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How To: Add a Google Maps Store Locator to your WordPress Site

If you manage, or are building a website for a business with physical premises, then adding a store locator is a great idea. The plugins available allow you to enter the details of multiple stores or offices and then make it very easy for your website visitors to find the one nearest to them. As … Read more

WP Job Board Review: Create a Job Board with WordPress

WP Job Board is a premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to build a job board website. The job board can be the sole focus of the site, or it can be created as an addon to an existing WordPress site. Either way, the existing functionality of WordPress will still be available, such as … Read more

WordPress SEO Help: Rank Checker Tools – Check the Position of your Site in Google

If you find yourself constantly drawn to Google and doing searches to try and find where your site is ranked in its results pages, then the tools in this article will save you a lot of time and effort. They will also allow you to check and monitor your site’s position in the search engines … Read more

bizXpress Review: A Business-Building Plugin For WordPress

bizXpress describes itself as a business-building service that aims to ‘take you from struggling webmaster or blogger to successful entrepreneur earning a sustainable income from your website.’ By signing up for the course, you are given access to a step-by-step programme for researching, building, marketing and monetizing an online business, which can be all focused … Read more

How To Backup WordPress: Guide to Free & Premium Services and Plugins

Putting in place a backup procedure for your WordPress site should be one of the first things you do when starting a new project. You can either wait for something to go wrong and learn the hard way, or install a free or very affordable premium plugin and then never have to worry about what … Read more

Responsive WordPress Video Player Plugin Review: Flowplayer 5

Flowplayer markets itself as ‘the video player for the web’ and it’s a service designed for managing self-hosted videos. If you don’t want to hand your video content over to a service like YouTube, and let them host your files, Flowplayer provides an alternative method for getting your videos online in a way that is … Read more

How To: Manage Restaurant Reservations Online with Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress has well and truly surpassed its origins as a blogging platform. Although still the option of choice for many bloggers, the range of different types of sites using WP seems to be growing every day. With more and more themes and specialist plugins entering the marketplace, using WordPress for your site has never been … Read more

How To: Use RSS Feeds to Auto-Publish Content to your WordPress Site

Even though Google unceremoniously dropped their support for RSS, via the discontinuation of their well-loved, if not well-used (enough) Google Reader service, there is still some mileage left in the RSS format. While publishers can benefit by turning one-time visitors into regular readers via subscription to their RSS feed, site owners can also make use … Read more

15 Free & Premium WordPress Plugins to Display Flickr Photos on Your Site

There are a lot of photography blogs that use WordPress as their Content Management System to host their pictures up on the internet for the rest of the world to see. Some personal blogs have pictures from Flickr accounts, it is very similar to the Twitter feed except for the fact that there are pictures. … Read more

Advanced WordPress Menus: Plugins to Improve and Enhance the WP Menu System

These plugins allow you to enhance and improve the current WordPress menu system. In most cases they allow you to increase the amount of content and different types of information you can display in your dropdown menus, in order to make them more useful to your readers and visitors. By installing one of these plugins, … Read more

Options for Building a Multilingual Site with WordPress – Free Plugins to Download

Creating and managing a multilingual WordPress site is easier than you might think, thanks to the available plugins. With free and premium options available, you could begin translating your site into another language almost instantly. While these plugins won’t translate your content for you, some of them do provide assistance for working with professional translators. … Read more

How To Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Responsive: 10 Free Plugins to Download

In today’s smartphone dominated era, phones are an integral part of our lives. This can be verified from the statistics provided by Facebook’s mobile user growth which went up from 293 million (Q2, 2012) to 469 million (Q2, 2013) in just one year – a mind blowing 60% growth! (Source: TechCrunch) For those folks who aren’t … Read more

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