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Learn WordPress With Darrel Wilson’s YouTube Channel and Udemy Courses

Last Updated on April 12th, 2021


At WPLift, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to learn WordPress. With that being said, we’re far from the only people with that mission. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about someone else who shares that mission to help the world learn WordPress.

Darrel Wilson is a popular YouTuber and Udemy instructor with over 42,000 YouTube subscribers and 38,000 Udemy course participants. He creates in-depth tutorial videos that help you learn how to build entire WordPress websites, or just do specific things like send push notifications with WordPress or integrate new extensions into your WooCommerce store.

And guess what! All of Darrel’s content is 100% free, which is tough to argue with.

In this post, I’ll dig into some of his popular videos and show you everything you can learn from his channel and Udemy courses.

Note – this is a sponsored post as far as the topic goes. The words are all my own, though. And Darrel’s channel is truly helpful, especially if you’re more of a visual/auditory learner.

More About Darrel Wilson

Darrel graduated with a degree before deciding that the life of a working stiff wasn’t for him. As the story goes for so many who come to that realization, Darrel quit his job and launched his own web design business. Other than working as a WordPress designer and digital marketer, Darrel, quite obviously, spends a ton of his time creating tutorials.

More About Darrel’s YouTube Channel

Darrel launched his channel back in early 2016. Since then, Darrel’s channel has wracked up an impressive 3,112,054 views at the time of writing this article. Beyond that, he also has 42,062 subscribers (again, at the time of writing), which makes him one of the most popular WordPress channels on YouTube.

Darrel has also been featured on Elegant Themes’ blog and Elementor’s Facebook page, which isn’t surprising given how much time he’s spent teaching people how to use Divi and Elementor.

What I Like About Darrel’s Videos

This isn’t a true “review” because Darrel has hours and hours of video. But I did watch a few of Darrel’s shorter videos to get a feel for his teaching style.

I like how approachable his videos are. Even for slightly more advanced topics like integrating payment gateways for WooCommerce, Darrel’s videos are still 100% beginner friendly.

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He shows the whole process from start to finish in real-time while explaining everything, which makes it easy to follow along. He also explains helpful background information so you also know why you’re actually doing something.

For that reason, I think you can learn from Darrel’s channel no matter what your current WordPress ability is.

What WordPress Topics Does Darrel Cover on YouTube?

While Darrel does cover smaller WordPress and digital marketing topics, many of his most popular videos are multi-hour videos that show you the complete process of setting up something with WordPress from start to finish.

Learn How to Set Up WordPress Sites from Start to Finish

For example, his most popular video is over 3 hours and covers the entire process of setting up a WordPress website using the Divi theme. It starts at zero (getting hosting and installing WordPress) and goes all the way to finished.

If you’re in the mood to sit down and build a website, grab a cup of coffee and check out the video below:

Darrel doesn’t just have videos on Divi, though. He has a bunch of other detailed tutorials including:

  • Building an eCommerce store with WordPress
  • How to make a real estate website with WordPress
  • Creating a forum with WordPress and bbPress
  • Building a business-focused WordPress site
  • Creating a music website

Learn About Specific WordPress or Digital Marketing Topics

While Darrel does have quite a few videos on how to set up various types of WordPress sites from start to finish, that’s not the only thing you can learn on his channel.

He also covers specific topics or plugins with in-depth guides.

For example, another one of his popular videos spends 43 minutes showing you exactly how to configure Yoast SEO:

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And he also covers non-WordPress topics that are still relevant to most WordPress webmasters. One good example is his tutorial on using MailChimp for email marketing:

And he also has an 80-minute dive into how to use Facebook Ads for beginners. This video isn’t specific to WordPress, but it is something that’s definitely helpful to those who run WordPress sites:

Also, you don’t always have to sit down for an hour to watch one of Darrel’s videos. You can find plenty of bite-sized videos that cover specific things like how to set up SSL or how to use Stripe with WooCommerce:


Darrel Has Popular Udemy Courses, Too

In case you’re not already familiar with Udemy, it’s a massive platform for online learning and classes. On it, you can learn pretty much anything, including WordPress.

Other than his YouTube channel, Darrel is also a popular Udemy instructor with over 38,000 students at Udemy.

Darrel Wilson Udemy Courses

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Right now, he has 10 different courses at Udemy, all of which are free.

Excluding a detailed tutorial on WooCommerce, all of Darrel’s courses focus on how to build various types of websites with WordPress using tools like Divi and Elementor.

What’s The Advantage of Using Udemy Over YouTube?

If you check out Darrel’s YouTube channel, you’ll probably notice that there’s a good deal of overlap between his YouTube channel and his Udemy courses.

Basically, the Udemy version is broken up into different sections to mimic a “syllabus”, while the YouTube video is obviously…one long video.

Beyond that, the Udemy courses also come with some written text, which might be helpful if you prefer reading things sometimes.

And finally, some of the Udemy courses also have quizzes to make sure you’re actually paying attention! If you’re the type that likes testing your knowledge, that might be another reason to try learning on Udemy instead of YouTube.

Go Check Out Darrel’s Channel/Courses and Learn Some WordPress

If you enjoy learning from videos and want to enhance your knowledge of the world’s most popular content management system, Darrel Wilson’s YouTube channel and Udemy courses are a great place to go.

All of Darrel’s content is free, so you’ll never need to pay a penny to learn stuff.

If you want to get started, you can click one of the buttons below to go to either Darrel’s YouTube channel or his Udemy courses and check things out for yourself.

YouTube Channel Udemy Courses Darrel’s website

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