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Add an Awesome Image Slider with the Free WOW Slider Plugin

Last Updated on July 23rd, 2020

Published on September 6th, 2012

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The use of images in blogs and posts is more prevalent that ever before. With the common user hopping from page to page, seeing an excellent image for a few seconds may be exactly what you need to reel in your intended audience. Have you been searching for a way to include a great image slider in posts without the hassle of coding? If so, looking into WordPress plugin Wow Slider is worth your time. Pairing use of this plugin and the WOW Slider program (free download), adding a fluid image slider becomes as easy as inserting a shortcode! Check out this overview of working with WOW Slider.

Installing “WOW Slider”

Head over to the plugin directory at wordpress.org (or click here) and download the zip for WOW Slider. Go to the plugin section of your WordPress Admin, Add New and upload the zip. It takes just a few seconds to install, but remember to press activate to get things going!


Configuring “WOW Slider”

After activation, you’ll notice that the WOW Slider menu will appear in your WordPress Admin.

WOW Slider Menu

In order to add a new slider, you’ll first need to create a slideshow in the free WOW Slider program which you can download for free here.

WOW Slider 2.5

Once downloaded, open the application and drag photos into it to upload them, press publish and choose WordPress Slider and the Publishing method. Create a folder for the file and press publish.

(Note: Image names appear in the slider once published; rename them accordingly.)

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WOW Slider Publish

Now, head back over to your WordPress Admin and add the slider previously created and saved as a zip. Upon returning to the WOW Slider page, take note of the new slider added along with a matching shortcode.

Copy the shortcode that is located to the left of the slider and paste it in the desired location of the post.

Implementing “WOW Slider”

Finally, preview your post and watch WOW Slider work its magic! If you’re satisfied, publish! Repeat the process to add more sliders, they will save in your WordPress Admin so you can make changes or access them at a later date.

In Conclusion

WOW Slider is simple to use, creating a nice slider in a few simple steps. For more information, to download the plugin, or watch a tutorial, head over here. Once you give WOW Slider a try, leave us a comment and let us know how it worked for you! Have you tried any other WordPress Plugins for image sliders that you recommend?

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