A WordPress Event Management Theme: Tyler Review

Published on June 13th, 2014

Last Updated on July 22nd, 2020

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Tyler is an events management WordPress theme from the Event Manager Blog team who have been blogging about event planning and event technology since 2007.

In 2012 their Event Manager Shop was born which allowed the team to offer a number of WordPress themes they’ve created using their many years of experience and expertise in the event management industry. Tyler is the newest addition to their small but growing number of WordPress themes for event professionals and it is the theme we will be reviewing today.

Tyler Event Management Blog

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Tyler Event Management WordPress Theme

As mentioned this is a niche WordPress theme for event professionals and is one which has been created by a team of event management experts. This means it includes all the features and integrations anyone promoting and managing an event online would ever need.

Some of the main features of this event management theme for WordPress theme include:

  • Speaker/performer profiles
  • Featured speaker/performers
  • Detailed event schedule
  • Event start countdown timer
  • Registration support (Eventbrite, Event Espresso & Xing Events)
  • Event Espresso registration and ticketing plugin integration
  • Eventbrite online ticketing service for events
  • Custom widgets
  • Widgetized homepage
  • Built-in social media options
  • Facebook RSVP
  • Live Twitter feed
  • Google Maps integration
  • 15 colour skins
  • Responsive layout for use on portable devices

As well as the useful features above, the theme also looks very professional and will do a great job of promoting your event, and also supporting your attendees once they’ve signed up.

Tyler When Where

The homepage features prominent call to action buttons to help persuade visitors to register and sign up for the event. The homepage also makes it as clear as possible to see when and where the event is taking place, along with an optional countdown timer to help create a sense of urgency amongst those not yet signed up.

Tyler Countdown

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The theme also features a fixed or floating horizontal navigation menu bar which keeps all the most important links and buttons on screen at all times. The integration with Eventbrite allows you to display a registration form on the page where visitors can start the registration process and reserve their tickets. Displaying the form is simply a case of adding a shortcode in the appropriate place.

Tyler Eventbrite

The homepage is very customizable and can take the form of a long-form one page layout with featured speaker profiles, featured sessions, and the ability to showcase sponsor logos, plus a whole lot more. Sponsor logos can actually be shown in different sizes according to their sponsor level, such as gold, and silver.

Tyler Blog Homepage

As well as giving you the ability to showcase your event and grab your visitors’ attention on one page, the Tyler theme also has great built-in support for bloggers. The blog isn’t an afterthought on this theme and the blog homepage and individual blog post templates are really nicely designed.

This allows you to provide news and more detailed information about the event as it draws closer and help answer the questions your potential participants might have without them having to contact you to ask.

Tyler Schedule

When it comes to displaying the schedule, visitors to the site get the option of filtering by day, by track, and by venue. This makes Tyler ideal for promoting and supporting large events or conferences. As the theme is fully responsive, attendees can check the schedule during the event on their smartphones and tablets to get the latest information as the day event unfolds.

As well as their entry in the schedule, each session also gets its own dedicated page to provide more information about the session. This makes it easy for the participants to create their own schedule that best meets their objectives.

Setting up Tyler

Tyler uses its own theme options control panel to setup and configure the appearance of your site. Although the theme options don’t make use of the native WordPress UI, they don’t look too different and are easy to navigate, despite not expanding to take advantage of the browser width available.

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Tyler Theme Options

Through the theme options, you can easily set the following:

  • Select from one of the 15 colour palettes or skins
  • Upload a logo
  • Event title and tagline
  • Large homepage background image
  • Event location and starting time and date
  • Enter social media profile links
  • Import demo data

The theme options panel also includes a handy link to the theme documentation and the support pages to help you get started or understand any of the features better.

Once the theme is installed and activated on your WordPress site, and you are happy with the branding, you can begin adding the content for your event. The Tyler theme makes use of custom post types which makes it easy to add and manage the event-specific content.

Tyler Setup Speakers

‘Sessions’ is one of these custom post types, and through the ‘Add New Session’ screen you can enter the session details using the familiar WordPress post editor. Using the additional custom options panels, you can also enter session specific information, such as date, start and end times, the speakers, and set the location and the track the session is part of. The last two are added using custom categories which make organising your schedules and sessions very easy.

Adding speakers to the site is just as easy, and can be done through the familiar WordPress post editor, with the option of marking the speaker as a keynote speaker.

Tyler Google Map Coordinates

Other custom post types give you the ability to add event sponsors and points of interest. Points of interest are local amenities or other attractions that might be of interest to event participants.

This can include the event location, local transport links, hotels, and other useful services. By entering their coordinates, the theme will handle the rest and add them to a Google Map which is displayed on the homepage. The points of interest can be grouped using custom categories to make viewing and managing the different locations easier.

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Tyler Points of Interest

Customizing the Homepage

As this theme does a really good job of displaying all the most important event information on the homepage of your site, it’s important that the homepage is easy to customize.

Tyler Widgets

Tyler does well on this front by using a fully-widgetized homepage. This makes adding content elements and arranging them as easy as dragging widgets into a custom homepage widget area.

Tyler Widget Areas

This works in much the same way as the sidebar widget areas which are a staple of WordPress. In this case the theme includes a number of widgets such as event description, event timer, speaker list, etc. which can also be added to the homepage widget area. This is a really easy to use system and gives you a great deal of control over how your homepage will look.

Those are the main features and things you can do with this theme to promote and showcase your event. Despite being feature packed, the theme is easy to use and anyone who has used WordPress before will find getting started very straightforward, while those new to the platform should pick it all up pretty quickly.


The Tyler event management theme is available on four price plans:

  • Tyler WordPress theme only: $89
  • Tyler WordPress theme plus one year of support: $139
  • All Event Manager themes: $249
  • All Event Manager themes plus one year of support: $299

The themes can be used on an unlimited number of sites with a single purchase. At the time of writing the ‘all themes’ package includes Event Manager Theme, Januas, Fudge, and Tyler.

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Tyler is a great looking theme that is ideal for anyone building a website to promote and manage a single event.

Despite the feature packed homepage, setting up the theme and adding the content is very straightforward. The use of well thought-out custom post types makes adding the different types of content easy. The custom widgets and homepage widget layout also make it very quick to setup your homepage to match your event and showcase the most important information in the order you want.

The theme options panel makes adding your own branding and event details very simple and the choice of 15 colour schemes gives you an easy way to set your site apart from the other sites using this theme.

As you can use one theme on any number of website, and you can get access to the package of existing event manager themes for a discounted rate, if you are creating websites for events on a regular basis, either for events you are involved in, or for clients, then Tyler is available for a great price. Even if you are just using it for one event then its time saving abilities make it a smart choice.

If you need to create a website to showcase, promote, and support an event online then Tyler is well worth investing in.

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