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Weekly WordPress News: New Gutenberg Features

Weekly Newsletter

After an eventful past week with the launch of WordPress 4.8, things were a bit quieter this week. You can check out Apply Filters interview with Matt Mullenweg. And Chris Lema also has an interesting article on whether the WordPress economy is shrinking. There’s also some business news, as Imagely completed an acquisition of Tesla … Read more

Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.8 on June 8th

Weekly Newsletter

This week, we got a look at the WordPress 4.8 release schedule. Right now, we’re less than a month away! You can also read some impressive numbers from Weglot, who just closed on a massive €450,000 fundraising round. And if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between Apache and Nginx, Tutsplus has the perfect post for you.

Weekly WordPress News: Tabs Are Back at the Plugin Directory

Weekly Newsletter

This week, tabs made a triumphant return to the WordPress plugin directory. There’s also an interesting plugin that runs your content through IBM’s Watson to gauge its emotional “feel”. And if you’re using Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10 (or your readers are), you’ll be out of luck starting with WordPress 4.8. Those browsers are getting kicked from WordPress’ target browser coverage.

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