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Freemius Insights: Metrics Analysis for Theme Developers

Last Updated on June 14th, 2019

Published on March 1st, 2017


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It should come as no surprise to you that today’s most successful website owners meticulously track their website’s metrics. After all, tracking and analyzing site data can give website owners a real advantage when it comes to attracting, converting, and retaining site visitors.

Monitoring things like traffic sources, visitor and customer conversions, site behavior, and bounce rate can have a significant impact on a website owner’s overall sales. Also, website owners can make improvements that will garner more traffic and sales across the board.

But what are WordPress developers to do about improving their product sales?

 As a WordPress developer, it is important you track metrics about who uses your products, how the products are being used, and why your products may not be favorable amongst some. However, everyone that frequently visits WordPress.org knows that the statistics provided for downloads are minimal at best. As a result, this makes it extremely difficult for developers to see how efficient (or ineffective) their products are.

In fact, no data-driven decisions are possible based on this little amount of information.

In response, Freemius, the startup behind the WordPress monetization platform giving WordPress product developers a way to easily sell their products, have provided a solution called Freemius Insights.  Though until now, Freemius Insights has only been available to plugin authors.

However, it has been recently announced that an extendable analytics and tracking solution that fully supports WordPress themes, called Freemius Insights for WordPress Themes, has been released for theme developers who also want to start making data-driven decisions.

Today we are going to look at what Freemius Insights is all about. Additionally, we will examine Freemium Insights for WordPress Themes’ best features so that WordPress theme developers will have an understanding just how this solution is going to change the way they sell their products to the WordPress community.

Behind the Scenes of Freemius Insights

Vova Feldman, co-founder, and CEO of Freemius is optimistic when it comes to the Freemius Insights metrics tool. Hoping to make Freemius the “go-to” usage-tracking solution for all WordPress products, Feldman hopes to have Freemius running on every plugin and theme developed for WordPress within the next five years.

Comparing Freemius to Google Analytics tool, Feldman believes his product will change the way WordPress authors think about their products.

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What is Freemius Insights?


Freemius Insights in an open-source WordPress SDK that is easily integrated into your WordPress plugin or theme within two minutes. Working closely with the expert review team at WordPress.org to comply with best web practices and User-Experience requirements, the team at Freemius back their claims that Freemius is safe and secure.

In fact, Feldman himself has this to say about Freemius Insights and the data it seeks to collect from website owners:

We want site admins to feel comfortable sharing data with the product developers by knowing exactly what data is being captured and that it’s safe and secure.

All you have to do to use Freemius Insights is start by customizing the settings according to your theme’s setup. Next, copy an auto-generated code snippet into the functions.php file and start tracking your product’s usage.

Top Freemius Insights for WordPress Themes Features

Freemius Insights for WordPress Themes has plenty of exceptional features that will benefit theme authors looking to monitor their product’s usage and make improvements.

Optional Opt-in Message

Once you integrate the Freemius SDK into your WordPress theme, anyone that downloads your theme receives an optional opt-in message. This message is fully customizable by you and overrides any existing welcome message. It asks for the admin’s email address and permission to collect very specific data regarding their use of your product.


Before opting in, the user will have the option to see which permissions they are granting before committing.  For example, Freemius Insights look to collect data related to:

  • Profile Overview
  • Site Overview
  • Theme Events

Although the site admin has the option to skip opting-in, the consensus is that consumers are aware of the benefits data collection has on their future use of your product. In fact, Freemius notes that over 50% of all new users choose to opt-in and share their website data with the product developer.

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Freemius Insights Dashboard

To take advantage of the Freemius Insights metrics solution, you must register for a free account with Freemius. This is where all of your user’s data will be collected and organized for you to analyze.


Once someone downloads your WordPress theme and opt-in for data collection, you will immediately begin capturing data related to that domain’s use of your theme. Here is the type of the data you will have access to:

  • User growth
  • Active sites
  • Opted-In sites
  • Opted-In users
  • Skipped users
  • Deactivations
  • Uninstalled products
  • Top 10 countries and languages using your theme
  • PHP and WordPress versions of users
  • Uninstallation reasons

The great thing about the Freemius dashboard is not only does it present numerical data regarding your website, but it also has very easy to digest visual representations of your data as well. In the end, Freemius provides valuable information for making data-driven decisions, improving products, and building a larger customer base.

Communicating with Your Users

Freemius Insights takes it one step further when it comes to data collection and communicating with your customers. In fact, Freemius provides all developers with a detailed list of all site admins currently using your WordPress product. This includes names, emails, and the WordPress websites your theme is being used on.


With this information, filter similar users and contact them directly when you have solved an issue they were having. Not only does this personalize your marketing efforts, it increases the likelihood of retaining more customers.

Also, Freemius Insights offers an exclusive webhooks feature for pushing your email lists to your MailChimp email lists. This way you can easily send automated news. For example, let your customers know when a bug is fixed, an updated version is released, or a new feature is added.

Uninstall Feedback Form

According to Freemius, 20% of all site admins will abandon your theme within 15 minutes of activation. In response, Freemius Insights offers an optional feedback form for all site admins that uninstall your theme to fill out. Here they can detail why they uninstalled your product.


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There are some great reasons why this type of feedback form is helpful for both developer and customer:

  • Providing unhappy customers a platform to explain their grievances helps prevent poor reviews elsewhere
  • It shows you care and may encourage the site admin to come back if you solve the issue
  • It automatically collects and organizes data on these feedback forms so you can fix your product’s pain points

Final Thoughts

In the end, as WordPress evolves into an even more powerful platform than it already is, it becomes more apparent that those developing products for this popular CMS need to monitor how their products are being used and by whom. In addition, now more than ever, it is crucial you learn your product’s weak points so that they can fixed.

If you are a WordPress theme developer looking to elevate your success in both sales and customer satisfaction, check out Freemius Insights. With so many excellent features aiding you in your efforts to attract, convert, and even retain customers, there really is no reason not to.

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