Envato Elements Adds WordPress Themes And Plugins – One Price, Unlimited Downloads

Published on November 30th, 2017

Last Updated on March 13th, 2021

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If you’re one of Netflix’s 104 million subscribers, you know that paying one fixed price for access to a huge library of content is pretty dang awesome.

Rather than purchasing individual shows (expensive!), you just pay $10 per month for the pleasure of gorging yourself on heaps of TV shows and movies.

Pretty cool!

So what if I told you that you could do the same thing with WordPress themes and plugins? That is – you pay one set price for access to a library containing hundreds of WordPress themes and plugins that you can use on unlimited sites as needed?

That’s what’s happened now that Envato Elements includes premium WordPress themes and plugins in its offerings.

Keep reading to learn more about Envato Elements and the new additions…

So What Is Envato Elements?

envato elements homepage

Originally launched in August 2016, Envato Elements’ first iteration gave subscribers unlimited access to a library of “over 5,000 high-quality graphics, fonts, templates, product mockups, actions and more.”

So rather than needing to individually source and purchase assets, you could just get unlimited access for a set monthly fee. As you can probably guess, that’s pretty convenient, especially if you’re a WordPress developer or implementer.

For its first ~16 months of existence, Envato Elements only included those elements – no WordPress themes or plugins.

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That all changed in November 2017 when Envato announced that Elements would now include WordPress themes and plugins.

Are All ThemeForest & CodeCanyon Items Included?

Nope! Not even close. I think the WordPress developer community would riot if that were the case.

At Envato, themes and plugins can now be:

  • Exclusively sold through the marketplace
  • Exclusively available through Envato Elements
  • Available at both the marketplace AND Envato Elements

At the time of writing this post, Envato Elements includes:

  • 262 WordPress themes
  • 154 WordPress plugins

That’s a decent selection, but it obviously doesn’t touch the vast selection you’ll find in the regular ThemeForest and CodeCanyon marketplaces.

So What Do You Get With Envato Elements, Then?

Ok – I just told you that there are currently already 416+ themes and plugins, so I’m definitely not going to be able to list off every single item that you can get with Envato Elements.

The full collection is publicly available, so you can always go here to browse using a nifty, sortable interface:

envato elements wordpress themes and plugins

In browsing through the plugin selection, here are some specific items that caught my eye:

On the theme front, I haven’t heard of many of the developers, so I can’t comment on the quality of the themes. But I will say that Envato Elements has managed to collect a good variety of themes.

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That is, you can find themes focused on a number of different niches. So if you’re a WordPress developer or implementer, you should be able to find base themes for a variety of different uses.

Will Popular Themes And Plugins Be On Envato Elements?

Ok, so as you’ve probably noticed, the biggest factor in how valuable Envato Elements new theme and plugin additions are will be if Envato can get WordPress developers to buy into the Envato Elements system.

I’m not a theme or plugin developer, so I can’t offer first-hand thoughts. But from reading forums and speaking with product owners, I don’t think most people are excited about this shift – at least for their own products.

That is, you’re unlikely to see buy-in from the bigger WordPress shops. And if Envato pushes too hard, you might even see more product owners moving away from marketplaces and towards their own shops.

Is that a knock on Envato Elements? No – I certainly don’t intend it to be. I just don’t think you should go in expecting the most popular ThemeForest and CodeCanyon offerings to show up on Envato Elements anytime soon.

How Much Does Envato Elements Cost?

Envato Elements has two types of plans:

  • Monthly – $29 per month on a monthly basis.
  • Annually – $29 per month ($348 paid annually) – there’s a reason the price is the same.


The WordPress themes and plugins are only included in the annual plan.

So if you want access to unlimited theme and plugin usage, your only option is to pay annually.

Yes – it is a bit frustrating. But I also think it’s totally fair and understand Envato’s reasoning – it wouldn’t be sustainable to have someone sign up, download every theme and plugin, and then cancel after the first month.

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So while I’ve seen some people complaining about this, I don’t really think it’s justified.

How Does Licensing Work With Envato Elements?

If you’re considering purchasing Envato Elements, there’s probably a decent chance that you’re building websites for clients.

So how does licensing work with Envato Elements? Well, I’m not a lawyer, but here’s how they spell it out in their FAQ:

  • Each time you download an item, you get an ongoing license for that use. If you want to use it for a different project, you just need to register again for that new project.
  • You cannot resell the plugins or themes that you download.
  • Even if you unsubscribe, all the existing uses that you’ve registered are still fine – you just won’t be able to download or register new items.

In a nutshell, Envato Elements’ licensing works just about exactly like you’d expect it to. That is, as long as you’re paying for it, you can use it for unlimited new client projects. And even after you stop paying, all of your existing client projects will still be covered by the license.

Should You Use Envato Elements?

I know a bunch of developers who are already using Envato Elements – so it’s important to remember that you still get all the stuff in the original Envato Elements package.

The WordPress themes and plugins are just icing on the cake.

Would I pay for just the themes and plugins currently in Envato Elements? No, probably not – the selection isn’t varied enough yet.

But if I were already on the edge about purchasing Envato Elements for all the other goodies, would the addition of WordPress themes and plugins push me over the edge? Yeah, I think so.

So – if you think you’ll get value from all the parts of Envato Elements, I think the WordPress theme and plugin additions are awesome because there are still plenty of gems included. Go check it out for yourself!

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