The WPLift Guide to the Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

The three most important pages in a business website are:

Web Hosting
  • About
  • Services &
  • Contact

You might not know it, but many high profile businesses have a clumsy online portfolio, with poor navigation. Such factors contribute to a poor customer experience.

The ‘Contact Us’ page is the sole means of your readers, customers or other interested parties to reach you. Sure, you could just paste your email address there. You could, but you’d be actually inviting thousands of spambots that crawl the Internet in search of email addresses. Before you know it, your email server/service is full of spam. That’s why it’s a good practice not to leave your email address.

If you think something like:

john (at) gmail (dot) com

or even

sourav(type92) (at) typegmail (dot) com

could evade the spambots, you’re wrong! Today’s spambots have grown way smarter – adapting and learning from these little tricks. Thus, it is imperative that we use a contact from. That way our contact email address isn’t revealed.

WordPress doesn’t come with a built-in contact from. But thanks to its versatile nature, we can easily add an interactive contact form with just a plugin. This article enlists some of the best contact form plugins for WordPress – free, freemium and premium options.

Best Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Contact Form 7

01-contact form 7

Probably the best free WordPress contact form plugin, this has accumulated over 16 million downloads on Its general features include checkboxes, radio buttons, file upload and anti-spam features such as quizzes and CAPTCHA.

It also has special fields which accepts only a particular type of value. Example: telephone numbers, email addresses, date fields, etc.

Download Contact Form 7 »



Jetpack is the goto plugin to a new WordPress site. It includes a plethora of features including free CDN integration, advanced spell check, grammar modules, sharing buttons and a contact form.

Albeit the contact form has a very simple UI, but it’s just enough to get the job done.

Download Jetpack »

Contact Form

04-WordPress Contact Form Plugin by vCita

Don’t let the simple name fool you. Being a free plugin, it offers you a rather unique way to display your contact form via the Active Engage feature. In this module, and the contact form is pre-loaded in every page, located at the bottom right. Just one click and the contact form pops up on the screen.

Don’t worry, you also have the traditional form integration in normal posts and/or pages and on the sidebar via widgets.

Download Contact Form »

Fast Secure Contact Form

03-fast secure contact form

Fast Secure Contact Form comes in two version – the WordPress plugin and the PHP code for integrating in your other sites. A unique feature in this plugin is its ability to automatically block all automated spammers. This reduces a lot of junk data/comments which is mostly spam. Usual tools include checkboxes, radio buttons and a backup/restore module.

In addition to styling the welcome and confirmation messages, you can send each form submission to multiple email addresses.

Download Fast Secure Contact Form »

Best Freemium Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Ninja Forms

05-ninja forms

Ninja Forms is a versatile visual form building plugin with a drag and drop interface. It has a plethora of features including optional AJAX handler, robust anti-spam modules and the ability to import/export form data. And this is just the free version.

The extensions in Ninja Forms make it a game-changer. The Modal Forms is one of its most popular extensions. Other useful extensions include PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, Mad Mimi and Constant Contact integration, amongst others.

Check out Ninja Forms »

Visual Form Builder

06-visual form builder

As the name suggests, this plugin comes with a robust drag and drop interface with over a dozen useful fields. Anti-spam measures include confirmation messages and CAPTACHA integration.

The premium version available at $20 includes an email designing module, analytics and conditional logic. In my opinion however, you should leave this to exclusive email marketing products like MailChimp.

Download Visual Form Builder »



GetSiteControl is an all-in-one plugin for you to easily create various ways of user interaction – email subscription popups, live chat windows, surveys, and contact forms. In the free version, you get up to 50K form views per month, color customization, scheduling settings, and real-time statistics.

Yet, the $19/mo Plus plan powers up your contact form significantly with custom images, smart targeting settings, A/B testing, exit-intent technology. Most importantly, you’ll be able to create an autoresponder and integrate the app with email marketing software of your choice.

Check out GetSiteControl

Formidable Forms

07-formidable forms

This plugin employs a freemium pricing model. For basic usage, the free features are plentiful. Formidable Forms uses a drag and drop interface and integrates with reCAPTCHA and Akismet to fight spam.

The premium version priced at $47, includes awesome additional features such as integration with PayPal and email marketing services and registration option for visitors. Sadly the file uploader which is free is most plugins is a paid feature here.

Download Formidable Forms »

Contact Form

08-contact form

This is very simple and easy-to-use contact form plugin for WordPress, with over 2 million downloads. It integrates with the Captcha plugin to combat spam. Its pro version, available for $15 includes additional features like input validation and select boxes – both of which are available for free in Contact Form 7.

Download Contact Form »

Best Premium Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Gravity Forms

09-gravity forms

The first name that comes to mind when talking about a premium contact form plugin for WordPress is Gravity Forms. Starting at $39 for single websites, there are two other pricing models available at $99 for three websites and $199 for a developer license.

It includes a plethora of features, the most notable ones being the Multi-Page Form, Visual Form Editor, Conditional Logic and Order Forms.

Gravity Forms add-ons are another mojor source of awesomeness for this plugin. Besides integration with email marketing services, it also integrates with payment processors like, Striple, PayPal and accounting software like FreshBooks.

Visit Gravity Forms »

Quform – WordPress Form Builder


Quform features a beautiful drag and drop interface and comes with fifteen different field types, optional filters and validation options. As for styling, Quform comes pre-loaded with three unique themes, theme customizer and customizable email notifications. Priced at $29, it’s the highest selling contact form plugin for WordPress in CodeCayon.

Buy Quform »

FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder


True to its name, this plugin is a multidimensional form building plugin for WordPress retailing at $35. The different form types one can create using this plugin include newsletter signup forms, surveys and application forms.

Standout features include conditional logic, analytics, auto-save form progress, multiple file upload, responsive interface and its display interface including pop-up, swoop from bottom of the page or fly in from either side.

Buy FormCraft »


If you’re just staring your website, it isn’t necessary to buy a premium contact form right away. However, having a contact form is a strict necessity. Be it a simple site, blog or even a corporate website, there must be a way to reach the site owner.

I would personally recommend Contact Form 7 as it is one of the best free contact form plugins available, with a multitude of features. Some of its features are paid features in other freemium plugins. However, if you’re pitching for a premium plugin, my money’s always on Gravity Forms. Almost everyone I know (including WPLift) use Gravity Forms.

Finally, if you find it a bare necessity to include a contact form, your best bet would be Jetpack. Besides a simple contact form, Jetpack has a lot to offer. What contact form do you prefer? Have we missed your favourite plugin? Let us know in the comments section below!



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