5 Best WordPress Plugins to Manage Your Content Marketing Efforts

Once you’ve decided to execute your content marketing strategy you’ve probably tried to find ways you can make it easier. I mean content marketing does take a lot of work. However, there are a lot of plugins that can help to simplify your content marketing efforts.

But, you probably don’t have time to sort through the thousands of plugins available. Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Below we highlight five of the best WordPress content marketing plugins that will help to simplify, manage, and amplify your content marketing efforts.

Keep in mind the plugins below will only help to further your content marketing strategy, if you create good content. Creating content that people love is always the backbone.

Why Use Content Marketing Plugins?

When you being your content marketing journey you’ll quickly realize there are a lot of pieces to keep track of. You have to brainstorm topics, analyze your niche, study other successful content, mine of keywords, comb through analytics, optimize your posts, promote your content, and you have to actually write too!

There’s a lot to keep track of and it’s easy for critical things to slip through the cracks.

By using plugins you’ll be able to do more in less time. You know the whole, work smarter, not harder thing. By using specific plugins you can actually make that a reality.

  1. Yoast SEO


Ranking in the search engines is a lot of work. You have to learn the ins and outs of both onsite and offsite SEO. But, what if there was a way to simplify one side of that equation?

If you want to optimize your onsite content for specific keywords you’re trying to rank for, then Yoast SEO is absolutely essential.

This plugin will give you optimization recommendations, so you don’t have to know everything about SEO to use this plugin. Yoast will help to increase the amount of traffic flowing into your website due to the sheer amount of optimization this plugin allows for.

If you’re relying on the search engines for any traffic at all, then you need this plugin in your arsenal.

  1. Grammarly


The content editor within WordPress is limited. It might highlight misspelled words, but the other features are kind of limited. Face it, you’d hate to publish posts that are riddled with grammar mistakes, weird sentences, and typos.

Having mistakes like these strung about your posts will immediately make you look like an amateur.

Now Grammarly isn’t technically a WordPress plugin. But, the extension does easily integrate with the WordPress content editor screen.

This tool will give you feedback about your writing and offer suggestions to make it more legible, and even run it through Copyscape to ensure you’re not copying another’s work.

If you want to take the quality of your writing to the next level, then you need this tool.

  1. CoSchedule


Like we mentioned in the intro, successful content marketing is part planning and part execution. Effective planning and organization will allow you to regularly produce stellar content. You competitors will be stuck wondering how you do it?

CoSchedule is a feature-packed plugin that allows you to manage your content calendar, schedule posts, and even schedule social media posts. Instead of using multiple plugins to help improve your workflow and manage social sharing, this plugin can do it all for you.

Chances are, you’re looking to save time whenever you can during your content marketing efforts. This plugin does just that, and is very intuitive, so you don’t have to spend weeks mastering the plugin to get a benefit from using it.

CoSchedule can be accessed through the online app, or through the separate WordPress plugin.

  1. Related Posts for WP


When someone lands on your website and reads your content you probably want them to stick around as long as possible.

The more they read from you, the more they trust you, and the better their chances of becoming a subscriber or customer. Plus, having visitors spend a lot of time on your site signals to Google your site is high quality, which means you’ll rank higher in the search results.

The best way to encourage them to read more is to point them to other relevant pieces of content. Some themes come with this feature already coded in, but if this isn’t available to you, then Related Posts for WP is a must-have.

All you have to do is regularly publish awesome content and this plugin will handle the rest and automatically recommend your visitors other posts they might enjoy.

  1. OptinMonster


One of the main reasons people employ the power of content marketing is to build their lists. There’s no better way to build your list than to use subscriber boxes.

It doesn’t make any sense to send thousands of new visitors to your site, only to have them leave and never return again.

No doubt you’ve come across this plugin being used during your time spent online. OptinMonster is responsible for a lot of the big and beautiful pop-up subscriptions forms you see scattered about the web.

This plugin comes equipped with pop-ups and slide up subscription boxes. If you’re focused on generating more traffic to your site, then you need a way to capture that traffic and turn it into subscribers and customers.

Let’s face it most pop-ups are annoying. But, the forms utilized by OptinMonster are so well designed they don’t seem as intrusive as other pop-ups. Seriously, they’re downright beautiful.

Having the best WordPress plugins in the world won’t help to prop up poor content. Create stellar content and use the plugins above to streamline your strategy.

Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood is a freelance writer who writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes, Counter Culturist and Wooden Writing.

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