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Create a Social Network with WordPress & BuddyPress

To once again demonstrate the versatility of WordPress, this post will be showing you how to create a social networking site using WordPress and the BuddyPress plugin. This is what the BuddyPress site has to say : Social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community … Read more

Using W3 Total Cache plugin with a CDN

The other day I showed you how to install the W3 Total Cache plugin to speed up your WordPress sites, I covered all the main settings apart from CDN. To recap : CDN is a Content Delivery Network of highly-optimized servers all around the world working together to distribute your content (CSS and Javascript files, … Read more

Speed up WordPress with the W3 Total Cache Plugin

Did you know you can significantly speed up any WordPress blog by adding a cache plugin ? By default when a visitor views your WordPress blog, your web server makes calls to your site’s database and uses PHP to output the pages to the visitor’s browser. By adding a cache plugin, your blog’s pages are … Read more

How To: Use WordPress to power an affiliate coupon code site

As we know, WordPress is very versatile with the types of website it allows you to run. Right now, in the affiliate world, coupon codes are big business. Before a buyer purchases something online, they are very likely to search around to see if there is a discount coupon code they can use to get … Read more

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