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More and more companies are looking to open source software to power their blogs and even their whole corporate site, with WordPress 3.0′s new features I can only see this pattern continuing. I thought it’d be fun to look at which big brands are currently using WordPress.

If you know of more that I’ve missed, please leave them in the comments …

PlayStation Blog

The official US blog for the Playstation is using WordPress, it even links back to WordPress in the footer.

MTV Newsroom

MTV have created a nice theme which fits well with the rest of their branding.

Lexus: Darker Side of Green

You wouldn’t know this was powered by WordPress at all, great job by Lexus with heavy customisation.

eBay Ink

The official eBay blog is powered by WordPress and they have gone with a more traditional blog layout.

CNN Blogs

WordPress powers the CNN Blogs, see the full list here.

Yahoo!’s Yodel Anecdotal

Yodel Anecdotal is Yahoo!’s corporate blog, another more traditional blog theme.

NASA Ames Research Center

Lots of content on this blog from NASA

The Ford Story

Another corporate blog using WordPress, Ford have gone for a Magazine style layout with featured content sliders.

Sony Electronics Blog

A stylish modern themed blog – nice job Sony.

People Celebrity Style News

Celebrity news blog from People Magazine, on the articles pages contains a link to WordPress VIP


Popular motoring TV show TopGear uses WordPress for its main blog.

Time Magazine

The blogs section of Time magazine’s website uses WordPress VIP

The Wall Street Journal

The blogs section of the Wall Street Journal is powered by WordPress

Star Wars

The official Star Wars blog from Lucas Film has a nice clean layout and uses gravatars for its comment system.

Samsung USA Newsroom

Pretty standard theme from Samsung, need to try harder!


“News, notes and ramblings from the Mozilla project” built with WordPress

Ben & Jerry’s

The french version of Ice Cream company, Ben & Jerry’s uses a custom WordPress theme which fits their branding well.

MySpace Developer Center

Really nice theme from MySpace for their developer blog, love the illustrations.


Brilliant example of WordPress as CMS, WordPress powers the whole Spotify website.

Nokia Now Playing

Heavily customised theme from Nokia for their “Now Playing” blog

Honda Rhymes and Reasons

Fairly simple site from Honda using WordPress to power a photo gallery


Pretty standard theme from the NFL to power their blogs section

Nikon Press Room

Not the most exciting theme from Nikon but uses WordPress effectively to power the USA Press center.


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7 thoughts on “Famous Brands using WordPress as their CMS

  1. But are they really using it as their CMS? aren’t they using it as a blogging platform. If it were being used as a CMS, then the entire site would be using it, not just their blogs.

  2. It amazes me that lot of famous brands use wordpress. I like wordpress but I really think that it lacks good support for multiple authors to collaborate. I’m in the process of writing my own CMS.

  3. I did the main part of my web site using HTML and for the blog only I used WP. I think that thanks to your examples and your nice advices I will consider to make my entire new web site using WP.

    I am a little bit afraid about compatibility for all the features using extensions but let’s go to CMS!

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