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CDN77: How To Speed up Your WordPress Site with a Very User-friendly CDN

Last Updated on July 26th, 2021

Published on May 10th, 2016

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We all know how important it is to ensure your website loads as fast as possible these days, with the increase in mobile device visitors and the importance that Google is now placing on loading times it really is essential to get your site loading as fast as possible. The 3 main steps to achieving this are, make sure you are using a good web host which is optimized for WordPress, using a caching plugin with your WordPress install and the the third is to make sure you are using a Content Delivery Network ( CDN ) to deliver your static files – things like images and scripts.

When you use a CDN, your static files like images, JavaScripts, CSS files and so on are stored and cached on their servers around the world, when a user visits your site, the CDN will determine their location and serve these files from the data center nearest to that user. This helps by decreasing the load time of your site, the visitor gets the files quicker and it also takes some of the burden off your web host as they only need to serve the HTML files.

Today we are looking at CDN77 who were established 4 years ago to provide CDN services for websites and have since grown to 52 team members with 32 data centers around the world and serve over 12,000 websites.


They are the first provider to publicly offer HTTP/2 and also the first and so far only provider to offer Brotli compression. Their customers include :

  • European Space Agency (including Hubble Telescope)
  • European Southern Observatory
  • Gentoo
  • CentOS (both Linux distributions)
  • phpMyAdmin

CDN77 offer a 14 day free trial so you can test out the service and see if they can improve the speed of your website.

Visit CDN77 »


Here are some of the main features you will be getting if you use CDN77, you can check out the full feature list here and you can use their price comparison tool here to see how they compare with other CDN providers.

  • Transparent Pricing – Pay as you go. Absolutely no commitment or hidden fees.
  • Fully Secured – 100% SSL security. Guard your data and protect your customers.
  • Global Network – Get the best coverage in America, Europe, and Asia.
  • High Volume Plans – Special plans for large customers and custom-built CDN.
  • Complete Control – Activate and use any data center on our global network.
  • 24/7 support – Whether it’s phone, email or chat, we’re always there.
  • HTTP/2 – HTTP/2 brings massive speed improvements, with features such as server push, header compression and parallel requests.
  • SSL – Keep all the advantages of fully secured website by choosing the right SSL Certificate from our variety of options.
  • Brotli – New compression algorithm from Google allows for better space utilization and faster loading time of your website.
  • Data Center Control – You have full control over choosing data centers from our network. You can turn them on and off anytime.
  • CDN Storage – Reduce the load on your server by uploading larger files directly to our CDN Storage.
  • API – Get your hands on our powerful API and create a bridge between the CDN and your application or website.
  • Purge and Prefetch files – We give you full control over the files which are stored on our servers.
  • CDN Logs – We provide sample logs for general analysis of your CDN as well as premium service raw logs.
  • CMS Integration – We support effortless integration of popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla with our CDN.

Setting Up

To get started with your 14 day free trial, head over to the CDN77 signup page here and enter your details.


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Once you have signed up and logged in, you will see at the top of the dashboard, a link to “Create CDN”, follow that to get started.


On the next screen you are prompted to choose http or https, then enter your domain and give the CDN a label to identify it.


On the next page, you are then given your CDN resource URL, copy this as it will be needed in the next step when setting up your cache plugin to use it.
The CDN resource URL will be in this format :


Using with a Cache Plugin

The recommended plugin to use with CDN77 is WP Fastest Cache, a free plugin you can download here. Once the plugin is activated, visit the settings page and you can use these options as the recommended settings:


Once that’s done, visit the CDN tab and click the “Other CDN Providers” link and enter your resource URL from the CDN77 website along with you site’s domain as the origin URL.


You can then choose which file types you would like to be handled by the CDN – the default is all file types.

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Once that’s done, your site is now setup to work with the CDN. To verify it, visit the front-end of your site and view the source – you should see the image URLs now use the CDN77 resource URL instead of your site domain.

If you go back to your dashboard on the CDN77 website, you can now monitor your stats. You can view bandwidth used, traffic, hits/misses, costs, http headers and logs.


From here you can also view the network status of all the data centers that CDN77 use around the world.


Pricing & Support

Pricing for smaller sites is based per byte of traffic used, you “Top-Up” your account with $149 and then the cost is gradually deducted from your credit.  Funds are valid for one year and every recharge extends the expiration. Pricing is $49 per TB for the USA and EU, $125 per TB for Asia and Australia and $185 per TB for South America.


If you have a larger site with a high volume of data transfer, such as for video based websites, you can use the high volume plans which start at $5,975 per month for 500TB of transfer.


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There are a number of support options available to you within the site, there are documentation and knowledge base articles along with a customer support ticket service, a live chat, phone, skype and email support options.



CDN77 is very simple to get up and running and should be easy enough for most people, even if you are a beginner to using CDNs you should have no problem at all signing up and configuring a cache plugin to work with the system.

The dashboard is very nicely designed and easy to use, all the support options and knowledge base is within easy reach should you need any help getting started.

Price-wise CDN77 compares very favorably to other providers as you can see when you use their online tool for comparing pricing between them.

CDN77 does seem to lack some of the more advanced tools that other providers offer but that may not be a bad thing – if you are looking for an extremely simple to use CDN where everything is taken care of for you then I recommend you check them out, signup for their 14 day free offer and see what difference they make to your site speed.

Visit CND77 »

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