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If you have knowledge on a particular subject, sharing it by teaching people online is a great way to give back to the community and earn yourself some income as well. Sites and blogs which contain tutorials are hugely popular because there will always be people eager to learn. Some popular subjects are photography, web design, arts and crafts, gardening, finance, affiliate marketing, you name it and there’s a good chance there are blogs dedicated to teaching about it.

If you’d like to start your own tutorial blog, a great theme I have had my eye on is called Vectors by Maximus – I considered using the theme for WPLift at one point. It has some great features :

  • Content Column Shortcodes
  • Mulitple Layered Photoshop Files
  • Localization Support Built In
  • 2 Widget Areas (Sidebar & Footer)
  • 4 Advertising Locations (Header, Homepage, Sidebar, & Content)
  • 10 Color Schemes
  • 8 Custom Widgets
  • 7 Page Templates
  • Extensive Theme Options

Purchase Vectors for just $35 » Get Hosting »

Installing The Theme

After you purchase the theme you will receive a zip file, unzip this and you will have a folder called “Vector Theme”, inside this, open the folder called “Theme” and inside that upload the folder called “Vectors”.

Click activate under the theme :

Theme Options

Thankfully the theme options panel for Vectors is nice and simple and is all contained on one page. It is located under “Appearance” > “Vectors Options”. You have the choice of 10 different color schemes for your site, then spaces for all your social media accounts – facebook, twitter, dribbble, feedburner etc. Then you have the featured posts options and related posts options. The last section is for footer text and footer scripts.


This is a really attractive theme and absolutely perfect for a tutorial site or news / magazine style blog. Its very easy to set up – I like the simple options screen, you dont need a million different options for this style of site – it includes the necessary features such as social integration and and advertising placements.



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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14 thoughts on “Create a Tutorial Blog with WordPress & Vectors Community Theme”

  1. I’m using Vectors and it’s prety great. The CSS is really well coded, so it’s easy to customize it. I changed the entire visual in about a day, that is how easy it’s.

    But it have some problems. For example, it’s kinda outdated… It doesn’t use wp_enqueue_script, the CSS doesn’t have the default WP styles (so only they widgets works out of the box), the SEO isn’t really good… and the code on templates is kinda bad. But if you have some info about how to update and optimize everything… it’s prety awesome, and the design is REALLY clean and nice looking.

    Atm all i need to fix is the cross-domain problem in Firefox… since the theme use font-face and i use a MaxCDN with CloudFlare, the font doesn’t work in Firefox… even setting the origin domain in .htaccess :/

    In general, awesome theme and prety good post. But like i said… the theme have some downsides. Nothing that some good tutorials from WPLift can’t fix anyway ;)

    Congratz for the blog btw… i read it on a daily basis and it helped me a lot on my works. Thanks also ^^

    • Thanks for that detailed reply Julian – its always good to hear from someone who has used the theme in a live situation.
      Theme authors really should be aware of enque_script by now – thats a shame, easily fixed though.

      Im not really familiar with the cross-domain problem so I cant help out there.

      Thanks for the comment :)

      • True, but i fixed it anyway. The worst part is the default wordpress widgets not being coded… so for example, you can’t use a popular posts’s widget because they will look terrible. I had to code one and look at the default popular’s posts widget CSS for it. Because they offer a popular post widget with 3 tabs.. popular, recent and recent comments.. recent is redundant on front page, and recent comments don’t work well with Disqus… so i only needed popular. Hope they fix those stuffs on next release… same goes for SEO. H1 is used for site title even on posts… so i had to trow some ifs and elses to show h2 when is_single and h1 when it’s the rest…

        Cross domain problem is actualy simple in someway… Firefox disable cross-domain font embend by default for security reasons. So when your font comes from a CDN, it won’t work on Firefox… the only real solution is wait for the guys from W3 Total Cache find a solution (they are trying) or not serve fonts from a CDN and not cache them with it… so i basicly will cache them only with CloudFlare :/

        • Yeah I agree – you would think a premium theme would include styling for the default widgets, its not hard to do.
          I make sure I include it in all my themes and always test all elements with the theme test data.

          • That is something you could add to your reviews. Personaly, as a reader, i would like to see the pros and cons of a said theme. Even if you can’t buy it, there are things you could say… i usualy read what you say about themes and buy them for my own projects, them customize and optimize the hell out of them.

            But would be good to knows the cons out of the box, instead of finding out it later :S

  2. I bought it about a year ago for a uk gaming blog I setup (and later abandoned). It’s a good design though I did find the spacing between the content was a bit too much in certain areas of the site.

    Definitely worth $35 though :)

  3. Thanks for this article. 

    Btw, seems like you have problems with disqus as sometimes it doesn’t load properly.

  4. Thanks for this article.

    Atm all i need to fix is the cross-domain problem in Firefox… since
    the theme use font-face and i use a MaxCDN with CloudFlare, the font
    doesn’t work in Firefox… even setting the origin domain in .htaccess

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  6. Thank you, very helpful post. I love your site , it has loads of WordPress tutorials and has been very helpful in the last few months as i learnt more and more about WordPress :)

  7. I really liked this theme. It looks like you can no longer get it. Does anybody know how I can get this or something like it?

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