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WordPress mainly started as a blogging tool, but today, it has grown into a full-fledged content management system. Besides the default post types, you can create new content types called as “Custom Post Types” (CPTs). These help you convert the traditional WordPress site into a feature-rich and custom web app with sections like product review, recipe, testimonials, team members, pricing, etc. or anything you may desire. Custom Post Types are one of the powerful features of WordPress. You can neatly stack up different post types and separate regular posts from other content types. These CPTs add uniqueness and help your site stand out from the lot. In this article, you are going to learn about a few handy ways to create custom post types in WordPress without touching code.

Custom Post Types in WordPress

A fresh installation of WordPress contains certain default post types like posts, pages, attachments, links, etc. However, custom post types are like additional content types each bearing a different type of information. For example, if you are running a sports website you would definitely want a separate post type named as Reviews. Similarly, an online food portal requires different custom post type like Restaurants, Cuisine, Services, Recipes, etc. You can create custom post types for this kind of need to build a better architecture of your web app. Custom post types are SEO friendly, and they get adapted well with the good quality themes and plugins. To read more about CPTs in WordPress, you can refer to the codex.

How to Create Custom Post Types?

There are two options for creating CPTs in WordPress i.e. by code or with plugins. If you are a developer, then it is always possible to create them manually by writing a bunch code. But if you are a beginner you can use some of the plugins that I am going to mention below to create custom post types There are multiple WordPress plugins that can help you do it. So, I have hand-picked the top custom post type plugins for you. Here is their list:

Custom Post Type UI

custom post type uiCustom Post Type UI is a feature-rich free plugin for building CPTs and taxonomies. It offers a well-integrated dashboard from where you can manage all the options quite quickly. It allows you to create new as well as edit the already existing post types on your website. The plugin offers advanced functionality for labeling post types. With Custom Post Type UI installed, you can import a custom post that exists on another site. Likewise, you can also export your CPT. With a strong user base of more than 300,000 active installs, the plugin provides a crisp interface for handling custom post types and taxonomies in WordPress. It also offers a premium version named as Custom Post Type UI Extended. The pro version provides many sophisticated features which make displaying custom post type data pretty easy. The extended version is available at $19, and you should try it out.

Toolset Types

toolset typesToolset Types is another free plugin with 200,000+ active installs. It offers a complete solution for adding content types, custom fields, and taxonomies. It provides custom fields for both content and users. Its access-control feature decides what different users can view or edit. This restricts field groups to a particular group of people. The Types plugin includes a pre-built CSS editor, thus allowing you to design custom fields with ease. Talking about its custom fields, users find a broad range of options like single-line text, checkbox, email, number, embedded media, and a lot more. It maintains parent/child relationship between different post types and you can create one-to-many and many-to-many relationships in a few clicks. The plugin is multilingual and offers excellent support for catering queries. Overall, it is both a developer and user-friendly plugin.

Easy Content Types

easy content types If you are looking for premium plugins, then Easy Content Types by ThemeIsle can be a good option to choose. It was built by Pippin Williamson developer of Easy Digital Downloads and later got acquired by ThemeIsle. Without writing a single line of code, it creates custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes in a few minutes. Its dashboard bears an intuitive interface which guides a user completely about the plugin and its features. New CPTs are created via a drag n drop feature. You can also export custom post types to other websites as well. The plugin is well documented, and every single field is fully explained. It controls all attributes and support options. Its Settings page adjusts how the plugin is going to display your new custom post types. The Easy Content Types plugin is available in three different license types i.e. $39 for a single site, $67 for three sites and $93 for unlimited sites.


custompressCustomPress is a flexible WordPress plugin for managing custom post types. You can not only add post types but also custom fields like text boxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, and checkboxes. All these fields are beautifully styled and have a modern interface. It supports shortcodes integration, and you can add as many field labels. CustomPress is a product by WPMU Dev and works fine in any WordPress theme. You can also export the post types to other websites.


When it comes to creating and handling CPTs, several other plugins exist. Post Types Order and Pods are two such names that I recommend apart from the plugins listed above. All these plugins reasonably perform the task of making post types in WordPress. Next time whenever you need to make CPTs do give these plugins a go. I’m sure you’d like at least one of them. Have you tried any of these plugins? Share your views about it?

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Ahmad Awais

Ahmad Awais

I am a senior Full Stack WordPress Developer, WP Core Contributor, Front-end Fanatic and an accidental writer. I love to write, talk, build, and share everything about WordPress. You can reach out to me at Twitter @MrAhmadAwais.

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