Foodie Plugins: Free WordPress Plugins for Food Blogs, Recipe Sites & Restaurants

The internet and food go well together – everyone is blogging about what restaurants they ate at, sharing the photos on twitter and instagram, ordering food online and sharing their recipes. WordPress is enabling people to do this easily with a whole host of plugins tailored towards food we thought it would be fun to do a roundup of all the best free and commercial plugins available right now.  In this round up, I’ll reveal some of the better plugins…

Free Plugins

GetMeCooking Recipe Template


A great plugin for any website that sells ideas on cuisine, health, diet and lifestyle. With this plugin, you can add a recipe to every blog post, you can add it to any page on your website and you can customize the heading descriptions, the colors, and the layout of the recipes. Any respectable chef or cook will attach the allergies, that a particular recipe may cause, GetMeCooking allows you to do that as well. Another added bonus of this plugin is Search Engine Optimization which will allow search engines such as Google and Yahoo to more easily detect your content and rank it higher among similar content on the internet.

GetMeCooking Template»



ReciPress allows you to create a custom meta box that may include summary, cuisine, skill level, servings, cook time, ingredients and instructions. There are three basic template designs to choose from and it can be added on the sidebar as a widget. As with the previous plugin it is Search Engine Optimized and is available in seven languages. In addition, you can add it wherever you want with the help of the short code that the plugin generates.


Recipe Card


This plugin will make your website every foodie’s delight. Why? It helps you make beautiful recipes that readers can save, print and review. Also, it has an inbuilt snippets tool which will display very appetizing thumbnails on search results and this in turn, will result in a higher click though rate. You can include more than one recipe in a single post. Also it offers a lot of color choices to ensure that your WordPress theme and plugin go hand in hand. There is a nutrition box; this adds a lot of value to any recipe. It is particularly welcome in an era when there is more skepticism attached to food causing diseases.

Recipe Card»

Easy Recipe


Whether the recipe is easy or not, this plugin does a great job of making it easy to create recipes on your WordPress website. To enter a recipe, the first step is to enter the name of the recipe, the chef’s name, the type and the cuisine. Then, you can enter the fine steps involved in preparing any delicacy. The chef can enter the nutritional values, the time required for preparation and the number of people that a single meal is most likely to serve. You can choose the colors involved in the Format Easy Recipe option and from here the user can edit how the recipe will look. And the recipe is done!


Easy Recipe»

ZipList Recipe Plugin


This foodie plugin provides you an easy interface to drop in the necessary data for any recipe. It also helps produce your website on Google’s Recipe View by enhancing the search engine friendliness of the recipes.

ZipList Recipe Plugin»

Zuppler Online Ordering

A plugin that allows your customers to order food directly form your restaurant’s website whether it be a dine-in, delivery, catering or take out.

Zuppler Online Ordering»


Make a menu for your restaurant’s website with this plugin. You can make menus of your food items with categories and images. It also comes along with an easy to use customer management suite.


All in One Rich Snippets


This plugin makes your website more appealing when it turns up on Yahoo, Google, Bing and Facebook. It increases the Click Through Rate (CTR) by providing good thumbnails and a good excerpt. This will also help your website garner authority and achieve a higher search rank.

All in One Rich Snippets»



This plugin’s developer team tries to cater to all the necessities of a recipe by constantly receiving the inputs of real life chefs to better their plugin. It’ll permit you to provide all the necessary nutritional data and a detailed list of ingredients that should accompany the recipe. Kitchenbug is also complaint with search engines; it generates tags and rich snippet options for the benefit of user and reader. And to top it all off, if a recipe is printed, it will generate money to plant trees. Isn’t that just swell?



ShopEat – Recipe to Grocery List


Need to shop for a recipe, look no further than this plugin. You can feed in all the ingredients and use it to get all the groceries, to prepare the recipe.

ShopEat – Recipe to Grocery List»

Premium Plugins

Customizable WordPress Restaurant Menu


An administrator can use this plugin to add menus, sub-menus, descriptions, prices and special prices for certain food items. This plugin empowers restaurants to run WordPress websites and allows them to market their food over the Internet. The menu can be a collection of mouth watering steaks or wine and beverages. The plugin ensures that a visitor can skim through a large number of food items by allowing easy navigation of more than one menu and sub-menu. This WordPress Restaurant Menu is a great plugin that helps promote your eatery or restaurant in the locality and beyond.

Customizable WordPress Restaurant Menu»

JS Restaurant reservation plugin


A reservation plugin that allows your patrons to book a table in advance to avoid the hassle of waiting for a table. People don’t use the Yellow Pages, as they once did. There is an increasing tendency to use the internet to scour the locality for restaurants, cafes and pubs. This plugin can be used for a small to medium size eatery, that seeks to offer its regulars, a reservation. This plugin can also double up as a menu management suite for the restaurant’s  website.

JS Restaurant reservation plugin»

Retail Menu Cards


Retail Menu Cards enables a WordPress user to create, manage and display menu cards on a WordPress website. The plugin uses custom post type and custom taxonomies to make it easier for the user to add menus. It is similar to adding menus and posts in WordPress. While it can be used to display any type of product list, it is ideally suited to display restaurant menus.

Retail Menu Cards»

Restaurant Menu Builder


Menu creation couldn’t be easier, this plugin has been designed specifically for the purpose of building restaurant menus. So, it goes without saying that the plugin can be used to display multiple menus and sub-menus under different categories. With this plugin an user can mention price, ingredients and set featured images. The menu can be displayed wherever deemed necessary; using the simple short code that the plugin generates for a specific menu.

Restaurant Menu Buider»


Among the free plugins the best foodie’s friend is the “Easy Recipe Plugin“. This is fine for personal websites and blogs but what about a restaurant or a local eatery, a website needs a more polished plugin, that is suited for commercial purposes.

A local establishment will do well with both these plugins: The “Customizable WordPress Restaurant Menu” is best suited to display menus to potential customers, especially the first timers. But if you’d like to extend an extra bit of hospitality by allowing people to reserve a table, I’d recommend “JS Restaurant table reservation plugin”.



Vishnu is a freelance writer by night, works as a data analyst by day.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the kind words about EasyRecipe. It was written for me because I wanted to cook and didn’t have a degree in geek. :)

  2. Thanks for the overview!

    I actually tried all of these and some of them were pretty nice, but unfortunately every one of them missed some feature I really needed. Therefore I went ahead and created my own WordPress recipe plugin and just released it last week.

    You can find it at

    Please let me know what you think and do tell me what I can improve!

    • Yea sure. Your plugin looks great.
      I think you’ve taken out the missing link from all the existing plugins and made sure your plugin has none.
      I’ll be sure to include it, if I write another piece on similar plugins.

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