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EasyThemePacks Review: Premium Elementor Templates To Replace Your Theme

Last Updated on May 6th, 2021

Published on April 12th, 2018

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Want an easier way to launch your next WordPress site?

If you’re a regular reader of WPLift, you know that we’re big fans of the Elementor page builder. Since we originally reviewed Elementor, we’ve seen the Elementor team add awesome features like inline editing, maintenance mode, and lots more.

All that’s why we put our money where our mouth is and actually built WPLift on a combination of Elementor and GeneratePress (check out our homepage if you want to see what Elementor can do).

But one thing that a lot of users still struggle with is “blank page syndrome”. You know – even though you have a powerful design tool sitting at your fingertips, it’s hard to actually know where to start if you’re not a professional designer (or maybe even if you are!).

To fix that, Elementor allows for the use of prebuilt templates. EasyThemePacks harnesses that to offer up detailed premium Elementor templates that are essentially entire WordPress themes. And in my EasyThemePacks review, I’ll show you the templates that are currently on offer, as well as the steps you can take to use them on your own site.

Whether you’re building sites for yourself or for your clients, these templates can help eliminate the fear of the blank page and speed up your website development process.

EasyThemePacks Review: How It Works

easythemepacks review

In a nutshell, EasyThemePacks works like this. You:

  • Choose a template/theme and download the json file
  • Import that template to Elementor in a few clicks
  • Insert the template using Elementor in a couple more clicks
  • Use the regular Elementor interface to customize the text and images as desired

One of the nice things is that all of the graphics used in EasyThemePacks’ designs are CC0, which means that you can legally use them on your own site or any sites that you build for clients. So if you already like how the images look, the only thing you really need to change is the text.

And because you’re using the normal Elementor interface, you can easily add new elements or duplicate sections to change things up a bit.

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You will still need a regular WordPress theme underneath. But because EasyThemePacks uses Elementor Canvas, you can safely pick pretty much any base theme. The free version of GeneratePress is always a good starting point – GeneratePress is the base theme that we use here at WPLift.

The Elementor Templates That EasyThemePacks Currently Offers

EasyThemePacks currently offers 5 different Elementor templates, with plans to add 1-2 new templates every single month going forward.

Here’s a quick look at each template, though you should check out the full demo to see all the details.

Cafe And Coffee Shop Template – Barista Bluegrass

barista bluegrass

Barista Bluegrass is focused towards coffee shops and cafes, though you could probably easily adapt it for a bar or restaurant.

View Barista Bluegrass Demo

Design Freelancer/Agency Template – Design Pop

design pop

Design Pop is built for design agencies and freelancers, though it would fit well with any type of creative consulting.

View Design Pop Demo

Small Business Template – Finance Funk

finance funk

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Finance Funk markets itself somewhat towards the finance niche, but it’s really a good fit for any type of small business.

View Finance Funk Demo

Restaurant Template – Food Blues

food blues

Food Blues is good for any type of restaurant. It’s got a similar feel to Barista Bluegrass, just more adapted to restaurants than cafes. And, thank goodness, it has a nice HTML menu (which is an essential feature for any restaurant website in my opinion).

View Food Blues Demo

Law Firm/Lawyer Template – The Firm Ballad

firm ballad

This one is all about lawyers and law firms. It’s got a very “lawyer’y” look and comes with dedicated sections for practice areas and an attorney list.

View The Firm Ballad Demo

How To Use A Template From EasyThemePacks

Ok, so once you find a template that you like, here’s how you go about getting it on your website.

Step 0: Make Sure That You Have The Right Foundation

In order to use EasyThemePacks templates, you’ll need the free version of Elementor installed on your site.

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A few elements also require the Elementor Pro add-on, but the rest of the template will still function normally even with the free version. These elements are clearly marked in the sidebar of each template’s listing page:

elementor pro elements

Beyond that, you will still need a base WordPress theme. Again – the design isn’t important because your theme won’t necessarily show. The important thing is that it’s lightweight and optimized for performance. Again – GeneratePress is a good option. Or, you can go super lightweight with the Elementor Hello theme.

Step 1: Download The Template File From EasyThemePacks

Next, you need to download the template file from your EasyThemePacks account:

download elementor template

Step 2: Upload Template File To Elementor

Once you have the template file on your computer, you need to upload it to your Elementor template library.

To do this, go to Elementor → My Templates and click the Import Templates button:

From there, you upload the .json file that was included in your template download. Once the upload finishes, you should see your new Elementor template:

Step 3: Insert Your Template Into A Page

Next up, create a new Page and choose the Elementor Canvas page template:

Then, edit that page with Elementor. Once the Elementor interface loads, click on the Add Template button:

Select your EasyThemePacks template from the My Templates tab:

And once you insert it, you should see the design right there. To customize things, you can use the regular Elementor interface:

All in all, the process is pretty dang simple and only takes a minute or so.

How Much Does EasyThemePacks Cost?

EasyThemePacks operates on the same pricing model that you’ll find at a lot of theme clubs. That is, you can either purchase:

  • An individual template
  • Access to all of the templates

An individual template will run you $49. While access to all of the existing templates plus any new templates for one year will run you $89.

If you’re a developer, you probably love lifetime licenses. If so, you’re in luck because EasyThemePacks also offers a lifetime license for all current and future templates for $199.

Again, those licenses include all the graphic elements used in the templates.

Final Thoughts On EasyThemePacks

I’m a big fan of the growing trend of designers creating premium page builder templates rather than standalone themes. With so many lightweight, customizable themes to pair with page builders, it’s no longer a necessity to have a theme cover every single scenario by itself.

Instead, you can use your theme to cover the basic details and then rely on templates like these to build your core pages.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to build your own customizable website or you want to speed up your workflows while building sites for your clients, give EasyThemePacks a look.

Like I mentioned earlier, the EasyThemePacks team plans to add 1-2 new templates each month, so the library should get a lot bigger soon.

Go To EasyThemePacks

And if you want another angle to extend Elementor, check out our post on the best Elementor add-ons.

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