7 Best WordPress Donation Plugins: One-Off Donations To Fundraising

Need to accept donations on your WordPress site? Then you need one of these WordPress donation plugins!

No matter if you’re a non-profit looking to run full-on fundraising campaigns or a blogger looking for a simple solution to accept donations, you can probably find a plugin that works for you on this list. You’ll even find an option that can help you set up your own crowdfunding website like Kickstarter!

Ready to learn more? Here are our picks for the seven best WordPress donation plugins…

7 Best WordPress Donation Plugins In 2018

Whether you’re looking to accept one-off donations, recurring donations, or create a sort of crowdfunding site, one of these seven donation plugins should offer the functionality that you need.

1. Give

give is one of the best wordpress donation plugins

By the numbers, Give is the most popular full WordPress donation plugin out there.

It’s a free core plugin that you can extend with a variety of option paid add-ons.

In the free core plugin, you can:

  • Create stylish donation forms, including images and a description
  • Use a fixed donation amount or let donators enter a custom amount
  • Add donation goals and progress bars
  • Send email notifications to donors

And the thing that separates Give from many of the other plugins is that you also get backend reports and donor management, including an option to generate tax-deductible receipts.

Through the premium extensions, you can also add functionality like:

  • Additional payment gateways. The free version just supports PayPal, but you can add Stripe, Authorize.net, and lots more.
  • Recurring donations
  • Custom donation forms with custom fields
  • Fee recovery to ask donors to chip in for your payment processing costs
  • “Tributes” so that donors can dedicate their donations to something specific
  • Plenty more

One of the things I like most about this plugin is how polished it is. It feels like a professional product that’s had some care put into it. And Give is pretty established in the WordPress ecosystem, so I don’t think it’s going to lose that any time soon.

All in all, if you want to actually run full donation campaigns and manage donors, this is probably the best option for you on this list, though there is one other potential option on this list (Charitable – more on it in a second).

You can check out our full GiveWP review here.

Get Give View Premium Extensions

2. PayPal Donations

paypal donations

PayPal Donations is a significantly more lightweight option in comparison to Give. But for some uses, that might be exactly what you want.

The plugin gives you a simple interface to generate a basic PayPal donation button. All you do is:

  • Enter your PayPal account email
  • Choose your currency
  • Enter a default donation amount (optional)
  • Choose your button style

Then, you can display your PayPal donation button on the frontend of your site via either a shortcode or a widget.

So…nothing crazy. But if all you need is a basic PayPal donate button, this one definitely fits the bill in a lightweight package.

Get PayPal Donations

3. Charitable


After Give, Charitable is the next most popular “full-service” donation plugin. It operates on a similar billing model – a free core plugin that you can extend with premium add-ons.

In the free plugin, you can:

  • Create unlimited fundraising campaigns
  • Set up end dates for time-sensitive campaigns
  • Create donation goals
  • Provide suggested donation amounts or allow people to enter a custom donation (or both)
  • Manage donations from your WordPress dashboard
  • Send various email notifications to donors

Through the premium add-ons, you can also add functionality for:

  • Recurring donations
  • More payment gateways, including Stripe and Authorize.net
  • Crowdfunding campaigns to allow people to raise money for their own cause (kind of like GoFundMe)
  • Better newsletter management
  • Lots more

Get Charitable View Premium Add-Ons

4. WooCommerce Donations

woocommerce donations

As the name suggests, WooCommerce Donations is built to integrate with WooCommerce.

You can either have your “donation” listed as an actual product. Or, you can display a donation field on the cart page.

Similarly, you can list a fixed amount for donations or you can let customers enter their own donation amount. You can also let customers choose a specific fundraising campaign to donate to.

Because this one only works with WooCommerce, it’s naturally going to be a bit more niche than the other options. But if you need to accept donations on WooCommerce, give this one a look.

While it is a premium plugin, it’s still pretty affordable at just $18.

Get WooCommerce Donations

5. Donorbox


While Donorbox does have a dedicated WordPress plugin to make it easy to use on your WordPress site, it’s actually a standalone donation service.

Despite its SaaS nature, Donorbox is still free for up to $1,000 in donations per month (you will, of course, still need to pay the payment processor fee. But Donorbox doesn’t take any cut).

Donorbox offers a slick-looking widget that lets you accept:

  • Recurring donations
  • One-time payments

Like Give and Charitable, you can have users choose from a predefined amount or let them enter a custom amount.

And you can also add custom fields to your donation form if you want to collect additional information, as well as additional features like:

  • Donation goal meter
  • Multiple currencies
  • Ask donors to cover payment fees

If you do exceed $1,000 per month in donations, Donorbox charges 0.89% of the donations that you receive. While that’s something you wouldn’t have to pay with Give or Charitable, it is still significantly cheaper than much of the SaaS competition.

Get Donorbox Plugin Go To Donorbox

6. WP Crowdfunding

wp crowdfunding

As you’d expect, WP Crowdfunding is focused more on helping you create a crowdfunding website than regular donations. For that reason, I won’t go super deep into this plugin. But if this feature list catches your eye, you can check out the full feature list. We also have a full WP Crowdfunding review that you can read.

It’s built on WooCommerce and lets users:

  • Submit their own crowdfunding projects
  • Set up funding goals
  • Display project backers

Basically, it’s trying to do the same thing that Kickstarter does (or something close to that).

Get WP Crowdfunding

7. PayPal Donation

paypal donation

Not to be confused with the PayPal Donations plugin above, PayPal Donation performs the same basic function with a little bit more functionality. Here are a couple of examples of the extra features that you get:

  • Customers can choose a one-time or recurring donation
  • You can set up a drop-down with predefined donation amounts
  • You can redirect people back to your site after they donate

If you still want a lightweight PayPal donation plugin and those features pique your interest, give PayPal Donation a look.

Get PayPal Donation

Wrapping Things Up

If you’re looking to run full-fledged donation campaigns, I’d recommend Give or Charitable if you want to keep things all inside WordPress. Donorbox is also an intriguing option if you’re open to the SaaS route – its forms are really beautiful.

For simple PayPal donation buttons, you can go with PayPal Donations or PayPal Donation.

And if you want something that works with WooCommerce, you can check out WooCommerce Donations or WP Crowdfunding depending on the exact type of donations you’re looking to accept.

Did I miss a great WordPress donation plugin? Let us all know in the comments so we can check it out!

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Colin Newcomer

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