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10 Awesome Places To Elementor Templates For Your Next Site

Last Updated on March 2nd, 2020

Published on April 30th, 2018


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If this post caught your eye, you’re probably a fan of how easy Elementor makes it to design pages on your WordPress site. But having the power to create drag-and-drop designs is only part of the battle. As every creative knows, staring at a blank page can make it tough to get started.

That is, even though Elementor gives you enough power to build a complicated page from scratch, you might be looking for a bit of a helping hand so that you don’t have to do everything yourself.

That helping hand is Elementor templates. With Elementor templates, you can import an already-finished design and then just tweak it as needed using the regular Elementor interface.

If you’re already using Elementor, you know that it comes with its own template library with a bunch of free and premium templates. But that library is only scratching the surface of all the templates that you can get for Elementor.

To help expand your horizons, I’m going to share 10 of the best sources for both free and premium Elementor templates in this post. Starting with…

1. EasyThemePacks

easythemepacks review

EasyThemePacks is a set of premium Elementor templates focused on various niches. Because they’re premium, you get a little bit more attention to detail and complexity than some of the free options you’ll see later on.

Also, all of the templates include CC0 licensed images, so you can legally use every graphic element you see in each template.

At the time of writing this post, EasyThemePacks offers 5 different templates. But the team has plans to add 1-2 new templates each month, so this number should quickly grow.

Currently, the templates cover niches like:

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  • Cafe or coffee shop
  • Creative agency/freelancer
  • Small business
  • Restaurant
  • Law firm/lawyer

Price: Individual templates cost $49. Or, you can buy access to every single template for $89. There’s also a lifetime license available, which is good for developers.

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2. Astra Starter Sites

astra elementor templates

Astra Starter Sites is a set of free and premium Elementor templates specifically designed to pair with the Astra theme. That last part is important because it might limit you if you like to use another base theme with your page builder. Read our Astra theme review for a look at why you might want to use this theme.

Some of the templates are available for free via the Astra Starter Sites plugin, while others require an Astra Agency license to use.

The templates span niches like:

  • Blog
  • Business
  • eCommerce
  • Other

If you’re using the Astra theme already, these templates are all great options.

Price: Some free templates. Astra Agency license is $249.

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3. LaunchParty

launchparty elementor templates

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LaunchParty’s completely free template pack includes 80+ page templates, 450+ section templates, and 100+ theme builder templates. You can download their templates in any one of their 20+ premade color schemes or you create your own color scheme using their color scheme editor. They have even included a template full of pre-styled widgets that will match your color scheme.

LaunchParty also offers a completely free video course that walks you through how to build your entire website using their templates.

Price: Free

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Don’t forget to check out our review on LaunchParty.

4. Katka Elementor Template Pack



Katka Elementor Template Pack is a big collection of 220+ Elementor section templates. Unlike the other options so far, these aren’t full-page designs out of the box. But you can put them together like Legos to create full designs.

For example, the Katka Elementor Template Pack includes sections for:

  • Content
  • Forms
  • Call to action
  • Testimonials
  • Features
  • FAQ
  • Etc.

To download all of the templates, you’ll just need to enter your name and email address.

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Price: Free

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5. Ferdy Korpershoek’s Templates


Ferdy Korpershoek is a popular Youtuber who creates lots of tutorials using Elementor to build websites. As part of those tutorials, he’s put together a set of free Elementor templates.

Some of them are just individual sections, while others are full page templates.

Personally, I don’t think the design quality quite matches the looks of the premium templates. But again, Ferdy is giving these away for free, so that’s not a criticism – just an observation!

Price: Free

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6. Elementor Addons & Templates (Formerly AnalogWP)

themeisle plugin

AnalogWP was a popular site with some great Elementor templates. In November 2017, all of AnalogWP’s designs were purchased by ThemeIsle.

Some of those designs were wrapped into this free plugin, while others will get released in an as-of-yet-unavailable premium offering.

Price: Free

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7. Elementorism From CSSIgniter

cssigniter elementorism

Elementorism is a set of free and premium Elementor templates from CSSIgniter, a popular WordPress theme shop.

These templates cover a wide variety of niches – you can find everything from wedding sites to musicians and resumes.

~25% of the templates are available for free, while the others require a membership to download.

Like EasyThemePacks, Elementorism tries to add multiple new Elementor templates every month, so the collection should be constantly expanding.

Price: Access to the premium templates costs $39 for one year of support and updates

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8. ElementorHQ

cakewp template

ElementorHQ is a premium Elementor template pack from CakeWP, a shop that’s probably better known for its Divi extensions and templates.

It includes multipurpose templates for a variety of pages, including:

  • About Us
  • Services
  • Contact Us
  • Testimonials
  • Team Members

This is a bit of a departure from the other Elementor template packs that opt to create different landing pages for niches, rather than one cohesive set of multipurpose templates.

Price: ElementorHQ costs $35 for all of the templates on the demo site

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9. The Landing Factory

The Landing Factory is a huge collection of free and premium templates for Elementor Pro (that is – you’ll need Elementor Pro to get the most from the templates).

The templates are a bit of a mixed bag. I found some of them a bit dated, while others look modern and great. With 150+ templates on offer, you can probably find something that you like.

Another thing worth noting is that the templates are themed. For example, in the App Nudge series of templates, you can find:

  • Sales page
  • Features page
  • Opt-in page
  • Homepage

The Landing Factory also adds 20 new templates each month.

Price: Individual templates are $8-$16 each. But you can also purchase a yearly membership starting at $168 per year.

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10. OceanWP Demos

Like Astra Starter Sites, OceanWP offers a set of demo sites built with Elementor and the OceanWP theme. In addition to importing the Elementor template when you use one of these demo sites, the demo site also configures all of the OceanWP WordPress Customizer settings for you.

If you’re already planning to use OceanWP, these templates are a great option to quickly get up and running.

The only potential downside is that, like Astra Starter Sites, you can only use them with the OceanWP theme, which is a buzzkill if you were already set on another theme. Read our OceanWP review to learn more about the theme and its features.

Price: Offers both free demos as well as Pro demos that are part of the $39 Core Extensions Bundle

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Enjoy These Elementor Templates

For now, that’s all the quality Elementor templates that I was able to round up – I hope you found them helpful! You can also compare Elementor with Divi and with Visual Composer.

As always, if you know of some great free or premium Elementor templates that didn’t make the list, share them in the comments so that we can all benefit from your knowledge!

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