11+ Divi Extensions And Add-on Providers To Extend Divi Further

Published on December 5th, 2017

Last Updated on June 12th, 2019


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In the past few weeks, we’ve featured posts on Elementor add-ons and Beaver Builder add-ons, which may have left you to think that we’ve forgotten about the horde of Divi fans out there.

That couldn’t be further from the truth – we were just making you guys wait! But no longer, because today we’re about to drop our list of some of the best Divi extensions. As with the other page builders, we’ll look at both free and premium add-ons, so you can find something for your site no matter what your budget is. And when you are interested in comparing Divi to Elementor you can check it here.

While most of these add-ons should work with the Divi Builder plugin, we’ll also throw in some Divi theme extensions because most of you are probably using both the Divi theme and Divi Builder.

Let’s jump in!

5 Free Divi Add-ons/Extensions

All of these Divi add-ons find a way to enhance Divi for the attractive price of “free”.

1. Content Visibility for Divi Builder

This neat add-on lets you show/hide individual sections and modules based on the “outcome of a PHP boolean expression”.

What does that mean for non-coders? It basically lets you do cool things like:

  • Show/hide modules based on a user’s logged-in status
  • Show/hide modules based on a user’s role
  • Lots more, depending on how well versed you are in PHP

The interface is pretty simple – you just put the boolean expression in the new Content Visibility box in the Divi Module/Section Settings.

divi extensions to show/hide module

Get Content Visibility for Divi Builder

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2. PayPal for Divi

a paypal button divi add-on

This free Divi extension gives you a new PayPal module that you can use in any of your Divi Builder designs. This allows you to quickly integrate a Buy Now or Donate button into the Divi Builder.

Get PayPal for Divi

3. ACME Divi Modules

ACME Divi Modules does two things for the Divi Builder:

  • Adds some completely new modules
  • Adds new settings and functionality

On the module front, you get access to:

  • ACME Blog Module
  • ACME Portfolio Module
  • Slide-in module
  • ACME Full-width Portfolio Module

And on the features front, you can:

  • Use the Divi Builder with custom post types
  • Change the project slug to your own custom slug

Get ACME Divi Modules

4. Divi Popup Cards Blog Module

Unlike the other free add-ons, this extension comes straight from Elegant Themes, though it is still a standalone plugin. It adds a super cool new “popup card” style blog grid option to the Divi Builder.

You can see it in action below:

new divi blog layout

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Get Divi Popup Cards Blog Module

5. Divi & Gravity Forms

I don’t think you really need me to explain what this free Divi add-on does…

But in case you do, it makes your Gravity Forms’ forms automatically adopt the styling of whatever settings you’ve set for the Divi theme. This helps you maintain a cohesive look across your entire site without the look for custom CSS.

Get Divi & Gravity Forms

6 Premium Divi Add-on/Extension Providers

These Divi add-ons might cost money, but they back up that price tag with more functionality and often higher quality features.

For this section, I’m going to focus mainly on providers rather than standalone Divi extensions. That’s because there are a number of developers who sell 5-6 interesting Divi add-ons through a single shop. So, rather than listing each individual add-on, I’m just going to give the entire shop a mention.

1. Divi Booster

divi booster

Divi Booster sells a variety of extensions, but its eponymous add-on is a popular extension that adds 100s of new configuration options to Divi. With these new options, you can do things like:

  • Change the height of a slider
  • Stop the header from shrinking
  • 98+ other tweaks!

Basically, it lets you make tons of tweaks that would otherwise require custom code/CSS. And that saves you time.

Beyond the official Divi Booster plugin, the Divi Booster brand also has other smaller add-ons like:

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  • Divi Breadcrumbs Module
  • Divi Code Snippets Module

Go to Divi Booster

2. Divi Space / Aspen Grove Studios

Divi Space/Aspen Grove Studios is a provider of both Divi child themes as well as a variety of Divi extensions. You can purchase its various offerings in a few different ways:

  • Individual plugins (not all plugins are available individually)
  • A plugin bundle
  • An “all-access” membership

In total, Divi Space has 12 different extensions and 22 child themes, but here are some of the most popular add-on plugins:

  • Divi Ghoster – lets you quickly white label the Divi interface
  • Divi Switch – lets you make a variety of code-free tweaks
  • Testify – a high-powered testimonials plugin that integrates with the Divi Builder
  • Divi Footer Editor – makes it easy to edit the footer area for the Divi theme

Go to Divi Space

3. Divi Framework

divi framework

Divi Framework is another site that sells both a variety of Divi child themes and Divi extensions.

Unlike the previous two providers, Divi Framework operates exclusively on a membership basis. That means you’ll pay one price for access to every single theme and plugin for use on unlimited websites.

Here’s an idea of what you get on the plugin front:

  • Business Directory Module
  • Divi Custom Post Builder – connects a Divi Library item to a custom post type’s single page template. Can also easily connect to Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Restaurant Menu Module
  • Divi Breadcrumb Module
  • Divi VR View Module – lets you display 360-degree virtual reality photos via a Divi module
  • Instagram Feed Module

Access to Divi Framework costs $147 Australian for one year of support and updates.

Go to Divi Framework

4. Divi Life

Divi Life is another developer who sells multiple Divi extensions.

Of these extensions, my favorite is the Divi Dashboard Welcome extension. This extension lets you build the WordPress welcome dashboard using the Divi Builder.

If you’re creating a site for a client, this is a great way to create a customized experience, rather than just throwing them the default WordPress dashboard.

Beyond the Divi Dashboard Welcome extension, Divi Life also sells extensions for:

  • Divi Bars – lets you create welcome/notification bars
  • Divi Overlays – lets you create popups or full-screen overlays using the Divi Builder
  • Divi Admin Color Scheme – changes the WordPress dashboard to match Divi’s styling

Go to Divi Life

5. Divi Extended

Divi Extended does exactly what its name suggests! Currently, you can purchase two different Divi extensions:

  • Divi Blurb Extended – adds a variety of new styling options and effects to the Divi Blurb module.
  • Divi Blog Extras – adds a variety of new blog layouts to your Divi site.

Go to Divi Extended

6. Third-Party Divi Marketplaces

Divi is so popular that entire marketplaces have popped up to sell Divi extensions. So if you haven’t found anything that piques your interest yet, you may want to give one of these two marketplaces a browse:

  • Divi Cake – sells a huge variety of both child themes and Divi extensions.
  • Elegant Marketplace – sells 500+ Divi child themes and extensions.

Wrapping Things Up

Compared to Elementor and Beaver Builder, this Divi list was exceedingly difficult to make. That’s because the third-party Divi community is so massive and active – it’s hard to track down every single developer or extensions.

So while I tried to do my best, if I missed a great Divi extension or shop, I’d love if you shared it in the comments so that everyone can benefit.

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