In the third part of today’s BuddyPress series, I am going to take a look at what themes are available for BuddyPress, Free and Commercial themes are covered. See the other posts in this series, How to Install and Configure BuddyPress and 20 Creative Examples of Custom BuddyPress sites.

Premium Themes

Buddy Dress

BuddyDress has a good selection of 20 commercial BuddyPress themes – you can sign up for a membership for $59 which will give you access to all the themes or you can pay $39 if you just want a single theme.


WPMU Dev is a treasure trove for anyone running BuddyPress or WordPress multi site. For a monthly fee you can get access to over 100 plugins and 150 themes which are all GPL. There are currently 19 BuddyPress themes you can get access to for $79 for one month’s access.

Review It

ReviewIt provides you with a powerful review and community theme utilizing the latest WordPress 3.0 features including custom post types, the brand new navigation and background systems, plus the ability to play Youtube, Flash and MP3 files in the excellent Nivo Slider and jQuery lightbox. It’s also 100% BuddyPress compatible.


DynamiX is a very powerful premium wordpress theme. Designed to suit almost any use – with carefully selected colour skins and the ability to switch an inner skin between light and dark you can achieve incredible results. On top of that you can switch inner and outer skins for each page.

It seems that we are quite lacking in themes for BuddyPress, both Free and Commercial compared to the amount that are available for regular WordPress. Maybe because of the extra work that goes into a BuddyPress theme. If I have missed any sources out, please let me know in the comments and I will add them to this post.

Free Themes


Beautiful three column BuddyPress design with an interesting home page view: Ines BuddyPress Theme with a fluid three column outfit, all sidebars as well as the footer is fully widgetized, so it’s easy to update the frontpage, as with the built in options panel all areas can be set via the WordPress backend.

Features » Demo » Download »


TopGear style for a WordPress powered site with the Speed BuddyPress theme theme, featuring a three column fluid layout with a magazine style,enabled with flickr built in, pagenavi support, custom field options, custom post option, related posts and recent comments are built into the theme, as well as a nifty and new BuddyPress if statement: if BuddyPress is not installed, the Speed theme will work as a usual WordPress theme.

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Blogcaster CMS Theme

It is a close nit design with everything in its place and perfected to look great, It has a smart looking Image slider which shifts your content when a larger or smaller image moves into view, it has a great classy drop down menu, you get ads placed so they look just like part of the content, show off your tweets in the middle of your blog, completely customize the layout so you can make it look just the way you want it.

Features » Demo » Download »

Cosmic Buddy

Cosmic Buddy is an Orkut Inspired social networking Theme for BuddyPress based social Network. Features, Highly customized theme, It is not dependent on any theme, Easy to use.

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New Yorker

The New Yorker BuddyPress WPMU Theme is totally revamped with cool edgy styles as an Online magazine, but with its own newspaper style.Features a stylish fluid three columns layout with a magazine style, one of the first magazine style themes for BuddyPress powered sites.

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BP Nicey

BP Nicey, a blue shade adaption of the default buddypress theme. It is a child theme which depends on buddypress theme bp-sn-parent.

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A BuddyPress theme styled to look like Facebook.

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18 More Themes

At the official BuddyPress site, there is another 18 Free themes for download.

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13 thoughts on “Free & Commercial BuddyPress Themes

  1. WTF??? WordPress is an open source system, why are the templates which are made for wordpress and buddypress not free?? This is really shit for people who are doing this as hobby!

    • If you are doing this as a hobby, use one of the free themes.
      Just because something is Open Source, doesnt mean every thing to do with it has to be free.

    • Talk about selfish. There are tons of free Buddypress themes out there. If you don’t want to pay for someone to do the work to make one that is better, then go with a less cool free one.

    • No offense, but if you’re going to charge 60 bucks for a theme, it should at least look better than free themes.

      •  What you think looks good is subjective, Solomon. The Buddyboss theme has the best functionality and user-friendliness of any theme out there, free or paid.

  2. Thanks!
    It’s funny you say this because I am in the same boat. I love buddypress as a
    CMS but I designed my portfolio site without buddypress integration. I’ve been
    looking for a CMS that’s lite but flexible. I’ll have to give modx a try.
    Thanks for blogging.

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