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5 Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins for Better Menus

best mega menu wordpress plugins

Looking to add mega menu functionality to your WordPress site? Unless you’re using a WordPress theme that already supports mega menus, you’ll need to turn to one of the many third-party WordPress mega menu plugins to get that functionality. We’ve actually already written a tutorial on how to add mega menus to WordPress. But, SuppaMenu, … Read more

5 Google Analytics Alternatives for WordPress in 2017

google analytics alternative

Interested in a Google Analytics alternative for your WordPress site? Google Analytics is generally most webmasters’ go-to tool when it comes to website analytics. But it’s far from the only option in your arsenal. There are some great alternatives which might even offer you a more user friendly analytics experience, especially if you’re not taking … Read more

wpDataTables Review 2.0 – An Upgrade to This Powerful WordPress Table Plugin

wpdatatables - Tables & Charts Creator WordPress Plugin

Tables make it easy for you to do everything from displaying tons of data in a usable way to creating conversion-boosting product comparison tables and more. And when it comes to tables, wpDataTables is one of the most popular WordPress table plugins. wpDataTables is actually no stranger to WPLift. Joe reviewed a previous version of … Read more

How to Add Pinterest “Pin It” Buttons to WordPress For Free

pinterest pin it button

Looking for a way to add Pinterest Pin It buttons when a user hovers over an image on your WordPress site? There are plenty of plugins that add generic Pinterest share buttons. But that’s not what I’m talking about in this post. I’m talking about Pin It buttons like below that appear when a user … Read more

WooCommerce Product Table Review: Create Filterable Tables from Products

WooCommerce Product Table

Do you need a simple, but flexible, way to create searchable tables of your WooCommerce products? I’m a big fan of product comparison tables for giving your visitors an easy to use method for comparing multiple products against one another. There are a number of quality table plugins out there. But if you specifically want … Read more

11 Best WordPress Multisite Plugins for Better Network Management

11 Best WordPress Multisite Plugins for Better Network Management

In the world of “best plugin lists”, there’s plenty of love for regular WordPress plugins. But when it comes to our compadres running WordPress Multisite, it’s easy for Multisite network admins to get left out in the cold. Let’s change that with some of the best WordPress plugins for WordPress Multisite networks. These plugins will … Read more

The Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins (Free and Premium)

The Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins (Free and Premium)

If you’re tired of getting the same support queries over and over (or just want to help your customers better), you should create a knowledge base. But in order to create an effective knowledge base with WordPress, you’ll need the help of some external tools. So to boost your knowledge on knowledge bases, I’m going … Read more

PeepSo Review: A Neat BuddyPress Alternative With Cool Ad Options

peepso review

When you think of WordPress and social networking, your mind probably jumps straight to BuddyPress. But, as my PeepSo review will show, BuddyPress is far from your only option. PeepSo is a feature-rich and open source social networking plugin for WordPress that comes in a free core version with premium extensions. Oli actually already took … Read more

5 Best WordPress Caching Plugins to Speed Up Your Site

5 Best WordPress Caching Plugins to Speed Up Your Site

Caching plugins are one of those indispensable plugins that every single WordPress site needs. While some performance optimization tweaks barely move the needle when it comes to page load times, caching can dramatically slash how long it takes your website to load. I’ve used a properly configured caching plugin to cut page load times under … Read more

Zoho SalesIQ Review: Live Chat and User Activity Tracking in One Plugin

zoho salesIQ

Want a smarter way to track and engage with your visitors? Zoho SalesIQ, the plugin/SaaS product that I’ll be reviewing today, gives you detailed visitor activity tracking in combination with a live chat tool. If you want a live chat tool focused on sales rather than pure support, Zoho SalesIQ is an intriguing option that’s … Read more

Divi Builder vs MotoPress Content Editor: Which Page Builder Wins?

motopress vs divi

Struggling to pick the perfect page builder for your WordPress site? I already compared two giants in the form of Divi vs Elementor. Now, I’m back again to throw Divi Builder into the fray once more. Only this time, I’ll be comparing Divi Builder vs MotoPress Content Editor. Spoiler alert – my overall recommendation is … Read more

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Review: Easily Create Product Feeds

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Review: Easily Create Product Feeds

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager, the plugin I’m looking at today, helps you easily create one or more optimized product feeds from your WooCommerce products to take advantage of those cool uses. And it does this in a pretty detailed way – letting you create feeds for both product types and product variations.

WP Google Analytics Events Pro Review: Add Event Tracking to WordPress

WP Google Analytics Events Pro Review

Ever wished that you could get more insights from Google Analytics? The default Google Analytics tracking code gives you some helpful information about where your traffic is coming from and what it’s doing on your site. But Google Analytics itself is way more powerful than that. When you install the normal Google Analytics tracking code, … Read more

6 LinkedIn Plugins to Integrate WordPress With LinkedIn

6 LinkedIn Plugins to Integrate WordPress With LinkedIn

Does your website skew towards a more professional niche? Or maybe you’ve got a portfolio site and want to bring in your LinkedIn information for a little extra oomph? No matter what your specific niche, integrating Linkedin with WordPress is a great way to add some more professional social media to professional websites. And yes, … Read more

Oxygen Review: A Complete Visual Website Builder for WordPress

oxygen app review

Interested in a tool that bills itself as “more flexible than typical page builders and as powerful as hand-coding”? Oxygen is a new WYSIWYG visual editor plugin for WordPress from Soflyy, the same team behind WP All Import. It lets you build your entire website – headers, footers…everything – all without leaving the confines of … Read more

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