Handy Free Chrome Browser Apps and Extensions for WordPress Users

If you are a WordPress user who also uses the Google Chrome web browser, there are some free apps and extensions you can use to help you complete tasks on your website faster and more efficiently.

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By installing these free extensions for Chrome, you can do things like post directly to your blog from within the browser, upload Google Docs to WordPress, manage multiple WordPress website accounts from one place, and edit the appearance of your website directly from the Google Chrome code inspector.

If you’d like to find out how Chrome and WordPress can work together, then read on for our list of free Google Chrome extensions for WordPress users.

Google Docs to WordPress

Chrome to WordPress

If you are using Google Docs to write your posts before copying and pasting them into WordPress and then uploading and inserting each of the post images, this free Chrome extension could change your life.

Once the extension is installed, you can simply right-click on a document in your Google Drive and then select the Send to WordPress option under the Open with menu and your document will be uploaded to your website as a new WordPress post.

The formatting will be applied to match your document and the images will even be uploaded and inserted into place too.

Once the job is done you can either preview the new post on your WordPress blog, or just publish it automatically from within Chrome.

Google Docs to WordPress »

WP Write

WP Write

WP Write is another tool for publishing to your WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress blog from within Chrome. Instead of uploading a Google Doc, this extension adds a minimalistic editor to Chrome where you can craft your content, before uploading it to your WordPress website at the touch of a button.

The options allow you to save the post as a draft on your blog, or publish the post instantly. You can also export the post as HTML for use elsewhere.

If you find yourself constantly distracted when writing posts in WordPress, checking stats, updating plugins, or tweaking your design even when using the WordPress distraction free editing mode, WP Write could give you just the content creation environment you need to produce your best work as efficiently as possible.

WP Write »

WordPress Site Manager

WordPress Site Manager

This free Chrome extension allows you to save the login details for multiple WordPress sites you have access to. Saving the passwords is optional, but once a site is saved using WordPress Site Manager, you can quickly launch the login page for faster access to the admin dashboard area.

This extension also improves the default WordPress theme editor on your site. The site manager links include a button that takes you directly to the Edit Themes pages, where you can access the new and improved editor.

When using this extension, the editor now includes search and replace tools, line numberings, colour coding, and the ability to save your changes without refreshing the page for more convenient editing of your theme files on the fly.

WordPress Site Manager »

WordPress Style Editor

WordPress Style Editor

This is another free Chrome extension which can be used to customize the appearance of your WordPress theme. However, instead of upgrading the core WordPress theme editor, WordPress Style Editor allows you to save any changes you make to your theme’s main CSS stylesheet through the Chrome element inspector tool.

Now, when you right-click on a page of your WordPress website and choose inspect element from the menu, any changes you make to the CSS can be saved, updating your site in real time. The extension includes an auto-save feature, however you might want to use this with caution to avoid making unwanted alterations to your WordPress theme.

WordPress Style Editor »

WP Sniffer

WP Sniffer

Do you often visit a website and wonder what WordPress theme it is using? If so, WP Sniffer is a free Chrome extension that will do the investigation work for you.

While you could right-click to view the source code in order to find the theme name, this extension allows you to get the same results in just one click.

The info panel of the tool shares some links to current offers that might be of interest to web sniffers, such as hosting deals and WordPress theme discounts. You can also view the top 100 most popular WordPress themes that the WP Sniffer extension has discovered, with affiliate links for you to make a purchase if you desire.

You can then also view all the sites using a particular theme (that WP Sniffer has detected) to see how others have put a particular theme to use on their website.

WP Sniffer »

WordPress Commentify

WordPress Commentify

After installing this free Chrome extension you will get an instant notification in your browser each time someone leaves a comment on your blog. This allows you to instantly reply and hopefully spark up a discussion with your readers.

Just make sure you have a good anti-comment spam system in place, otherwise you will get inundated with notifications.

WordPress Commentify »



The Delectable Chrome extension allows you to save the websites you visit directly to your WordPress website using the link post format. This is great if you want to either build your own online bookmarking repository, or share URLs to your favourite websites with your blog readers.

Delectable »

WordPress Admin Bar Control

WordPress Admin Bar Control

Does the WordPress admin bar distract and frustrate you when previewing content or editing the design of your site? If so this tool for Chrome users can hide that bar at the touch of a button, and then display it again when you need it.

Although you can hide the admin bar via other means, if you want a quick way to show or hide it simply by clicking a button on the browser, this free extension is for you.

WordPress Admin Bar Control »


Hopefully there was at least one Chrome extension or app for WordPress on this list you can make use of.

The WP Write and WordPress Style Editor are my picks of the bunch, but there are a few other great options available for Chrome users who want to add more WordPress related functionality to their browser of choice.

What other tools do you use to work with WordPress? Let us know in the comments.

Joe Fylan

Joe Fylan

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