you prefer more in the way of video tutorials and detailed guides, then this might not be the best option. The bundling up of the shortcodes into the theme functionality can be an issue should you decide to leave too. However, despite these slight issues – if you want access to some very visually appealing themes at a great price then GavickPro is a good choice.

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