How To Integrate Facebook Features, Login & Commenting into Your WordPress Website

Today we are looking at a plugin called “Facebook Pro” which is designed to enable you to connect your WordPress website to the Facebook API system and then embed various features within your site. It will allow you to offer Facebook login and registrations, Facebook commenting and also provides a number of widgets and shortcodes for further integration.


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Plugin Features

This plugin comprises of 4 different parts which will integrate the Facebook platform into your WordPress site, here is a run-down of what the plugin can do.

  1. Widgets – The plugin will add 4 new widgets to your site which you can place in any widgetized area your theme provides. The available widgets are – Connect via facebook which lets users login or register on your site using their Facebook details. Page Like, inserts a Like box. Post Embed, lets you embed a Facebook post and Video Embed lets you place a Facebook video.
  2. Shortcodes -You can now use a number of shortcodes in the content of your posts or pages for the following : 1) fbpost : embed a Facebook post 2) fbvideo : embed a Facebook video 3) fblike : show a like button 4) fbshare : show a share button 6) fbsend : show a send button 7) fbfollow : show a follow button
  3. Open Graph Optimization – Now you won’t get a broken share previews when someone share a link from your site on Facebook. With Open Graph optimization Facebook will know now how to handle the links shared from your website.
  4. Comments – Allows you to let people comment on your post via their Facebook account which will make a more engagement with users and more accessibility.

Create an App For Your Site

Before you can being using the Facebook Pro plugin, you will need to create an “app” for your site on the Facebook developer website located here. Visit the site and register as a developer using your Facebook login details. Then from the top menu, choose “My Apps” > “Add a New App” and then select “Website” from the available options.


Give your app a name and then choose a category for it.


Once you are done setting up the app, you can click on it from the “My Apps” menu and will be given your “App ID” and your “App Secret” code, you will need these to enter into the plugin settings page.


Plugin Setup

Now you have your App details, upload and activate the plugin on your site and you will see a new menu item named “Facebook Pro” visit that link and you will see the two input boxes to paste your App ID and App Secret code.


Using The Plugin on Your Site

If you visit the “Settings” link under “Facebook Pro” you will see a few options you can set – you can choose between a light and dark theme, enable Facebook comments, choose the number of displayed comments and set the width for the commenting box.


If you enable the Facebook comments option and visit your site’s comment area you will see two tabs now – main and Facebook, clicking the Facebook tab will let people comment with their Facebook details.


If you visit your Widgets page now, you will see the extra Facebook widgets located there now – you can drag these over and set some options for each one.


This is how the login button looks :


And a post embedded in the sidebar ( make sure your sidebar is wide enough to accommodate it! )


If you wish to embed Facebook content into your posts or pages, you can use the following shortcodes:

  1. [fbpost] – This shortcode help you embed a facebook post within your post/page content
  2. [fbvideo] – This shortcode help you embed a facebook video within your page/post content
  3. [fblike] – This shortcode allows you to embed a like button within your post content.
  4. [fbshare] – This shortcode allows you to add a share button to your post / page content
  5. [fbsend] – This shortcode allows you to embed a button that will let people send that link to another facebook user or group.
  6. [fbfollow] – This shortcode will allow you to embed a follow button that let people follow someone on facebook.

There are further parameters you can use to customize each shortcode, the full content of what you can use is included within the plugin documentation.


This plugin is sold on the Xtendify Marketplace, which is a smaller marketplace which sells plugins and themes for different Content Management systems. The plugin is priced at £9.64 and they currently have a coupon code to get 5% off any purchase – Use ALL5 coupon for 5% discount.



This is a neat little plugin, very easy to setup and start using on your site and everything I tested worked really well. The hardest part of using this is actually creating your app on the Facebook website, something you only need to do once for your website and you can then use the API keys for anything related to Facebook on your site. It’s priced competitively and the download includes solid documentation in PDF format should you need any help getting it setup.

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Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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