I needed to make a few custom social media icons for a WordPress theme as some sites have changed their logos and new sites are popular (Quora) now. I got a bit carried away and thought I’d produce a full set to giveaway on WPLift. These icons are 32px square and provided in .PNG format, they are free to use anyway you see fit – if you want to link to them, please link to this page rather than the download URL.

The icons included in the set are as follows (in order) :

  • Quora, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, RSS, Digg, Blogger, Email, Paypal, FeedBurner, FourSquare, Mixx, Slash Dot
  • Reddit, Delicious, Flickr, Google Buzz, Virb, Dribbble, MySpace, Vimeo, Newsvine, Skype, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft Windows, Technorati
  • Last.FM, Spotify, WPCandy, WPBeginner, WordPress, BuddyPress, Behance, Picassa, Gowalla, Drupal, Yahoo Buzz, Xing, eBay, Squidoo
  • DesignersTalk, DesignBump, DesignFloat, Netvibes, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Posterous, Qik, Sphinn, Meetup, Evernote, Open ID, Orkut, ShareThis
  • Yelp, Viddler, WPTurbo, Forrst, Cargo, Expression Engine, Flukle, Flixster, Dopplr, DeviantArt, Friend Feed, TwitPic, Mobile Me, Daily Booth.

Update ( 26th July 2011) New icons added :

  • Plancast, Gitghub, Google Plus

Update ( 29th September 2011) New icons added :

  • 2 QR Code Icons

Update ( 28th October 2011) New icons added :

  • 500px, About.me, Stack Overflow, Instagram, HTML5, CSS3, Indenti.ca

Update ( 14th February 2012) New icon added :

  • Pinterest

Download the icons (130KB Zip) » Get Hosting »

Do send me links to your work if you use these and I will link you up : )


Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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  1. Thank you for including us in the icon set Oliver. This is really cool :)

  2. Wayne

    Thank you so much

  3. JivZ

    thanx, really helpful. Hopefully you will soon add an icon for 500px (your work is never done ;-)

  4. Nice icon set, Oliver! I’ve yet to see one that includes Stackoverflow, though. It would be great if yours included http://sstatic.net/stackoverflow/img/apple-touch-icon.png

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for the update Oliver! I’m using them on my SEO copywriting site.

  6. Ammar Kasbati

    keep it up… looking out for more freebies in future…

  7. henry pherson

    nice icons. you can get more followers, friends, views and etc. by reading blogs on how to do that.

  8. These are awesome, thanks so much! :)

  9. Anonymous

    Came across this page as I was desperately googling around for an icon set that had both TwitPic and Google Plus alongside other major social networking sites. So happy I found this, it fits into my blogs theme design perfectly. Thank you Oli! But by any chance, if it isn’t too much of a hassle. Could you make an icon for these two sites?                    

    Website: http://www.ustream.tv/
    Icon Example: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-uOz5_PI1E3U/TkQZn6DMzNI/AAAAAAAACi0/rXPTI2I-ZIY/s400/Ustream_icon.png

    Website: http://www.formspring.me/
    Icon Example: http://cdn.formspring.me/images/ios/icon.png

    Thanks again for the icon set!

  10. Hi!
    What is that “Infinity” Logo for?
    I’ve never seen it!

  11. Thanks for putting together a set that included all of the icons I needed. I was having such a hard time finding a set that had both Google+ and Flicker, let alone Yelp. I just added them to my newsletters and I’m sure they will be going up on all of my websites soon.

  12. Anonymous

    Nice thanks ! Is it free for commercial use. cheers Jérémie ?

  13. Zukezuko

    thank you oly, already used them 3 times

  14. Oli, this is a great icon set. I use it extensively. Can you add a Pinterest incon?

  15. Oli, this is a great icon set. I use it extensively. Can you add a Pinterest icon?

  16. Michelle Amorim

    Thank you! =)

  17. JLC

    Fantastic set.  I love that you included Instagram because I’ve been searching for that, but I don’t see it in the zip file.  Am I missing it somewhere?  

  18. Richard Hernández

    Thanks for sharing. I’m afraid there’re some files missing. For example I couldn’t find the following: 500px, HTML5 or CSS3

  19. Aimee Sprik

    These are great!  Thanks so much for sharing.  I, too, was looking for the Instagram icon, but it doesn’t seem to be in this zip file.  Help?  :)

  20. Viniciusflap

    instagram icon is missing in the file

  21. Viniciusflap

    instagram icon is missing in the file

  22. Thanks for building these! I used them on http://www.ziibest.com , an international food blog. Very clean and neat looking. 

  23. Amy

    Love these, thank you! I was looking for the Instagram icon too – any chance of it being added to the download file? Thanks again!

    •  Hello – Ive just updated the file, so re-download it and it should have instagram :)

      • Amy

        That was speedy! Got it now, thank you so much! Yours is pretty much the only set I could find that has all the icons I need – and the fact that it’s free is a bonus :)

  24. Liz Van Pay

    Wonderful! I decided to use them on my blog at http://www.anepicliz.com!

  25. Holly Ares Snyder

    I’ve been really appreciating this icon set–I used it for one site, http://www.ziibest.com , liked how they turned out so much that I used them on my personal site, and then had another client http://www.jackiehoustonstyle.com request that I use them on her site as well. Thank you!

  26. I downloaded these a while back and popped into to see if you’d updated with Instagram and About.me, and you had! THANK YOU! These are fab. Much love.

  27. Clinton

    Any chance of getting a 64px set?!  Love the HUGE set!

  28. Anonymous

    perfect. Well done!

  29. Rachel

    Thank you!!! It can be very difficult to find git hub and stack overflow icons that match the more common social media sites. This is a huge help to my programmer portfolio.

  30. Nathan

    This has been really helpful, thanks!
    I’m currently using them at 5thcinema.com


  31. DavidCetinaRE

    I now it has been a while since anyone commented on this, but I’m a real estate agent- what about stuff like Zillow or Trulia or even Google Places? no one has icons for that! any help? THANKS!

  32. lankika wijewardana

    thanks a lot buddy…….

  33. neus

    thank you. nice job, all the icons i couldn’t find anywhere else and really stylish!

  34. Hi, any chance of including Soundcloud & Mixcloud to this beautiful set? Also, the twitter bird logo has now changed :)

  35. Sphinn is now marketingland.com – new logo etc

  36. yepi

    That’s awesome ! Thank you

  37. yepi2

    I love the sweet and I love sharing interesting things above.thank you for sharing lots of interesting information.

  38. This is perfect for an opensource project I’m working on. Any chance you might add goodreads?

  39. Brian Reed

    Are you still taking requests? If so, can you please make the following?

    ICQ (yes, I know nobody uses this anymore…)

    Also, an icon for website would be appreciated too (just a globe is fine). Thanks!

  40. Jeff

    Great icons, and I love that the harder to find ones like Pinterest and Instagram are included! Any chance there will be 64×64 icons for retina displays coming?

  41. These icons are fantastic. Thank you! Any plans to add a Mailchimp icon?

  42. Safak

    Thank you Oliver. This best social icon pack.


  43. Rob H

    I’d love to get an updated Google+ icon with the reddish branding instead of the older black that’s currently included (see https://developers.google.com/+/branding-guidelines#googleplus-icon)

  44. john

    I suggest adding instagram.

  45. Alison

    Thanks from Brazil !!!!

  46. Sebastian

    Thank you very much for the stuff…

  47. Thank you very much for your icons! :D
    I used some of them on my blog http://ladypan.wordpress.com, just a little blog about my drawings!

  48. Very useful icons Thanks

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