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CyberChimps Club Review – 37 Themes and 5 Plugins for One Low Price

Last Updated on April 12th, 2021


Today’s review is a bit different in that it’s not just one plugin, but rather a whole suite of offerings.

CyberChimps Club gives you access to all of CyberChimps’ products – that’s 5 plugins and 37 themes. You also get access to all new plugins and themes for a year.

CyberChimps was kind enough to give me access so that I could jump in and check out their offerings. Because the Club gives you access to so many WordPress goodies, I’m not going to look at everything – I’ll just pick my favorites and some popular themes and then give my thoughts on the club as a whole, as well as who can benefit the most from joining.

CyberChimps Club Themes

Signing up for CyberChimps Club gives you access to all of their 37 themes, plus any new ones they release in the following year. I’m gonna dig into some of their popular options:

Responsive Pro

The free version of Responsive has over 100,000 active installs, so you know people like it. Responsive Pro builds on that with even more features.


The backend of the theme is absolutely packed with options to let you customize things. Layouts, fonts, colors, menus…you can easily customize everything.


I can see it taking some time to go through all the options, but all the customization gives you control to do exactly what you want with the theme.

It’s a great all-purpose theme that you can make work for a lot of different topics.

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iFeature Pro5

With its easy-to-implement slider, iFeature Pro5 shines for any sites that need to showcase visual content. I can see it being great for food, travel, fashion, and more. It’s still flexible enough to function as a multi-purpose theme, though.


If you thought Responsive Pro had a lot of custom options, wait until you see iFeature. You can literally customize anything. Again, a bit overwhelming (that’s not a bad thing!), but once you get through everything you should have a truly unique site.


Fitness Pro

Unlike the previous two themes, Fitness Pro is geared towards a specific topic:

Health and fitness.


You could still make it function as a multi-purpose theme, but the skins and built-in options are geared towards fitness, dance, and other similar topics.


Like iFeature Pro5, you have a whole heap of options to customize every detail of your theme.

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Other Themes

I’m only touching on three of the huge list of 37 themes that are included in CyberChimps Club. Other offerings include loads of specific themes, like themes for non-profits, real estate, vets, and a lot more. I see this variety being awesome for developers or anyone who works with clients.


You can check out the full list of available CyberChimps themes here.

CyberChimps Club Plugins

CyberChimps Club also gets you access to all five of their premium plugins.

Promotional Bar Plugin

Promotional Bar is my favorite plugin that CyberChimps offers. It lets you display an unobtrusive bar at the top of your page that can highlight new content or push people to buy:


Why do I like this plugin so much? In a world filled with often obnoxious welcome mats, the promotional bar feels like a much less “in your face” option.

You can customize the colors, text, display options, and more.

Definitely consider this plugin if you want to promote your content without annoying your readers.

iFeature Slider Plugin

This is the same slider noted in the iFeature Pro theme. Only now, it’s in plugin form, so you can take it with you to any other themes you want:

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iFeature Slider gives you an easy way to upload images, order them, and easily add a slider to your post via shortcode.

If you want something lightweight that gets the job done, this one will definitely help you out. It’s simple to use and great at creating sliders.

Legal Pages Plugin

The Legal Pages plugin gives you 17 pre-made legal page templates to keep you compliant with the FTC and EU Law. The templates were all approved by an Internet attorney and can be implemented via shortcode:


To be honest, this is the least exciting plugin for me. I don’t think it’s too difficult to do on your own, and it’s easy enough to find templates on the Internet. I can’t really see myself paying for this as a standalone plugin, BUT…since it’s already included in the CyberChimps Club, it’s not costing you anything extra.

So, I could see myself using it since I already have access, but I wouldn’t ever buy it by itself.

I think it’s a nice feature to make it easy and quick for developers to keep their clients’ sites compliant, though, so I don’t want to knock it too much.

Also, if you’re in the EU, it does make it easy to follow EU Cookie law, so my review may be a bit biased in that I’m an American living in Vietnam and don’t really have to worry about that.

Pro Features Plugin

The Pro Features plugin lets you upgrade Cyberchimps’ free Responsive II theme by using a plugin instead of the Pro theme. Its goal is to make the theme even more lightweight.

I’m not sure this is a huge draw in the Club because you already get access to Responsive Pro (though not the more lightweight Responsive II).

But, if you prefer the plugin version and want the slightly more lightweight theme, you’ll have it for free.

Exit PopUp

I’m not a huge fan of exit popups from a pure UX approach, but I can’t deny that they’re effective list builders. It’s a decision you need to balance, but if you want to make sure you grow your list, you should definitely consider adding one. The Exit PopUp plugin makes doing that easy:


The Exit PopUp plugin includes two templates:

Popups only show up as your visitor is about to leave, and you can customize how often they’ll display per user.

The plugin settings panel makes it quick to get started. Just fill in some short information and you’re set to go.

If you want to give exit popups a try, then CyberChimp’s Exit PopUp is a great solution. It’s definitely a nice addition to the club.


CyberChimps Club is a yearly subscription. Your first year costs $97, and each year after that only costs $47.

What does that first $97 payment get you?

  • Every CyberChimps theme and plugin
  • Unlimited use on your own sites and your clients’ sites (great for devs!)
  • Every new plugin and theme released over the next year
  • 1 month of Plus Support
  • 50 high-resolution stock photos (not a huge deal – but a nice throw in!)

Like I mentioned, after the first year, you’ll get the lower renewal price of $47, which is quite a deal.

They also offer a monthly subscription which is $11 per month. Obviously, if you want long-term access, the yearly price offers a much better deal.

If you’re a developer with clients or an individual with lots of sites, I think you’re definitely getting a good value. If you only have one site, then the Club probably isn’t for you (but I’m guessing you already knew that!).

Final Thoughts

I think the themes alone make sense cost-wise for a developer or high-powered individual. Add in some great plugins like Promotional Bar and Exit PopUp, plus some more “throw-in” type plugins like Legal Pages, and I think you’re getting a lot of value. The broad range of industry-specific themes also gives you lots of options for clients or niche sites, which I think is a smart move.

Head over to their site and check out all the offerings.

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